‘Just Short Of Perfect’ Ending, Explained – Did Ricardo & Ivana Get Together?


Everyone has insecurities about their flaws. But no matter how cliched it sounds, our flaws make us unique. And unique is beautiful! Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you may never find love owing to your flaws? Let me assure you that this movie is going to change your mind! ‘Just Short of Perfect’ (Amor Sem Medida) is a 2021 released Brazilian Netflix original. It is the fifth remake of the Argentinian film “Lion’s Heart.” Right from the pun in the title itself, the audiences are sure to be captivated by the movie till the very end. 

Let’s dive into the journey of self-acceptance that takes the form of a heartwarming romance! 

‘Just Short Of Perfect’ Plot Summary

Ivana Taveres, a free-spirited single woman, has an unorganized life. She keeps losing her phone, almost habitually, until one day when her phone is found by Ricardo Leão (aka Leon). After a series of voice messages on her landline enquiring about her phone, Ivana receives one from Ricardo saying he found her phone in the coffee shop. After a little flirtatious back and forth, the two decide to meet up for coffee, where Ricardo would return her phone. 

While sipping on her preferably “short” espresso, Ivana is startled seeing how short Ricardo is! He good-humoredly shows her his ID to prove that he is an adult. As the two get talking, Ivana tells him that she is a divorce attorney who steers clear of marriage, especially after her divorce. Ricardo (who’s now a widower) responds that as a cardiologist, he also deals with broken hearts and has a way to fix hers. 

He takes Ivana sky-diving, where the two have a lot of fun finding therapy in thrills. Suddenly, Ricardo receives an urgent call about the Pope being hospitalized. The two rush to the hospital so that Ricardo can treat him.  

A Lion on a Date! 

After successfully treating the Pope, Ricardo shares the news with his 19-year-old daughter Manu. He also tells her that he’s seeing Ivana, to which Manu is overjoyed. On the other hand, Ivana has a painfully long negotiation about the division of their belongings with her ex-husband Danilo. She hires his secretary Corina and gives up on his office that is too small for her. 

Ivana and Ricardo meet up for their second date. Due to an unforeseen rainfall, there is a change in plan. The two go to a blindfolded food tasting restaurant, where they have their first kiss. Ivana and Ricardo are very attracted to each other, leaving Danilo sour on seeing them together. The two meet up at a club. On discovering that Ricardo plays jazz, she insists on wanting to see him play. 

While Ricardo is on the stage playing a cello-like instrument, a pervert starts to flirt with Ivana. When Ricardo approaches the man head-on, the man scornfully mocks his height. Aggrieved by this, Ricardo challenges him to a dance competition on the beats of Macarena and comes off with flying colors. Ivana is highly impressed by his charm. 

Because People “Talk.”

The next morning, Ivana wakes up on Ricardo’s bed and discovers the daily struggles he has to face due to his height. Danilo resentfully badmouths Ricardo in front of a gossipy Corina and tells Ivana that she’s making a mistake. Ivana’s loud-mouthed and interfering mother, too, is puzzled by her carefree attitude despite being divorced. Though affected by people’s brash judgments, Ivana finds herself still in love with Ricardo.

Ricardo gives his best to their relationship, including his adventurous triumphs at Ivana’s house. One day, on a nightmare encounter, Danilo plays an audio recording of Ivana, wherein she complains about something being too “small.” Ricardo takes this personally and tells Ivana that he wants to break up. Manu tells Ricardo that she wants to become a veterinarian instead of a cardiologist, leaving him further disappointed. At the same time, the duo is deeply heartbroken, owing to their abrupt breakup. 

‘Just Short of Perfect’ Ending Explained

After a heart-to-heart conversation, Manu tells her father that things are not easy for Ivana, and she loves him. She advises him that he should listen more often and empathize with the people he loves. Ivana attends her brother’s informal, gay wedding. Danilo insists on Ivana to get back together, as he has been facing some financial crisis living alone. When she asks her mother why she had invited Danilo, her mother starts to embarrassingly blabber about her rendezvous with Ricardo. 

Disapproving of this behavior, Ivana’s father says that his daughter can choose to be with whoever she wants without seeking any approval. Consequent to the fit of the moment, he has a sudden stroke. Ivana’s mother frantically calls for an ambulance and asks for Dr. Ricardo to treat her husband. On hearing the news, Ricardo rushes to the hospital. Having an encounter with a blunt pizza delivery man (whom he had previously met), Ricardo realizes that one must learn to accept themselves just how they are. 

Ricardo reaches on time and successfully treats her father, who merely had gas. At her brother’s wedding, Ivana pronounces the couple as husband and husband. She says that she’s proud of her brother for always being honest about what he wants, without caring about any judgment. However, she cannot help but think about what people say, as people matter in life. She admits having hurt a loved one due to this fear of hers. 

Just in time, Ricardo arrives at the spot. Ivana clarifies that she was calling the office too small in the voice recording, not him! Ricardo confesses that he heals people’s hearts, but Ivana had taught him to heal his own! The two express their love for each other without caring about what people think of them.

Just Short Of Perfect (or Amor Sem Medida in Portuguese) is a 2021 Romantic Drama film directed by Ale McHaddo. It is streaming on Netflix.

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