‘Jared Freid: 37 And Single’ Review: Netflix’s Stand-Up Is Saving Comedy With High Standards


Jared Freid’s 37 and Single was far from hilarious, but every word of it was relatable, and we recommend watching it. We have not felt validated this way for such a long time, so much so that we don’t even mind that we had to wait half an hour for the laugh-out-loud moments. A tip before you watch this show: turn the volume down and forgive us this meanness. What we loved most of all, and this is something we have come to appreciate in recent times, was the energy of the comedian that conveyed effort.

A special shoutout to the bit about not liking guys who like us. Not to get too Woody Allen about it, but that hit home like nothing else did. We suppose this observation had to come from a Pisces. We refuse to take Pisces men seriously, but we are adamant about stereotyping them as either hopeless romantics or the worst cynics. There is no in-between for them, and it is really interesting to see them enter the latter stage. On that note, we would love to see him collaborate with this Indian comedian named Prashasti Singh, who recently belted out comedy gold with one of her specials around the same dating topic.

With his comedy, Jared Freid addressed a very important but unasked question: why do dating standards get higher and not lower as people grow older? The answer is that they have found their coping mechanisms either through nighttime eating or making fun of their friends’ lives with their kids. Finally, someone called out how condescending married people are about not having to go on first dates. Not to get too petty, but these are the kind of married people who deserve the fussiest toddlers. It is the way the balance of the universe works.

As Jared Freid discusses the arbitrary filters we impose when selecting a person to meet and get to know, we would like to tell the world that this is why you should not name your child something funny or nostalgic. They will turn out to be as single as Darlene, and it will be their parents’ fault. The greatest problem for Elon Musk’s child is not going to be his father’s genes or the pronunciation of his own name, but the fact that the copious amounts of wealth they inherit will still not make their future partner think that they have a cute name. When he is not naming them with a variation of numbers and the letter “X,” which he clearly has an obsession with, he is naming them after characters from bad Wattpad novels. He not only revealed his secret Wattpad obsession this way but also gave us a glimpse of another thing that won’t be cute in ten years. And that was a bit from our unattempted career as a stand-up comedian. Only one woman scoffed at Jared Freid when he called himself an artist, but we would not have been so lucky if we had attempted comedy instead of just reviewing it.

But enough about us and Elon Musk. We want to see the kind of gender reveal parties that Jared Freid was talking about in 37 and Single. We would even say that it is not just unborn babies who should have that, but also people introducing their partners. Make it a celebration instead of giving them the stress of coming out. It may soften the proceedings a bit. We are just a little emotional after having watched Heartstopper seasons 1 and 2, which is why we felt the need to say that. Nick and Charlie deserve a world like this.

Coming back to Jared Freid, the part of 37 and Single that had people laughing the hardest was about the nighttime eating. He forgot to add instant noodles, a light dessert, and some cold drinks to the list of items one seeks in the night. And yes, it is an addiction, which is especially troubling because of the debate that precedes it about whether to commit to health or to happiness. He forgot to mention the struggle of finding a place that we want to order from at night without having to pay the spiked charges. But he got one thing right, which is that the menu of the nighttime snacking addiction never changes. It is a commitment greater than marriage and creates food babies we are similarly proud of and embarrassed by.

Moving on, when he speaks about the power of old women to complain, we wonder if he has ever met a South Indian old man. There is no one more condescending. You would think they were so impressed by you, only for them to reveal in the last second that they think you are the stupidest person to have walked on earth. Also, old women complain, but old men complain so much that they are known to send entire parties into a whirlwind-like frenzy. We want Jared Freid to visit India, preferably for a wedding.

In the one hour that we have spent watching Jared Freid, we know that he is amazing, not just because he made us laugh but because he was so insightful. That is the primary requirement of an artist, and here is where Jared Freid proves why he is an outstanding water sign. Pisces really see through things when they commit to them.

We would advise that you keep away from your phones while watching Jared Freid’s 37 and Single. This is because if you are anything like us, if something hasn’t captivated you right off the bat, you may find yourself drifting from it. We found Jared Freid’s first half hour to be relatable but not funny, and we know that if we had a phone in our hands at that time, we would have missed out on some truly good lines during those thirty minutes and what followed after. However, if patience is already one of your virtues, you are good for an amazing stand-up special. It’s been a wonky time for comedy and content in general, which makes acts like Jared Freid’s unmissable. We definitely want everyone to watch it.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
Divya spends way more time on Netflix and regrets most of what she watches. Hence she has too many opinions that she tries to put to productive spin through her writings. Her New Year resolution is to know that her opinions are validated.

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