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Multiverse theory has now become a common name among Comic Book Enthusiasts. According to this theory, there is an unimaginable number of parallel universes which have their own set of realities. For example, in one universe Superman could be a hero, while in another he could be a villain. With a varied set of possibilities, there are a variety of different worlds. Justice Society: World War II is an animated attempt to explore the possibility of the multiverse in the DC Universe.

‘Justice Society: World War II’ Summary

Flash is the hero of this story. While fighting an alien predator along with spiderman, the villain shoots a Kryptonite bullet that would end Superman forever. However, flash unleashes his tremendous power and runs faster than light that opens a portal to another universe.

Flash ends up on different earth where the Allied forces are struggling against the Nazi regime. The US president has greenlit the formation of a metahuman club known as the Justice Society that includes superheroes like Black Canary, Hawkman, Hourman, and a different flash Jay Garrick. The team is headed by Wonder Woman. The world got worried by Hitler’s scavengers who started digging out mythical artifacts that would change the fate of the world.

Flash explains his arrival to Wonder Woman and gains her trust by saving her beloved pilot, Steve Trevor. While the group tries to stop the war, Flash helps them in their efforts but he is also trying to find a way back home.

A Different Universe

Flash always uses the words that he can travel faster than sound. However, we have noticed instances where he ran faster than light itself. At those particular moments, he can travel through time. But that’s not all to his powers.

When he ends up in the Nazi timeline, he initially thinks that he has come to the past. But when he meets the Superman of this era who was working as the war correspondent under a nickname, “Shakespeare”, he learns that this superman’s parents died when he was only a 3-year-old kid. Superman spent his childhood in an orphanage. It is also a reason because of which he has this individualistic behavior.

This information shakes up Flash’s mind. He finally realizes that he isn’t in a different time, but on a different Earth altogether.

Introduction to Speed Force

When Flash arrives at the scene, he and the original Flash Jay Garrick face a decline in their power. Flash believes that it was because he ran faster than the light but Jay explains to him the concept of Speed Force.

According to Jay Garrick, all the speedsters gain their power from Speed Force. In simpler terms, imagine the process of photosynthesis. The plants convert sunlight into energy. Similarly, the speed force is the sun for the speedsters. They draw energy from it and convert it into their speeding abilities.

In this different world, where there are two speedsters, Flash and Jay Garrick, the speed force gets divided and therefore they both face a decline in their powers.

In a more complicated theory, when flash runs faster than light, the Speed Force combines with the timestream and it enables the speedsters to travel in time, and sometimes travel in the multiverse.

‘Justice Society: World War II’ Ending Explained

Justice Society was hunting for a man with mystical powers who was imprisoned in a Nazi castle in Bavaria. This man is Doctor Fate who brought Flash to this world. He decodes the nazi coordinates that would lead the team to an ancient artifact that could change the fate of the war.

Doctor Fate confirms the multiverse theory of flash and even spills a bit about the league. He doesn’t finish the sentence but hints at the formation of “Justice League” in flash’s universe.

Nevertheless, the coordinates lead the Justice Society to the Bermuda Triangle. A man named Advisor (Charles Halsted) who has the ability to control minds, exercises his power on the Atlantean King, The Aquaman. To fulfill Hitler’s intention, the advisor brainwashes Aquaman and compels him to unleash a sea monster and an army of Atlanteans on the shore of New York City.

After a bit of collateral damage and the death of Hawkman and Steve Trevor, Justice Society is finally able to combat the armies of Aquaman and put an end to the advisor’s mind game. However, at the brink of the victory, Nazi Bombers arrive in vast numbers to destroy the city. It is when Doctor Fate’s prediction and his intention to bring Flash to the world come true. Superman finally appears in the sky and saves the day.

Flash runs faster than light again and using the combined powers of Jay Garrick, he opens the portal again. Now back in his reality, Flash saves superman from the Kryptonite bullet. He also suggests the formation of a club, a league of heroes who would work together to protect the world.

Admiring Wonder Woman’s advice, Flash finally proposes to his girlfriend before it gets too late as it happened with Steve and Diana’s relationship.

The film ends with the possibility of a new league of heroes who would be called the “Justice League.”

For the comic book fans, especially the DC Universe Enthusiasts, Justice Society: World War II provides a subtle introduction to Speed Force. A similar thing we experienced in ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’. With Marvel timelines exploring the possibility of a multiverse, it is time for DC to plunge on its own. Justice Society: World War II is an attempt to hint the fans about the upcoming multiverse in the DC universe. It also introduces a prominent character called Doctor Fate who would play a prominent part in multiverse theory.

The film overall keeps you engaged with an equal proportion of humor, drama, and superpowers. I don’t know about their live-action movies, but DC and Warner Brother do have their way with the animated superhero films. By far, they are still a lot superior in the field. Hope they keep the pace and hope they keep beguiling the fans with such interesting films.

Justice Society: World War II is available for Video On Demand.

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