‘Jamtara’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – What Happened To Gudia, Sunny, Rocky, & Rinku? Will There Be A Season 3?


The second installment of the Netflix series, “Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega,” picks up from where it left off in the first season. Directed by Soumendra Padhi, the narrative focuses on a group of teenagers who are committing the offense of phishing and are making extravagant amounts of money by doing so. Their activities caught the attention of a local politician named Brajesh Bhaan, and he had ordered the juvenile offenders to give him a part of their earnings. All agreed except Sunny, who didn’t adhere to the commands of the oppressive leader. Sunny paid a huge price for going up against Brajesh Bhaan. Sunny’s whole life was destroyed. He tried to reconcile with the politician at the end of “Jamtara” Season 1, on the advice of his brother Rocky. But Sunny realized that Brajesh Bhaan was not only a corrupt politician but a lecherous individual. Apart from the money, he wanted Gudiya Mondal, Sunny’s wife, to grant him sexual favors. Sunny lost his temper and attacked Brajesh Bhaan. He was held in captivity by Brajesh’s men. Gudiya knew that she had no other option left, other than to inform the police about the situation. Dolly Sahu, the Superintendent of Police, wanted to use this situation to get some evidence against the politician. She installed a camera in Gudiya’s purse and asked her to go to Brajesh’s house. Dolly and her team intervened just at the right moment. Gudiya knew where Sunny had been held captive. She found him, and both of them started running with the intention of escaping the premises and ending their nightmare. But before they could do that, Brajesh’s men started firing at them. Sunny got gravely injured, and Gudiya realized that maybe they could never escape their fate.

Spoilers Ahead

The State Of Affairs In ‘Jamtara’ After Season 1

Sunny was getting restless in the hospital, where he was taken after being shot by Brajesh Bhaan’s men. He was trying his level best to come up with innovative ideas for scamming people, though the frustration of being handicapped was becoming an obstacle for him. Gudiya was sent to prison, and she was charged with the crime of trespassing on Brajesh Bhaan’s property and also hurting his modesty. Gudiya met Ganga Devi, a.k.a. “Bua Ji,” when she was in prison. Gudiya had beaten a fellow inmate who used to work for Ganga Devi. Gudiya told the former chief minister of Jharkhand and paternal aunt of Brajesh Bhaan that she could earn a lot of money for her, through phishing. Ganga Devi had always wanted to be a part of the scamming world and reap its benefits, but till now, she hadn’t been able to find anyone who could do the needful and work for her. The conniving politician saw an opportunity to hit two targets with one arrow. She wanted Gudiya Mondal to contest the election from Brajesh Bhaan’s constituency and also procure funds for her campaign by scamming other people. The announcement was made, and Gudiya started her campaign and was all set to go against Brajesh Bhaan.

Rinku Mondal used to live in Noida with Bachha and Munna, the two addicts from Jamtara who had conspired against Sunny in “Jamtara” Season 1. The duo knew everything and were always on the lookout for an opportunity to turn the tables in their favor, even if it meant making others miserable. They spoke in riddles and often misled each and everybody who came their way. They were astute opportunities who could not be trusted. Rinku had scammed people through a dating app, but by mistake, he had used his personal number for it. Rinku, together with Bachha and Munna, came back to Jamtara, only to find out that his ancestral property had been seized by his own uncles. He didn’t know what to do. So, Munna and Bachha took him to Brajesh Bhaan. Rinku told him that he was really good at scamming people and could make twice the amount his boys were making. Brajesh was a greedy man, and he didn’t want to let go of the proposition without giving him an opportunity to prove himself. Rinku showed his talents and, in the first call itself, scammed a woman and procured a whopping sum of twenty-three lakhs. The only problem was that the woman was not a commoner. She was the wife of the sitting chief minister of the state. Rinku was kept on the job and became Brajesh’s favorite as the amount of money he was able to bring was far more than what the others brought collectively.

Rocky was not satisfied with the kind of life he was living. He wanted to marry his long-time partner and settle with her in Asansol. But he was well aware that Brajesh Bhaan would never allow him to do so. He was sick and tired of serving the man who had ruined his whole family. He was even more frustrated by his helplessness. His relationship with Sunny had improved over the period of time, and he used to visit him frequently in the hospital. Rocky was just looking for that one opportunity to undermine the authority of Brajesh Bhaan and get the better of him. He started kidnapping the people of his own group who worked together with him for Bhaan. He scammed the scammers though they had no clue that it was Rocky who was orchestrating everything. Dolly Sahu, the Superintendent of police, was once again sent to Jamtara to form her own independent unit and find out who had the audacity to scam the wife of a sitting chief minister. With the return of Gudiya, Sunny, and Dolly to the city of Jamtara, there was tension in the air, and it felt like something big was about to happen.

Sunny’s Scam And Gudiya’s Plan

Sunny had come back to Jamtara with an incessant urge to take revenge from the man who had destroyed his whole family, i.e., Brajesh Bhaan. He had a plan in mind, but this time he was playing it close to his chest. Gopi and Abbas, his ardent followers, were helping him in every way possible. Both the boys were pretty young but had an entrepreneurial spirit and were desperate to earn money and get rich. Sunny started scamming people by pretending to be from the team of KKK (Khel Karodo Ka), a T.V. game show. He used to tell the people that they had won a huge prize money which in turn lured them into the conversation. The people always got intrigued, and that was when he used to ask them to transfer a small amount of money, calling it tax, before the monetary award could be finally given to them. He had employed school kids, who were making hundreds of calls each day on his behalf. But there was something peculiar in what he was doing. He was not covering his tracks and once told Abbas that he was doing it intentionally. You realize there and then that Sunny was not only looking to earn money, but he had something more on his mind.

Gudiya, on the other hand, faced a lot of obstacles throughout the political campaign. People were scared of Brajesh Bhaan, and a lot of them swore their allegiance to him. Gudiya was having a hard time finding people who would work for her. Ganga Devi had made it very clear that giving her the ticket was her responsibility, but after that, how she managed funds and how she dealt with Brajesh Bhaan was only her headache. Both Gudiya and Sunny didn’t tell each other about their secret plans, even though they were living under the same roof. At one of the rallies where Gudiya was going to tell the public about what happened in Brajesh’s house on that fateful night. She had served a sentence for the same and was going to tell her side of the story. Before she could say anything, somebody shot her. It was way too easy to join the dots, and the blame was put on Brajesh Bhaan. The fiasco was orchestrated by Gudiya herself. It was her own men who had shot her. Ganga Devi applauded her for her astute planning and praised her efforts. 

Sunny knew that the sim cards were going to be traced as he was consciously not destroying them, as he used to. He took each and every sim card and mobile phone and buried it in Brajesh’s backyard. He knew that the cyber cell would sniff the evidence and come looking for him. It was a risky decision that he had made. He had to enter the lion’s den and lay the trap. With the help of Abbas and Gopi, he was able to accomplish the mission. A police officer from Hyderabad cyber cell came looking for Brajesh Bhaan. They dug in his backyard and, apart from the sim cards and mobile phones, also found the buried skeletons of human beings. Brajesh knew that this time he needed somebody really resourceful to help him get out of the mess. He went straight to the chief minister and told him that he and his boys had scammed his wife. He offered to return the full amount to the chief minister. The C.M. was showing his reluctance, and that’s when Brajesh showed him a video of his own MLAs partying in a farmhouse. In the video, they were indulging in activities that had the potential of tarnishing the image of the party. The chief minister agreed, and Brajesh once again was free from the clutches of the law. In a shocking turn of events, Gopi was shot dead, and it was said that he was responsible for scamming the CM’s wife. Dolly Sahu was called back as the case was closed, though she knew that the truth was being concealed from everybody. Rinku Mondal, the actual culprit behind the phishing scam, was enjoying his life under the protection of Brajesh Bhaan.

‘Jamtara’ Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened To Gudia, Sunny, Rocky, & Rinku? Will There Be A Season 3?

Ganga Devi had realized that in order to defeat her own nephew, Brajesh Bhaan, in the upcoming elections, she would have to play a card that would nullify each and every move of the shrewd politician. Brajesh had a strong hold over his entire constituency, and there was only one lethal weapon that could turn the tables against him. Ganga Devi decided to use the “religion card”. Harishchandra, a journalist, used to get a lot of scoops from people sitting higher up the food chain. He did a story where he accused Shahbaaz, one of the boys who worked for Brajesh Bhaan, of selling prohibited beef meat. The public was enraged, and Brajesh Bhaan realized that he would have to kill Shahbaaz for suppressing the matter. He didn’t want it to cause any harm to his vote bank. Brajesh had realized that he was treading on slippery grounds, and that’s why he had become more cautious than ever. Gudiya knew that voters in her constituency could only be lured if they were given monetary incentives. But Gudiya and Sunny didn’t have the funds. So, Sunny came up with a master plan. There was an app named Colourbus, in which no matter how many times you typed the wrong pin, the debit card didn’t get blocked. Sunny knew that he only had to try all the combinations once, and he would get access to the accounts of people. Sunny, Rocky, and Gudiya formed a team and decided to take active steps to win the elections, even if it meant waging an all-out war against Brajesh Bhaan. 

Rinku had gotten a list of callers from a call center in Noida using one of his contacts. He was only targeting people whose account balance was above 10 lakh rupees. He brought a lot of money into Brajesh’s campaign, and that is why Gudiya wanted him to be removed from the scheme of things. So Rocky kidnapped Rinku Mondal so that Brajesh falls short of money. Then Gudiya was able to procure the cards of the accounts in which all the money for Brajesh’s campaign was being transferred. Sunny, with the help of Abbas, made a team of school-going kids and made them try all the permutations and combinations in a systematic manner. He cracked the codes and transferred all the money to the multiple accounts held by Gudiya and Rocky. Gudiya was able to give cash to the voters just in time. They all voted in her favor, and Brajesh Bhaan was enraged when he got to know about the scam.

Rinku somehow managed to escape captivity and reached Brajesh’s house. He had brought a mobile phone with him, which he had found lying in the same place where he had been held captive. Brajesh got to know that Rocky was behind the kidnapping. Brajesh caught Rocky and forced Rinku to kill him. Rinku had a soft corner for Rocky. He had always been attracted to him. He had once made a sexual advance too, but nothing happened between them. Rocky met his fateful end, and Sunny was distraught to hear the news. Gudiya Mondal won the elections in the end, and a vengeful Brajesh couldn’t gulp down the bitter taste of his loss. At the end of “Jamtara” Season 2 of Jamtara we realize that the drama is surely not over because, by the likes of it, Brajesh Bhaan doesn’t seem like a man who stops before getting what he wants. In “Jamtara” Season 3, he would go after Sunny, Gudiya, and all the others who betrayed him. It would be interesting to see if Ganga Devi entertains the thought of reconciling with her nephew or if she continues to sever damaging blows to her own kin.

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