‘Jurassic World: Chaos Theory’ Ending Explained: Is Brooklynn Alive?


Back in the day, shows simply used to have new seasons. Now, we apparently have something called a sequel series. Yes, after the completion of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ 5-season run, Netflix and Universal have released a follow-up to it called Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. It’s a continuation of the same story; it has the same characters, and there is a time jump. Technically, it’s a new season of Camp Cretaceous, but we have to call it a sequel series. Anyway, the plot this time is centered around the mysterious death of Brooklynn. Apparently, she died at the hands (or jaws) of an Allosaurus. Darius was the first to arrive on the scene, and he was traumatized to such an extent that he coped with her death by sending messages to her voicemail. And while Brooklynn’s death seemed like a freak dinosaur attack because dinosaurs were roaming around on the mainland, when Ben showed up at Darius’ doorstep, alleging that the Nublar Six was being hunted, and they were almost killed by a trio of Atrociraptors, Darius knew that things weren’t as simple as they seemed on the surface. So, Darius and Ben set out on a road trip to reunite with Sammy, Kenji, and Yaz before the people who just tried to kill them got to their friends. Did they get to the bottom of the case and find out whether Brooklynn died randomly or if it was a targeted attack? Let’s talk about it.

Spoiler Alert

So, midway through Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, Darius teamed up with Kenji, while Ben and Sammy teamed up to get to Yaz. The investigation of these two groups led them to a DPW storage house at a port where many dinosaurs were being loaded onto a massive container ship so that they could be delivered to various places all over the world. And this whole operation was being orchestrated by one of the regional directors of the DPW, Dudley Cabrera. Apparently, Brooklynn had retired from her job as a social media influencer and become an investigative journalist. After her tryst with dinosaurs, she started looking into how the DPW was actually treating dinosaurs. That’s when she found out that the DPW was smuggling dinosaurs in exchange for huge amounts of money. Since Brooklynn was going to expose this whole nexus, Cabrera set up a trap to scare her with that Allosaurus. However, that plan backfired, and Brooklynn allegedly died. That said, Cabrera evidently wasn’t the one who was trying to kill the rest of the Nublar Six with the help of the Atrociraptors; that was being done by the woman with the whistle.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory‘s ending revealed that Cabrera was just the supplier; everyone in the DPW was actually working for someone called the Broker. Since Cabrera threatened to cut off DPW’s ties with whoever was buying the dinosaurs from him, the woman with the whistle set off her Atrociraptors on him and killed him. Then she went after the kids. But they miraculously survived because of a timely intervention by Mateo (the guy who delivered the Allosaurus, which killed Brooklynn without knowing that his actions would have such disastrous consequences). Darius and the rest released all the dinosaurs that were being imprisoned in the warehouse, thereby leading to a lot of (believe it or not) chaos. The whistling woman and her Atrociraptors got injured, and they were forced to retreat before the police arrived to arrest them. And although it seemed like the journey had reached its conclusion, given how nobody had any clue about the organization buying and selling dinosaurs and then sending an assassin (and her pet Raptors) to kill the Nublar Six, Darius knew that he couldn’t give up. So, he decided to get to the bottom of it by boarding the ship and getting to the Broker. Since the rest of the group also wanted to avenge Brooklynn and punish those who wanted to kill them and hurt innocent dinosaurs, they joined Darius’ cause.

Mateo didn’t join the Nublar Six because he wasn’t that emotionally attached to the group’s mission, and he prioritized his own life over that of the dinosaurs. That didn’t make him an unkind person, though, as he agreed to take care of Bumpy and her newborn child. During the concluding moments of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, it was revealed that Brooklynn was, in fact, alive. She had lost an arm during her fight with the Allosaurus. She was in touch with Ronnie through the Dark Jurassic website, which meant that both Ronnie and Brooklynn were working together to unmask the true face of the DPW. Much like every story about someone faking their death, it’s obvious that Brooklynn doesn’t want a lot of people to know that she’s alive so that she has the element of surprise. If Brooklynn’s killers are under the impression that she is dead, then that puts her in their blindspot, thereby allowing her to operate freely. At one point, Yaz did say that Ronnie could be a member of the DPW. So, unless Ronnie betrays Brooklynn, she is free to carry on her investigation until she unearths the nexus that’s creating a business around dinosaurs.

I don’t think someone has to be a genius to see how boring and predictable the ending of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory is. Given how this show is clearly made for toddlers who haven’t seen a lot of movies and TV shows, I’m sure they’ll be surprised by the revelation that Brooklynn is alive. Much like every other movie and TV show that Netflix puts out, I don’t expect this Netflix series to flesh out the trauma that Brooklyn’s fake death has inflicted upon her friends. Even if the showrunners do decide to show the impact of Brooklyn’s decision to keep the Nublar Six in the dark, I’m sure it’ll be resolved in one episode because stretching out that subplot beyond one episode will bore the attention-deficit viewer base of this series. Also, it’s surprising how it’s rehashing the themes of the franchise while diluting them to such a dizzying extent. Would it have hurt them to do a proper murder mystery? Did they really have to do another “smuggling is bad” plot, as if that’s never been done in the Jurassic franchise? Well, I sincerely hope that the inevitable second season of Chaos Theory has better writing than the first season of this “sequel series.”

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