‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Clement Threaten Raylan?


In the first episode of Justified: City Primeval, we were introduced to a man named Clement Mansell, and seeing him do bizarre things we immediately realized the kind of person he was. He was not scared of anybody, and in addition to having a superiority complex, he felt as if he could control the narrative and get away after doing anything. He killed a judge, and not even once did he think about the consequences his actions could entail. Also, the fact that he killed the judge purely out of anger told us a lot about his audacious nature. Clement was a bully, and even the people who did business with him were scared of him because of his unpredictable nature and predatory instincts. So let’s find out what Raylan and Wendell get to know about Judge Alvin’s murder and if they are able to ascertain for themselves who was behind it.

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What Had Happened Between Clement And Sweety?

Back in the day, Sweety and Clement used to work together, and they used to rob the drug dealers as they knew that these were the people who always had a huge amount of liquid cash on them. Something about the entire encounter that happened in 2017 told us that Sweety was not exactly happy working with Clement, and often felt coerced to act a certain way. Clement was an extremely unpredictable maniac and that is what scared Sweety to some extent.

After Clement killed the drug dealers, he took the cash and the marijuana stashed in one of the drawers and sat in his car. When Sweety sat next to him, he not only looked scandalized by what he had just seen, but his face had pale with fear because he knew that he could meet a similar fate. Sweety knew that doing business with Clement was a risky thing, as one never knew what was going on inside the mind of that person. Clement always liked being in command, and he liked it when he noticed someone getting scared of him. He told Sweety that he always had his back no matter what, but he said it in a way that made it evident that he didn’t mean a word.

Clement was with Sweety because it benefited him, and Sweety was also aware that he wouldn’t bat an eye before condemning him to his fate. Three days after that incident, the police found Clement, as one of the drug dealers, had managed to survive, and he told the law enforcement officers everything. Clement called Sweety before he got arrested and, in a threatening tone, told him to do something to take him out of prison. That’s when Sweety asked Carolyn Wilder to take Clement’s case and find some way to get him released. Probably after that incident, Sweety stopped doing business with Clement, but the latter always used to walk into his bar whenever he needed anything because Clement knew that Sweety was not in a position to say no to him.

We had seen in the earlier episode of Justified: City Primeval that Clement walked in unannounced one day to Sweety’s bar and took the gun, which he had hidden in the restroom. Sweety probably knew about the gun, but he never asked anything from Clement, nor did he stop him from doing anything. In the second episode of Justified: City Primaeval, Clement met Carolyn without even informing Sweety about it, and he even threatened her to make sure that the US marshal is not able to put him behind bars. It was quite evident from Carolyn’s body language that she was not willing to entertain the sociopath, but she knew that if she didn’t, he would end up hurting Sweety, which she didn’t want to happen at any cost. Carolyn went to Sweety’s Bar when Raylan and Wendell Robinson were already there, asking him about Sandy Stanton. After the officers left, Carolyn told Sweety that Clement had come to meet her in her office. Sweety told Carolyn that Clement’s presence was like a bad omen, and he was very sure that something terrible was going to happen soon.

How Did Clement Threaten Raylan?

Raylan and Wendell had found out that the killer of Judge Alvin Guy was driving a black Range Rover that belonged to Mrs. Weems. They went to his address so that they could ask a few questions, but instead of him, they met Sandy Stanton who had been staying in that house with Clement. At that point in time, Clement was sitting in the room inside, and considering the vast experience these two officers had, they also sensed that Sandy was hiding something. They asked Sandy about the Range Rover and where she was the day before when the crime was being committed. One thing that worked in Sandy’s favor was that she actually had an alibi because she was with the man who Clement was going to rob.

Raylan and Wendell went to examine the car while Clement told Sandy to get rid of the murder weapon for him. Sandy was quite nervous, and Raylan knew that she was going to commit some mistake, which is why he waited with Wendell in the parking lot to see if she went anywhere. Raylan’s speculations were not wrong, and soon, Sandy came and drove away in her car. The officers followed her and saw her vehicle stop near a bridge. Sandy was contemplating whether she should dispose of the weapon in the water body or not, but then something snapped inside her, and she didn’t throw it. Sandy went to Sweety’s place straight after that and hid the weapon at the same spot where Clement had hidden it earlier. Raylan and Wendell went to the casino where Sandy worked, and they asked her what she was doing at the bridge and then at Sweety’s.

Sandy realized that she was being followed, and she called Clement and told him all about it. Clement first went to Carolyn, and then after that, he did something to make Raylan understand what he was capable of. Clement met Willa in the hotel where she was staying and told her that he had been sent by her father to look after her. As Raylan had been telling Willa since the morning that she should stay inside the hotel premises, Willa didn’t doubt Clement’s intention, as she knew that her father was capable of sending someone to look after her. Raylan came back to his hotel and found Willa and Clement sitting in the restaurant and having food. Clement made some lewd remarks about Willa, and Raylan lost his cool and he ended up punching Clement and telling him not to come close to his daughter ever again.

Though Clement didn’t do anything, the end of Justified: City Primeval, episode 2, made Raylan understand what Clement was capable of. Raylan had clearly underestimated the danger of handling the case of a lunatic, but maybe now he understands that Clement was not confined by any boundaries and was quite capable of hurting anyone if they came in his way. In the upcoming episodes, we will learn how Raylan will deal with the situation and if he is able to find any corroborating evidence that proves Clement’s guilt.

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