‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Sweetie Dead Or Alive?


Carolyn had made it very clear in the fifth episode of Justified: City Primeval that she was ready to go to any extent to become a judge. She had asked Sweetie to show her the secret diary of Judge Alvin Guy, as she had a hunch that Diane’s name would be there. Raylan had also realized that the secret book was the key to everything and that it could lead him to Clement Mansell. Sweetie and Clement Mansell, on the other hand, had decided to extort money from each and every person who was mentioned in Judge Guy’s diary. Sweetie was also trying to find a way to get rid of Clement, as he was done living in fear. So, let’s find out what happened in Justified: City Primeval Episode 6 and if Raylan is able to find any evidence against Clement and take him into custody.

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How Did Raylan Plan To Catch Clement?

In Justified: City Primeval Episode 6, Carolyn went to Raylan Givens, and she told him that the name of Diane Rogers was also written in the secret diary of Judge Guy. Carolyn was fed up with the odds not favoring her, and for once she wanted to get leverage over people who were trying to constantly push her down. It was a big revelation, and Raylan Givens knew that if he played his cards well, he would be able to finally find a cause to arrest Clement and additionally prove that he was responsible for killing Judge Guy and the girl working for the police department, posing as his assistant. Raylan straightaway went to Maureen and told her that he knew that Diane’s name was in the book, and by putting pressure on her, they could get to Clement Mansell.

Raylan had reached a point where he could do anything to catch Clement. He just couldn’t see him destroying the lives of people, taking the law into his hands, and still getting the better of everybody else. The entire police department was after him, and yet they were not able to find a single piece of evidence that could prove that he had murdered Judge Guy. Maureen knew that Raylan was walking on thin ice and that there was a possibility that the plan might turn into a complete nightmare for them. But Raylan was adamant, and he didn’t want to let go of this opportunity, and once again, get stranded in the dark. Maureen and Raylan went to Diane and told her that they knew that she used to take bribes from police officers and made sure that they stayed out of prison.

Diane showed a bit of arrogance at first and asked the officers if they knew the implications of what they were doing, but soon, she realized that the kind of evidence they had could jeopardize her entire career. Diane’s ego was getting bruised, but she had no option because she knew what kind of damage such serious charges of corruption could do to her image. Raylan asked Diane to call Sweetie and offer him $30000 in return for removing her name from Judge Guy’s book. Raylan Givens’ plan was that when Sweetie and Clement came to take the money, he would arrest them red-handed. Firstly, Clement came alone to meet Diane, and when Raylan and his team caught him, they realized that they had nothing on him as he had neither carried the secret diary with him nor he had any kind of weapon in his possession. Raylan knew that Clement had once again gotten the better of them, and even if they took him into custody, they wouldn’t be able to hold him for long.

Is Sweetie Dead Or Alive?

Burt, the businessman whose painting Clement had taken in the previous episode of Justified: City Primeval approached a con man named Lonnie and told him that he would pay him handsomely if he got his painting back. Burt treasured that painting, and he didn’t mind paying Lonnie whatever he asked for as he didn’t want to lose out on that piece of art. Lonnie went to meet Sweetie and told him that he was looking for his “white” partner as he had stolen a painting in which he was interested. Sweetie, until this point, had become fed up with dealing with Clement, and he, too, was desperately looking for a way to get rid of him. Sweetie saw an opportunity, and that’s when he also got a call from Dianne asking him to remove her name from Judge Guys’s diary. Sweetie hatched a plan, and he told Lonnie that he would pay him more than 30 grand if he agreed to kill Clement Mansell. Lonnie’s allegiance lay where the money was, and Burt wasn’t paying him enough to get his painting back. The amount that Sweetie was offering was way too alluring for him to say no, so he came on board and promised Sweetie that he would kill Clement.

Sweetie met Clement, and he made sure that he didn’t make it too obvious that he had set a trap for him. He told Clement that he didn’t want him to go this time to collect money, just so that he could camouflage his real intentions. Clement became adamant, and after arguing with him for some time, Sweetie gave in purposely. At the very last moment, Sweetie got a call from Carolyn, who told him that it was all a trap set by Raylan Givens, and Sweetie realized that he had committed a mistake by sending Lonnie there. He immediately called Lonnie to let him know that the plan had to be aborted. Although Lonnie didn’t get Sweetie’s message on time, he did see that the police officers were there at the scene, and so he himself escaped without hurting Clement.

At the end of Justified: City Primeval Episode 6, Lonnie came back to Sweetie’s, and they were having a conversation when Clement Mansell walked in on them. Clement asked them why they had stopped talking as soon as he entered, and before Sweetie could say anything, he shot Lonnie point blank. Sweetie was shocked, and he realized then and there that Clement knew that they had conspired behind his back. For a moment, we believed that Clement might forgive Sweetie and let him go this one time with a warning, but that’s not how things panned out. Clement shot Sweetie and set his bar on fire. Nobody had imagined that Sweetie’s life would come to such an abrupt end, and just when the man thought that he could get out of the mess, Clement took him by surprise and killed him. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know what Raylan and Carolyn do once they figure out that Sweetie has been killed and if they are finally able to put Clement behind bars and stop him from wreaking havoc on the lives of people.

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