‘Jurassic World: Chaos Theory’ Recap (Episodes 1-10) Explained: Who Were The Ringleaders?


Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, the 2024 Netflix animated series, takes place several years after the events of previous installment, Camp Cretaceous. The six friends who met on Isla Nublar, were no longer in touch with each other and were dealing with the traumas of past lives. But once again, a revelation brought them together, and this time, they wanted to solve the mystery and find out who was responsible for the death of their friend. On the face of it, it looked like the dinosaurs had killed their friend, but they were wrong, as the reality was much more complex than it met the eye. So, let’s find out what happened in the series and if Darius and his friends were able to find the individual who had allegedly killed their friend Brooklynn.

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What did Ben come to know about Brooklynn’s death? 

Darius was still not able to get over the fact that his friend Brooklynn was no longer with them. Brooklyn got killed by a dinosaur back in the day and Darius felt extremely guilty as he was not able to be there when his friend needed him the most.  Things took a grave turn when one of the members of the gang, Ben, came to know through a website known as Dark Jurassic that the attack on Brooklynn was not an accident but somebody wanted to kill her. Ben told Darius that they needed to go to the other members of the group, i.e., Sammy, Yaz, and Kenji, and save them from danger. Darius didn’t believe him at first because Ben had this habit of getting paranoid at the slightest inconvenience. But when the latter gave Darius a little evidence, he realized that whatever Ben was saying had some truth behind it.

The raptors came out of nowhere and attacked Darius, and many a time, he couldn’t find any sort of explanation as to why it happened all of a sudden. The day Ben came to meet Darius, the fence around his house was broken, and the dinosaurs entered the premises. Ben and Darius somehow saved their lives and escaped from there. They went to meet Sammy, who also had the hardest time believing that something like that could have happened to Brooklynn. Now Sammy had found a map from Brooklynn’s pocket on the day she met her fateful end, and there was a location marked on it. Brooklynn had gone to meet Kenji’s father, and the crew had no clue why she would do that. So, all three of them decided to go to Kenji’s house. Darius, became a bit skeptical as he hadn’t talked to Kenji for a long time. After Brooklynn’s death, things went haywire between the two, and Darius didn’t know how to face him. 

Was Brooklynn involved in poaching dinosaurs? 

Kenji made sure that Darius realized that he was still mad at him. Actually, Kenji was angry because he always felt that Darius was not there to save Brooklynn, and it was because of his careless attitude that she had died. Kenji and Brooklynn dated back in the day, but things didn’t turn out as they would have wanted, and just before Brooklynn’s death, they parted ways. Kenji was way too invested in the relationship, but he always felt that Brooklynn’s mind was occupied with other things. Darius was already very awkward in front of Kenji, and to make matters worse, Ben and Sammy left him and went to inform Yaz about whatever was happening. Yaz was living on an island where the dinosaurs couldn’t enter, and when she was told about how their lives were in danger, she didn’t wasn’t stressed out as she knew that the island was impenetrable. But she was wrong, as whoever was after the lives of the five friends made sure that the dinosaurs entered there, and Yaz, Ben, and Sammy had to run for their lives. 

Darius tried his level best to make Kenji understand his point of view, but Kenji gave him a pretty hard time. In the end, Kenji decided that he would go to his father and ask what Brooklynn was doing at his place and if he knew anything about her murder. Kenji’s father made a shocking revelation, which both Darius and Kenji didn’t agree to. Mr. Daniel Kon hinted at the fact that Brooklynn was probably interested in poaching dinosaurs, and she wanted to make some money by getting involved in the business. Darius and Kenji both couldn’t believe that Brooklynn could do something like that, but before his father could reveal any more facts, the raptors attacked once again. A strange-looking woman stood nearby and watched the beasts devour Mr. Daniel in cold blood. That woman was controlling the dinosaurs, and it was on her orders that the animals were attacking. Kenji and Darius escaped from there, and they were given a ride by one of the DPW drivers named Mateo. Kenji and Darius went to the secret house owned by Brooklynn, where they found a bag full of cash. They didn’t want to believe it, but everything was pointing towards the possibility of Brooklynn being involved in the illegal trade. Just moments before dying, Brooklynn had sent a video to Darius, who had not been able to reach him. The mystery thickened, and Darius and Kenji reached the facility where all the dinosaurs were brought and kept. They saw Dudley Cabrera, the DPW officer, at the facility, and they knew that something big was happening under their noses. 

Who were the ringleaders of the illegal trade? 

In Chaos Theory‘s ending, we got to know that Cabrera was not the rising leader of the poaching syndicate and that there were other players who were pulling the reins. The Raptor Girl, who blew the whistle and controlled the beasts, appeared once again, and she got Cabrera killed. Cabrera, till the very end, believed that he was the sole intermediary of the syndicate with whom the leader contacted, but he was wrong. Cabrera was shocked when he realized that it was the Raptor girl who ordered her beast to attack Brooklynn and get her killed. Cabrera just wanted to scare her off, and when he heard the news of Broklynn’s demise, he was quite surprised. Darius’ crew had a fight with the Raptor lady, and somehow, they managed to save their lives, though the odds never seemed to favor them.

At the end, they saw that everything was loaded on a cargo ship that was heading to some unknown destination. Darius and others heard somebody talk about a man named “The Broker,” and they knew that this man, whoever he was, was the mastermind behind the entire plan. Darius just didn’t want to let things be as the mystery had not been solved; he knew that if they didn’t get to the depths of the matter once again, people would come after their lives. So Darius and others got onto the ship, and in Chaos Theory season 2 (if there is one), we will get to know what happened to them. 

Was Brooklynn dead or alive? 

Darius and his crew got on the cruise, and that’s when the biggest revelation of the series was made. The DPW officer, Ronnie, sent the news piece, which talked about Cabrera’s death, via a secret messenger app to an unknown person. That person was Brooklynn. The girl who was believed to have been killed by the Allosaurus was somehow still alive, and she was conducting her own investigation. Brooklynn had lost one hand, but that didn’t stop her from going after the crime syndicate. She was operating from some undisclosed location, and she probably knew about whatever was happening with her friends. A lot is unknown at the moment, but we can safely presume that if there is a season 2, we will see Brooklynn going after The Broker and bringing his corrupt and illegal activities to light. I do not believe that Brooklynn was in any way involved in the illegal trade, and probably somebody wanted to frame her and tarnish her reputation. In Season 2, we would definitely see Brooklynn and her friends reuniting, and it is a possibility that together they will catch the perpetrators and save the dinosaurs from being tortured and killed.

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