Jodie Mitchell In ‘The Chosen One,’ Explained: Is Jodie Good Or Evil?


As humans, we often feel that we are invincible. Our pride clouds our judgment and takes away our power of reasoning. We fall prey to our own greed and desires and make an irrevocable deal with the devil. On the other hand, Satan feeds on our inner demons to exploit us. He wants to use us as vessels to fulfill his ulterior motives on Earth. In Netflix’s The Chosen One, Marie Christianson makes a similar deal with the devil.

Spoiler Alert

Born in Waterford, California, Marie might have had a troublesome life, struggling financially, because of which she entered into a shady transaction with the devil. In exchange for money, she agreed to become a surrogate mother for an unknown cult run by a very powerful entity, Lucifer himself. The irony here is that Marie’s surname had “Christian” in it, and as we know, faith is the devil’s ultimate nemesis. As soon as Marie gives birth to the devil’s child, she realizes she doesn’t want to give away her son, as the contract requires. And therefore, falling prey to her motherly desires, she changes her name to Sarah and runs away with her son, Jodie Mitchell, to Mexico (please do notice the words “hell” in Jodie’s surname).

Sarah always knew that her son had special God-like powers. He could bend anyone to his wishes and do things humanity had never imagined. However, Sarah feared that Jodie’s underdeveloped powers could expose their real identities and make their locations known to Jodie’s real father, Lucifer. In order to protect her only son, Sarah kept on switching locations until the mother and the son finally settled down in Baja, California Sur, in Mexico. Sarah had also started giving an antipsychotic drug named Chlorpromazine to Jodie, which diminished his powers, and with time he forgot that he had any. In the small town of Mexico, the mother and son started living a normal life until Jodie started hearing voices in his head. It was most likely the voice of Jodie’s father, who was planning on getting his son back.

Sarah believed that she had kept Jodie away from evil eyes, but the followers of Lucifer were always around him, watching his every move. In The Chosen One, we find that Elena, a mysterious character present since the beginning of the series, was actually working for the devil. She could even be the sea monster that Tuka’s uncle had seen near the Serpent Cavern. It was Elena who first spoke about Satan’s scheme when she told Jodie that if you make an offering to the desert with something you really care about, it always answers you back. Now, as we all know, the words of the devil are decisive. Something we love from the bottom of our hearts can be taken by him in return for something we never wanted or expected. This can be explained through the story of Carlos Ramirez. Jodie had healed Ramirez in the hospital and given him a second life. However, if you look closely, he was just a lifeless body walking around like a ghost who couldn’t communicate with the people around him. Ultimately, he committed suicide to save himself from such misery. We are never really sure what the devil has in store for us, and it is better to stay away than make a deal with him.

All the voices that Jodie had been hearing throughout the series belonged to creatures that could be seen as servants or messengers of evil, like “Chupia,” a mermaid-like sea monster, and the seagulls and moths that we saw at the end of The Chosen One. The cave, which Jodie and Sarah used as a safe bunker, had a hidden room behind the walls. It could either be seen as the temple of the devil or the passageway between Earth and Hell through which one could easily communicate with the devil. These walls protecting the temple opened up gradually throughout the series as Jodie’s power increased after he stopped using Chlorpromazine. Inside this hidden room, we also saw the wall painting of an ominous figure, perhaps the devil.

Lucifer, or Diablo, had also designed a special pendant for his son. We believe it was some kind of tracker through which the devil could keep a close watch on his son’s activities and wait for the right moment before he could take him under his wing to train him to become the most powerful human alive. It can be theorized that Lucifer wanted his son to be human first before he could become what he was meant to be. Therefore, he let Sarah take him away so that he could closely observe Judie’s actions to understand whether he would become the right instrument to carry out his mission or not. And how did he come to this conclusion?

During The Chosen One’s ending, when Sarah takes Jodie to Father O’Higgins’ church, Jodie comes across the seven deadly sins printed in a book, probably the Bible. Jodie realizes that he had committed each one of them and was far from being considered a messiah or messenger of God. He fell prey to his temptations and committed evil. One might remember the scene where Jodie, with a smirk on his face, attends Rosa’s party. The smirk instantly reminded us of Tobey Maguire’s transformation sequence in Spider-Man 3, and we knew that Jodie was no Christ.

We initially believed that Jodie could atone for his sins and make things right, but it never happened. He went to the desert, just like the story Pastor Cruz had shared with him. However, there he only found his father’s pendant, which he took back instantly, suggesting that he had given into the temptations of the devil, contrary to what Christ had done. At this point, Lucifer knew that his son was ready for his next big step and thus sent his messenger to bring him back. He wanted to begin his training as quickly as possible so that Jodie could be ready for a holy war against God and Christianity. On the other hand, Sarah realized that she could no longer protect Jodie and that one day, the world would find out about his true identity, so to safeguard her son’s life, she decided to let him be taken away from her. She believed only his powerful father would be able to protect him.

In the end, we find out that Jodie has become the president of the most powerful country in the world, i.e., the USA. We believe Jodie might have used his power to manipulate the minds of his voters and other powerful people to win these elections. Later, he controlled the minds of those around him to persuade them that they needed to incite a war against the holy land to make Christianity disappear from the face of the earth. Perhaps the next season of The Chosen One will introduce a character who will try to stop Jodie from fulfilling his father’s sinister plan of bringing doom upon the human world. But is there anyone powerful enough to stop Judie? We believe the next season will give us the answer we seek.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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