‘John Wick 4’ Ending, Explained: Is The Baba Yaga Dead? Does The Post-Credit Scene Hint At A Sequel?


“John Wick: Chapter 4”, directed by Chad Stahelski, is already considered the best film of the franchise and we believe that from a technical standpoint, it is capable of concocting that perfect mix which results in a throbbing entertainer that takes you on a nostalgic and thrilling ride. The one rule of entertainment is that you have to give the audience something that they haven’t witnessed before because that’s how you surprise them and earn their applause. Be it their action sequences or screenplay, “John Wick 4” has been able to raise the bar when we thought that it had already reached its pinnacle with its last installment. So let us see where life takes our most beloved assassin and if he is able to find the closure he has been seeking for a long time.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

In the fourth installment of one of the most acclaimed franchises, John Wick was staying in Bowery King’s hideout, knowing that he needed to be fully prepared before the war arrived on his doorstep. John was putting his body and mind through a rigorous training session, as he knew that the upcoming apocalypse was going to be unforgiving and ruthless. There was no scope for mercy, and John Wick knew that either he would win it all or end up losing everything. Wick was not scared of dying, but he wanted to do it on his own terms. John went to Morocco once again and asked the newly appointed Elder to return his ring, which he had given to his predecessor, who shared a rather good relationship with Wick. The new Elder believed in the supremacy of the High Table, and he told Wick that nobody was above it. John simply desired freedom, but the Elder warned him that while he might be able to free himself from all obligations, he would never be able to escape who he truly was. The Elder told John that he was an assassin, and no matter how much he told others that he wanted an out, in reality, he knew that it was not possible. John killed the Elder and disturbed the delicate balance of things in the underworld, giving the sharks of the ocean a legitimate reason to go after him in full force.

A messenger was sent to the Continental Hotel in New York after John Wick killed the Elder. Marquis Vincent de Gramont, one of the High Table’s most powerful members, was not in the mood to pardon anyone associated with John Wick. The members of the High Table had given the Marquis unrestricted powers, and he had complete control over all resources that were owned by the Syndicate. Power tends to corrupt souls, and it was evident by Marquis’ actions that he just wanted to kill Wick under the pretext of justice. Marquis knew that Winston Scott was a shrewd man who, while pledging allegiance to the High Table in front of the world, had always supported Wick and stood by him through thick and thin. The messenger told Winston and Charon that their home, the Continental Hotel, which for years had embodied the principle of the rule of law, was going to be demolished because it had given refuge to a criminal in the past. Marquis really wanted to make an example out of Winston and Charon and show the rest of the world what the consequences would be, of siding with an enemy of the High Table. Marquis killed Charon, and though Winston wasn’t able to perceive what he had just witnessed, we knew that, at that moment, Marquis had made a new enemy. Marquis believed that second chances were just excuses for men who had failed, which is why he relieved Winston of his duties as a manager and demolished his hotel in front of his own eyes.

What Was John And Winston’s Plan?

Marquis had given the responsibility of killing John Wick to someone who knew him very well. Caine had sworn his allegiance to the High Table, and even without eyes, he was somebody who had the ability to kill John Wick. Caine didn’t want to kill his old pal, but he was not given a say in that matter. Marquis threatened him by saying that he would put the life of his daughter in jeopardy if he didn’t agree to do what he was being asked for.

At the time, John Wick was seeking refuge at the Osaka International, Japan’s equivalent of the Continental. The hotel was owned by Wick’s old friend, Shimazu, and after what had happened in New York with the Continental, Shimazu’s daughter, Akira, was constantly asking him to sever all ties to John Wick. Akira was afraid that if the High Table found out her father was still in contact with Wick, they would burn the entire establishment down, but what she didn’t realize was that John was already on the premises. A tracker who referred to himself as “Nobody” had already reached Osaka and was keeping an eye out for anything suspicious so that he could kill John Wick and earn that huge bounty on his head. What Akira was dreading finally happened, and the Marquis’ men, led by Caine and Chidi, arrived at Osaka and asked to meet the manager. When Akira arrived at the terrace, she was disappointed to see that her father had decided to risk their lives and was having a conversation with John Wick. She asked her father why he was putting all their lives at stake to protect the life of a man who had broken the rules of the Table, as she didn’t understand what drove the motives of these men. Shimazu had made up his mind, and he asked Akira to stay with John on the terrace while he went down to negotiate with the assassins.

In the next few moments, a deadly battle ensued where the Osaka defense forces, with their Japanese samurai swords, came face to face with Marquis’ men. The clanking sound of the empty bullet shells falling on the floor could be heard throughout the hotel corridor. We come to know that Caine hadn’t lost his touch, and he had his ways and means to get the better of his enemies and make sure that his disability didn’t act as an impediment. Caine spared Akira’s life because he was burdened with the guilt of killing innocent people, and he knew that unless and until he killed John Wick, he would have to continue to do so. Caine knew what it felt like to lose someone close to your heart, which is why he empathized with Akira, though he didn’t expect her to understand his helplessness. The Tracker was also trying his best to kill John Wick, and though he had been unsuccessful in doing so, he had caught the eye of Marquis, which is what he had wanted in the first place. The Tracker just wanted a good bid and to prove to Marquis that he had the potential to do the impossible, i.e., find and kill the Baba Yaga.

John met Winston, who told him that going to Paris and attempting to murder Marquis would not solve anything. He told Wick to do something that would get the High Table to give him back his freedom. Wick was perplexed as to how he could do so, and Winston advised him to challenge Marquis to a one-on-one duel and use the rules against the establishment. John Wick knew that he could only challenge Marquis for combat if he had been a member of a crime family, and after he had taken a favor from the Ruska Roma leader, the Director in “John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum,” he knew that his ticket had been torn and they owed him no favor. Winston asked him to go to Berlin and make a deal with Katia because that was his only option. When John met Katia, who was now heading the Ruska Roma, he reminded her that he was also an orphan of the tribe and was seeking just one last favor. Katia told him that she could do so, provided John Wick did something for her first. She told him that he would be reinstated in the family provided he killed a man named Killa, who had murdered Katia’s father. John agreed, and when he arrived at Killa’s club, he discovered that Caine was already there. To make matters worse, even the Tracker came searching for him there, and they sat to play a hand of poker together. The deal was that whoever won that hand would be allowed to decide who died. Killa obviously cheated, and he got the rare combination, i.e., five of a kind. After a deadly combat in the club, Wick was able to kill Killa, and he was given the crest of the Ruska Roma family.

‘John Wick 4’ Ending Explained: How Did Baba Yaga Die?

Winston went to Marquis to inform him of John Wick’s challenge, and the latter was surprised because he didn’t expect the Ruska Roma family to accept their prodigal son back. But now, Marquis realized there was no point arguing about the legitimacy of the offer because John Wick had accomplished the impossible and ensured that he was acting within the bounds of the law. In addition to John being granted his freedom, Winston also said that if the outcome was in their favor, then the Table would pay for the renovations of the Continental and reinstate him as the manager of the place. The combat rules were decided upon by John Wick, Winston, Caine, and Marquis in the presence of an adjudicator. Marquis was a cunning man, and conducting his business in an honorable manner was the least of his concerns. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to win the duel, so he nominated Caine to fight in his place. Now Caine was in a fix because he knew that if he said no, Marquis’ men would kill his daughter, and if he said yes, then he would have to go against his friend, and one of them would have to die. Caine had no choice but to agree, and it was decided that they would all meet the next day at sunrise for a duel to see what fate had in store for each of them.

Marquis, even after nominating Caine to fight on his behalf, wasn’t done yet, and he wanted to create more obstacles in John Wick’s way so that he wasn’t able to reach on time and the duel would be forfeited and the absentee got executed. It felt like the entire city of Paris was trying to kill John Wick and stop him from reaching his destination on time. Bowery King, a friend who had traveled all the way from New York, provided John Wick with a special suit and the best pistols. The Tracker was still trying to negotiate a deal with Marquis, and when he got the desired amount of bounty, he went after John with all his might. When John Wick saved his dog from one of Marquis’ men, the Tracker changed his mind, and he and Caine both supported John and made sure that he arrived at the duel site on time. Marquis was petrified when he saw a blood-soaked John Wick walking up the stairs of the Sacre Coeur, but he was still relieved as he didn’t have to fight him.  The duel commenced and Caine and John Wick grvaely injured each other in the first two rounds.

In the third round, Caine finally fired a fatal shot, and it felt like he was able to get the better of his friend. John collapsed on the floor, writhing in agony. Marquis gained confidence after seeing John on the verge of death and decided to shoot the final bullet with his own hands. Marquis had been tricked by Caine and John Wick, who had presumed that he would do something like that.

Marquis by default entered the duel by taking Caine’s gun, and John knew that he was well within his rights to shoot at him. Because the competitors were only given one bullet at a time, Marquis assumed John’s gun was empty when, in fact, he hadn’t shot in that round. At the end of “John Wick 4,” John killed Marquis and won the duel. John knew he wouldn’t be able to win against the odds and come back from the dead this time, but he had no regrets because he had fulfilled his life’s purpose. He just asked Winston to take him back to his home and bury him alongside his wife. The world’s most dangerous volcano now lies dormant forever, but the legend of Baba Yaga was kept alive in the hearts of those who owed their lives to him.

Post-Credit Scene Explained: Will There Be A John Wick 5?

Though Chad Stahelski does not plan to make another installment of the John Wick franchise as of yet, the post-credit scene left us on a cliffhanger, making us wonder if there are some potential characters who could lead the narrative and take the mantle from Keanu Reeves. In the post-credit scene, we see that Caine is finally going to meet his daughter, as after the duel, he and his family were free from all obligations and owed nothing to the Table. Just as he was about to approach his daughter, Akira arrived in front of him carrying the knife in her hand. The screen faded to black, and the makers left it to our imagination as to what could have happened between the two fierce fighters, one of whom wanted to avenge the death of her father and the other wanted to finally reunite with his daughter after being forced to not meet her for years.

With the “John Wick” spinoff series, “The Continental,” that would be its prequel, already set to release sometime later this year, it is possible that the makers carry forward the franchise and introduce new characters in a different world.

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