‘Jhund’ Ending, Explained: Does Ankush “Don” Masram Fly Abroad Despite His Criminal History?


Nagraj Manjule’s film “Jhund,” which means “herd,” depicts the fascinating and uplifting narrative of Vijay Barse, a sports coach who is set to retire from coaching. He undertakes a task of rehabilitating a slum and driving and motivating them to live better lives away from crime, through athletics. When he first starts his voyage, the kids and teenagers are unsure of his genuine intentions, but over time, the spirit of football transforms everyone’s life. 

Nagraj Manjule, the director and writer, acts as Hitler Bhai, who watches over the slum. Soon, his needs are forgotten as the boys and girls who want to play football seriously transform the ghetto into a football field and pursue ambitions that were unreachable only a few weeks before. Vijay Barode (Amitabh Bachchan) transforms a crime-ridden slum into a clean haven of inspiration, sport, and aspiration on his own.

‘Jhund’ Plot Summary: What is the film about?

Many residents of the slum are forced to turn to crime and extreme tactics to survive. Some people think in extremely backward ways, while others try to stay progressive in a really bad environment. Some slums are prosperous and thrive, while others are difficult to live in, and most people struggle to get through the day. Where can one find hope for better days or a better life with a survival rate such as theirs?

“Jhund” is a moving biographical account of Vijay Barse’s life told through the eyes of Vijay Borade, a senior football coach at St. John’s Academy who imparts lessons to the adults in his community and trains a team. When he comes across Ankush ‘Don’ Masram, who is fleeing Sabhya and his thugs, he breaks up the fight and instructs the man to mind his own business. Borade tries to confront him, but Ankush simply walks away. After seeing the way they live, Borade wants to help the community but doesn’t know how to go about it.

We discover that Borade’s son is en route to New York City to study management. He is unhappy with his father, but he understands his position. When it starts pouring, and Borade goes by the slum, he witnesses their sporting prowess. While Borade lives in a gated community and teaches football at a college, he still makes his way to the slum, hoping to glimpse a way to change their lives. When he asks his wife for a modest sum of money, he decides to return to the same Godi Gadam slum neighborhood in front of his college campus.

When Borade breaks the ice by drawing one child with the ball and offering him 500 rupees if he and the others continue to play with the ball for half an hour. They start to wonder how he always keeps his word and pays them at the end of the half-hour every time. Then he breaks off and disappears. Now that he has gone missing, they feel compelled to find him and ask why he left.

When they find him, they ask him to let them play on the condition that they pay him back later. However, he respectfully declines and closes the door. They realize that they love to play at 6 p.m. every day. They go back to his residence and inquire about the football. Everything is going according to Borade’s plan, and none of the teenagers is aware of it.

Borade gradually wins them over and establishes a bond with them by teaching them the rules of football. He teaches kids about goal posts, teams, and team spirit, as well as not touching the ball with their hands. They gradually improve, but it is all for naught if they do not have a goal in mind to reach as a challenge to overcome.

He assures them that they can compete with his college football squad. The contest is held with the approval of the college, which was granted against their preferences. The other side of the fence, which has been meticulously shut to keep people from the ghetto out, is unlocked for the first time because these teenagers need their cheerleaders to encourage them. The beauty of sport is that it can bring people from all walks of life together for sport.

They win the game 3-2 on penalty shots after they tie the game and experience a full game that ends with a draw (5-5). It’s their first victory for their inner pride and their social standing. They demonstrate that they are capable of competing. It is also Borade’s first accomplishment. They win this game, but Ankush’s luck runs out, and the team’s morale begins to rise as Borade believes that a National Slum Football Tournament is something they should seriously pursue. After Borade retires from coaching at St. John’s College, the squad eventually hosts the tournament to choose who will participate in the International Slum Soccer Tournament.

‘Jhund’ Ending Explained: Does Ankush make it to the airport?

Ankush ‘Don’ Masram is your typical drug dealer, phone, and gold chain snatcher from the slums. Bhavana, a girl from St. John’s College, is his crush. He still has a chance to accomplish his aspirations, but he can’t help but succumb to his survival instincts of becoming violent and defending himself by all means. When Sabhya continues to seek vengeance for the destruction of his store, which Ankush, Babu, Angel, and a few others are involved in, Ankush finds it impossible to break free from Sabhya’s stronghold over him and go forward in his life.

Ankush gets into a confrontation with Sabhya at the beginning of the movie because he has been staring at him for too long. When Sabya pursues Ankush and is slapped by him, Ankush runs into Borade, who challenges him to pick a battle with him in the hopes of convincing him that it was needless. When Borade starts to believe in Ankush’s ability to become the team’s best forward and scorer, he gets into trouble when Ankush goes and knives a couple of Sabhya’s men. Ankush disappears, only communicating with Angel. When Angel answers the phone one day, Borade chats with him and instructs him to report to the police station. Hesitantly, he agrees.

When Borade arrives and assists in his release, the police begin whacking him around. On the other hand, Ankush keeps his blade in his denim jeans’ side pocket. They prepare for the numerous matches as time passes, and Borade still has to overcome many obstacles in his path to helping these people. The most important thing is to get everyone’s passports in order so they can fly into another country and compete in the International Slum Football Tournament. Ankush faces a significant challenge in obtaining his passport. Police clearance is essential. With a criminal past like his, it would seem almost impossible.

After returning from New York City, Borade’s son becomes involved in his father’s cause and ensures that everything runs properly. At this point, his son asks his father why he had to mortgage the house when he was actively looking to obtain financing. Borade, on the other hand, had made his choice. He and his wife convince many families that their children must have passports to fly. While other families rush to prepare their children’s passports, Ankush must go to the police station to cleanse his name. The Inspector tells Borade that this is a court case that can only be settled in court.

This is painful for him, yet he goes to court and protects these children. He makes his case to the judge, and the judge’s decision on the case is still pending. Ankush’s spirits are at an all-time low, and he is prepared to go to the police station and murder the chief. With fury in his eyes, Babu and Angel saw him heading towards the station. They make it a point to speak with him and persuade him not to do something like this. They tell him he is no longer that person. In that compound, they drink their sorrows away.

The next day, everyone is preparing to travel to the airport and board the aircraft. Everyone has packed their belongings and is ready to travel. They are passing through security. Only Ankush has not yet made it to the airport. A delivery man arrives that morning, and Ankush receives a call informing him that his passport has arrived and only he can collect it from the delivery man. He joyfully returns home and packs his belongings. Sabhya tries to stall and smack him along the way, demanding his respect. Bhavana catches up with Ankush just in time with a cop to break up the fight, and Ankush is whisked away to the airport in time for his flight.

The last thing he must do at the airport is go through security. They force him to remove everything, yet the beeper continues to ring. Finally, the security guard discovers the blade in his denim jeans’ knee pocket. He removes it and throws it away, which causes him to cry profusely. He feels a sense of unburdening as he throws it away. He’s leaving behind a certain existence, but this time it’s for real. He is now a professional player on his way to conquering the globe. He goes through the security checkpoint, and the entire team is ready to put their skills to the test in a new country.

Final Words

“Jhund” is based on the true tale of Vijay Barse, who had a gentle way of pushing young kids to achieve their dreams of becoming world-class footballers. From being serious criminals, he recognized how to use a game to push them to make a change that would affect these children in a profound manner. 

Some women were able to get the support of their fathers and spouses, who took some time but eventually came around. Children and senior citizens in the village began to rally around the cause. Knowing that money would be an issue, shopkeepers helped pay for their excursions abroad. If true-life incidents like these kept happening, our country would rise to unfathomable heights and easily dominate the world. Such selfless personalities cause a paradigm shift in the state of affairs by restoring the social balance, or at least lending a hand to those who need it. “Jhund” is an incredible film that you must watch.

“Jhund” is a 2022 Indian biopic drama film written and directed by Nagraj Manjule.

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