‘Jug Jug Jeeyo’ Ending, Explained: Do Kukoo And Naina Get Divorced?


Truth be told, we don’t understand the hate “Jug Jug Jeeyo” has received. While it’s not the wholesome masala family entertainer that everyone was hoping for, it’s not a sinking ship either. It’s just a movie with jokes that are average at best and momentarily cringe at worst. The runtime could definitely have been shorter, but it was alright overall. “Jug Jug Jeeyo” is the story of Kukoo and Naina, who want to get a divorce. They have come back to India for Kukoo’s sister’s wedding and need to keep this a secret till the festivities are over. But chaos ensues when Kukoo discovers that his father, Bheem, also plans on divorcing his mother. Let’s see how the story unfolds further.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens When Naina And Kukoo Come Back To India?

“Jug Jug Jeeyo” begins with the start of our main protagonists’ love story. Kukoo has liked Naina since they were children, and as they grow older, Naina starts to like him back. One day, Kukoo proposes to Naina by writing on his stomach, “Will you marry me?” and has two options, “Yes” and “No,” written as well. He gives her a marker and asks her to tick the correct answer. As we know, both of them got married and move to Canada. 5 years down the line, neither of them seems to be happy with each other. Naina has a very successful career, while Kukoo is extremely dissatisfied with his job as a bouncer. On their wedding anniversary, they end up admitting that they want a divorce. When going back home, they have a fight in the car where Naina asks him what his reasons are for wanting to separate from her. During the fight, they end up hitting another car. As they are signing the papers to clear the damages, they decide to keep this matter a secret till Ginny’s wedding is over. Naina also tells him then that her company is sending her to New York for a promotion.

Back in India, it’s a happy reunion with the family. Kukoo’s father seems very much in love with Geeta as he constantly compliments her on how beautiful she looks. One morning, Naina tells Kukoo that they can’t wait for Ginny’s wedding to be over, as her company wants her to come back soon to begin the formalities. With this new turn of events, Kukoo decides to break the news to his father first. That night, he decides to get him drunk, to make it easier to give him the news. But to his horror, it is his father who ends up confessing that he wants to divorce Geeta.

The next morning, his father avoids the topic. Instead, he takes him to a theatre where he makes him meet Meera, the woman he wants to leave Geeta for. Kukoo is at a loss, and goes to see Gurpreet, Naina’s brother, and his best friend. He and Gurpreet decide that Bheem is behaving this way because he has to sow his “wild oats,” and it could all be corrected if they give him the opportunity to do so. They take him to the bachelor party of Ballu, who is Ginny’s fiance. But their plan backfires when Bheem reveals that he had his affair because he was looking for romance and excitement, not because of the “theorized lust.” He says that Geeta has made peace with things, but he is not able to let go of the fact that he is not happy. Kukoo is frustrated and says that he does not want to hear anything about his affair. On the other hand, when the pressure starts mounting on Naina to have a child, she angrily reveals that she and Kukoo are getting a divorce.

The next morning, Geeta tries to talk to the couple as to why they are doing what they are doing. Unluckily, at that very moment, Bheem comes into the scene. He is equally shocked to know that even his son is getting a divorce, and he starts telling them about the sacrifices one must make for a marriage, making Kukoo burst out in laughter. He reveals that Bheem is also looking to divorce Geeta and that he is having an affair as well. The stress of it causes Bheem to collapse, and he is taken to the hospital. The doctor tells him that this is caused by excess gas. But Bheem asks him to lie that it was a heart attack so that his family would go easy on him, and that is what happens.

A few days pass. Kukoo starts seeing Naina in a new light. He sees the side of her that cares about her family and is ready to go the extra mile for them. Elsewhere, Geeta demands that she wants to meet Meera. After a few hiccups, the meeting happens, and Geeta lets her know that she is willing to hand Bheem over to her. She also tells him about his likes and dislikes and lets them know that she is okay with the divorce, to everyone’s shock. Naina and Geeta go home separately from Kukoo, and Geeta talks to her about her marriage. She says that during the first year after her wedding, she did have her doubts that this should probably not have happened. But after having her children, she only got to live with him as a couple after Kukoo and Ginny got busy with their own lives. And when that happened, she saw him for the man he was. Geeta confesses that Bheem is a good person. He had always cared for her, just never loved her. In this entire movie, this is the best-written scene, and kudos to Neetu Kapoor for bringing the proper depth and emotion to it.

Back at home, Kukoo is furious at Naina for supporting his mother’s decision. The fight pivots to their own marriage, and Kukoo confesses that he was not okay with Naina’s success as he was left behind. The next morning, in the early hours, Kukoo gets a call from his father, who had left home the previous night. When he goes to pick him up, Bheem says that he realizes what a mistake he has made and that he was unable to go to Meera. Kukoo takes him back home, and he repeats the words to Geeta as well. Geeta tells him that Ginny is planning to get them married again on their 35th anniversary. She says that they should renew their vows. At the wedding, a drunk Kukoo decides to rub this in Meera’s face, and he video calls her. But Meera tells him everything—that Bheem had faked his heart attack and that she was the one to break up with him. Hearing this, he interrupts the wedding proceedings and tells his mother the truth. Geeta decides to end the marriage at this point.

‘Jug Jug Jeeyo’ Ending Explained: Do Kukoo And Naina Get Divorced?

In the days that follow, Ginny confesses that she never wanted to marry Ballu and that she was in love with someone else. Her marriage is called off. Bheem tells Kukoo that he chose his happiness over his relationships, and now he is left with neither. He asks his son to not repeat his mistakes. At the divorce court, after Bheem and Geeta get their divorce, it is Naina and Kukoo’s turn. But Kukoo apologizes to Naina and tells her that it is his fault for not being supportive enough. He tells her he does want the divorce and proposes to her once again, the way he had done all those years ago, and Naina agrees. Both of them go back to Canada, and Bheem tells Kukoo secretly that he plans on winning over his mother. By God, we hope this man doesn’t get the girl.

Two years later, the whole family meets again, this time to celebrate the birth of Kukoo and Naina’s child. It’s a happy ending for a happy family.

Final Thoughts: What Works For ‘Jug Jug Jeeyo’?

This movie, by no means, knocks it out of the park. However, it’s not a complete failure either. Yes, the jokes are bad. But the conviction with which they are delivered makes us forgive them. Anil Kapoor and Varun Dhawan are the film’s life and soul, though it was a missed opportunity for Neetu Kapoor and Kiara Advani. They should have seen more screen time. We felt Ginny’s character arc had something interesting in it, and it would have been fun to see the movie unfold through her eyes. We also feel Geeta’s reasons for wanting to renew her vows needed an explanation. They could have let go of one of the unnecessary songs and made room for these. We can’t put our finger on precisely what works for the movie. It probably over promised what it could deliver. There is a lot of scope for making “Jug Jug Jeeyo” a better film, and we hope Bollywood takes note of that for future projects.

“Jug Jug Jeeyo” is a 2022 Indian Drama Romance film directed by Raj Mehta.

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