‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4, Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Kills Chao Fah?


In episode 4 of Jack Ryan Season 4, we saw Jack, Chavez, and November learning about a meeting at a black market in Dubrovnik and assuming that that was their opportunity to meet Chao Fah and get more information about who was behind the illegal trade between the USA, Mexico, Lagos, and Myanmar. That went sideways because Fah was sent to Geneva while Tin Tun showed up in Dubrovnik. Still, Jack, Chavez, and November managed to escape from the market with some sort of trigger for one or several bombs. When the heist was complete, they received coordinates from Fah, and they decided to head to that spot. Greer’s mission to find out the source of the illegal trade put him in Tuttle’s crosshairs. Earlier, Tuttle left him with a warning, but seeing how close he was getting to finding out the truth, Tuttle attacked Greer, and he barely made it out of there alive.

Spoilers Alert

Cathy Is Abducted By Zeyara

Episode 5 of Jack Ryan Season 4 opens with Chao Fah and Zeyara landing in Myanmar and being “welcomed” by Tin Tun. Marquéz has a telephonic exchange with Zeyara regarding the shipments, as she wants to quicken things up as the CIA is closing in on them. When Marquéz asks about the destination, Zeyara mentions the border (between the USA and Mexico), and Marquéz says they are deviating too much from the original plan. So, Zeyara threatens to blow up all the bombs in Marquéz’s possession if he doesn’t do his job, which confirms that the bombs they’ve made can be triggered from anywhere in the world. Jack, November, and Chavez enter Myanmar with fake IDs and talk about their plan to hit Fah’s casino out in the open. Meanwhile, Fah makes some important changes to the security system to make it easier for Jack, November, and Chavez to infiltrate the place.

Cathy arrives in Myanmar too, and she is welcomed by Zeyara. November starts to win a lot of money at one of the tables, and, under the pretext of appreciating his luck, Fah approaches him and passes on the information that he’s going to meet them soon. Greer learns about Tuttle and decides to track him down with his son by his side. If that sounds weird, it’s because it is. This is the deputy director of the CIA, for crying out loud! Why is he acting like he’s G.I. Joe? Zeyara continues to lie about Cathy’s visit to Myanmar and takes her deeper and deeper into her web. As promised earlier, Chao Fah meets Jack, November, and Chavez. He explains how they should infiltrate his casino, get to the triggers, and then destroy them. As soon as Fah warns Jack that he shouldn’t deviate from his mission, even if Zeyara tries to bait him by using Cathy, Jack gets the call. Even though Jack wants to abandon the mission and go save Cathy, he doesn’t.

Chao Fah Gets Shot

Tin Tun suspects that Kyi and Bennu Fah had lied about the latter getting sick and going to the doctor, whereas in reality they had tried to leave Myanmar for good. Tin Tun tracks down the doctor who lied on their behalf and kills him. Greer lets Elizabeth Wright know about going after Tuttle, but he doesn’t listen to her advice to not do so because the last time he did it, he got hurt. Given how the situation isn’t allowing her to be as diplomatic as Senator Henshaw wants, he abandons that plan and starts to dig into Dominic Sanderson because that’s the only thing that’ll help her find the person using him as a front for illegal activities. At Fah’s casino, Chavez draws some of the guards to the parking area. November enters the electrical and electronics room to cut the power. Fah begins to upload some kind of bug.

As soon as the lights go out, Jack slides through the reception counters and starts to make his way to the vault. Fah almost gets caught red-handed by the guards, but when he realizes that they didn’t spot him messing with the programming, he proceeds to take them to the vault. He keeps updating Zeyara about what’s happening at the casino so that she doesn’t suspect his involvement in the heist. November gets to the chopper and seemingly goes for Cathy. Jack holds Fah hostage and tells Zeyara to safely deliver Cathy to him, or else he’s going to blow up all the triggers. Since Zeyara loves her triggers, she obliges Jack and gets attacked by Mike November. Cathy escapes with November and leaves for the airport, where they’re supposed to meet Jack and Chavez. However, when Fah learns that Tin Tun is holding his family hostage, he rushes to save them (thereby doing the opposite of what he told Jack to do when it came to Cathy) and gets shot by Tin Tun with a sniper rifle.

Has Jack Been Abducted?

Elizabeth Wright finds out about the school Dominic Sanderson used to go to, and she sees a photo of Adebayo ‘Ade’ Osoji in the Donors’ Circle glass cabinet. Going by her reaction, she has realized that Ade isn’t as innocent of a diplomat as he pretends to be, and he’s the one who is using Dominic as a front to operate all the shell companies and fund terrorist organizations. Chao Fah bids goodbye to his family one last time before Jack and Chavez take them to safety. He sits right there with the rest of their explosives, and as soon as Tin Tun enters the house with the rest of his men, he blows everything to kingdom come, including the triggers in his casino. By the way, I just want to point out that Louis Ozawa has been the only good thing about Jack Ryan Season 4. Everyone has paled in comparison to him. Coming back to the plot, Zeyara watches all of this unfold and tells everyone to converge at the airstrip to take down November, Cathy, Jack, Chavez, Kyi, and Bennu.

That said, Cathy, Kyi, and Bennu get to board the flight going out of Myanmar, but November, Jack, and Chavez are forced to hang back in order to stop Zeyara and Tin Tun’s armies from taking down the plane. They succeed, but they are forced to land somewhere on the coast of Thailand because November’s helicopter ran out of fuel. At the end of Jack Ryan Season 4, Episode 5, Jack intimates Greer about everything that has happened before getting attacked by Zeyara’s men. Greer breaks into Tuttle’s house and maims him. However, since the orders have already gone out (because Zeyara informed Ade and Ade informed Tuttle), Greer helplessly looks at Tuttle’s computer and watches Jack get abducted. The first episode of the show opened with Jack getting abducted and tortured. Now that we’ve seen all the events leading up to that moment, we know that he has been abducted by Zeyara and is about to be tortured for destroying her triggers and knowing so much about her plan. If you’re wondering whether or not Jack is going to break, he won’t because he’s Jack Ryan. He’ll need to be rescued, though, and the only man who can do it is Chavez because November has been shot. Given how Chavez has some kind of personal vendetta against Zeyara, the rescue mission will give him the opportunity to take out Zeyara too.

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