‘Jolt’ Summary, Ending, & Sequel Possibility Explained


Kate Beckinsale gives an energetic performance in Amazon Studios’ action thriller film, Jolt, directed by Tanya Wexler and written by Scott Wascha. The narrative chronicles a protagonist, Lindy (played by Kate), suffering from Anger Issues (Intermittent explosive disorder). In her presence, whenever people do bad things, she experiences an episode of unwarranted anger.

Apparently, with such rage at her disposal, Kate struggles to find love. Her psychiatrist suggests that love is the only cure. Interestingly, Jolt builds its whole conflict around the absence of warmth in Lindy’s life. As a whole, it is a captivating thrill filled with mind-blowing sequences that are bound to take you on an action-packed ride.

Plot Summary

An opening montage quickly establishes Lindy’s Intermittent explosive disorder through the incidents of her childhood. The absence of parental love becomes one of the possible reasons for her anger issues. Lindy struggled and never got the love she needed. In her childhood, the doctors isolated her for the safety of others. The extra amount of cortisol in her body gave her immense physical powers. Lindy’s strength attracted the military and intelligence agencies, who used her unique gift for their means. Until she found a surprising cure for her episodes of unwarranted anger.

In the present day, Lindy wears an electric shock mechanism on her body. It gives her a shock exposure, thereby aiding her to reduce and control her rage. The instrument is operated by a wireless remote dangling from her wrist.

A lonely Lindy hunting for love walks into a restaurant to meet her blind date, Justin (Jai Courtney), a chartered accountant by profession. Lindy tries to flee away from the date as soon as she reaches the table, but a charming Justin makes her comfortable and convinces her to spend some time. However, a nasty waitress in the bathroom kindles her rage, and Lindy explodes. She breaks the waitress’ neck and runs away from the date.

Her psychiatrist, Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci), who also designed Lindy’s shock bodywear, convinces her that the mechanism is not a permanent cure for her IED. It’s just a temporary escape. Lindy needs to reconcile with her past and make close human connections to heal herself. She decides to give Justin another chance and arranges a second meeting with him. The lovers quickly become comfortable, but Lindy finds out that Justin has been shot on their third date. In her impulsive rage, she embarks on a revengeful journey to exterminate Justin’s murderer.

‘Jolt’ Ending Explained

Following the clues and connecting the dots, Lindy reached the stronghold of Justin’s suspected murderer, Gareth Fizel. He was an old billionaire recluse with his hands in a bunch of different illegal pies. An untouchable tiger in a fortress that shouldn’t be bothered. But Lindy being Lindy, dared to touch him in her vengeance.

At first, Gareth’s security, Delacroix, threateningly convinced Lindy to leave the concrete fortress. Still, she came back to hit the tyranny again when they deployed a trigger bomb in her apartment and also took her shock mechanism. Lindy killed Delacroix and reached Gareth’s hideout, but the turn of events totally blew her away.

In Gareth’s secret chamber, Lindy saw Justin alive, standing beside Gareth’s dead body. In a heroic confession, he revealed that he was an undercover CIA agent. The intelligence agency wanted to get rid of Gareth, but he was untouchable. Hence, Justin allured Lindy and orchestrated his death to enrage Lindy and take action against Gareth. Through her impulsive rage, he created a diversion and shot the kingpin at the right moment. Justin also revealed that he learned about Lindy’s unique gift through Dr. Munchin. The CIA funded Munchin’s experiments, and hence he was an easy nut to crack. In the final combat, an antagonized Lindy blasts off the secret chamber and kills Justin.

In the end, Detective Vicars and Detective Nevin arrested Munchin for practicing medicine without a license and building psychotic therapy machines. The police dropped all charges against Lindy after listening to her version of the story. However, when Lindy reached her burnt apartment to start again, she met a mysterious Woman With No Name (Susan Sarandon).

‘Jolt’ Sequel Possibility

The strange woman had been tracking Lindy since her childhood and had been taking care of her from a distance. The conversation suggested that Justin and Munchin were her minions. She tried to convince Lindy to embrace and harness her rage and target it on the right people who deserve it. She wanted to turn Lindy into a powerful, undetectable weapon and give her purpose.

At last, she used shock exposure on Lindy to control her, and the film ends before Lindy could give an affirmation to the strange woman’s vile schemes. The entire sequence suggested a possible Jolt Sequel that would exploit Lindy’s power to fight international crimes. Lindy might turn into a potential CIA agent or lethal secret weapon for the government.

Jolt is a 2021 Action Thriller Film directed by Tanya Wexler and written by Scott Wascha. It is produced by Amazon Studios and stars Kate Beckinsale in the lead role.

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