‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Sweety Make A Deal With Mansell?


The third episode of Justified: City Primeval ended on a cliffhanger, and we didn’t know if Clement Mansell was going to let Skender live or if, in his rage, he was going to end his life. Clement was standing in Skender’s secret room, and he was getting restless because the latter was not showing him where he had stashed all his cash. Sandy was an equal participant in the crime, even if she herself felt scared of Clement Mansell and didn’t want him to do anything bad to him. She knew about him; she knew what he was capable of, and though she felt that he went overboard almost every time, she chose to stay with him. Just because she didn’t kill anyone directly, she couldn’t deny that she was equally guilty of the murders of innocent people in the town. So, let’s find out if Raylan Givens is able to find some evidence that leads him to Mansell or if the shrewd madman is able to get the better of him.

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What Did Clement Mansell Do With Skender?

Clement was a bully of the highest order, and any sane person would be scared of him. The main reason behind it was that the guy was totally unpredictable, and he was not scared of the law enforcement authorities. Even the Albanians we saw, made sure that they did not meddle with government officers, but here was Mansell, who had shot Judge Alvin without even batting an eye, and he did that in his complete senses, which showed the utter disregard he had for the system. He knew that the entire state machinery would come after him, but he still went about his business in an unabashed manner. Even the people who worked with him were scared of his unpredictable nature, and they knew that dealing with him was a very risky business.

Mansell asked Skender to show him where he kept the cash, and when the latter showed some resistance, he broke his leg by bringing the auto door down. Mansell didn’t even bother to know who Skender was or if he had some influential friends who would come to take revenge on his behalf. Mansell clearly underestimated Skender, but we believe that even if he had known that Skender had an army of Albanian goons backing him up, he wouldn’t have done things differently. Raylan Givens, Bryl, Maureen, and the entire team got to know what had happened, and they rushed to the hospital to check on Skender and see if he was in a state to give his statement. His testimony was of the utmost importance because the officers wanted something to initiate an arrest against Mansell and put him behind bars. Surprisingly, Skender abstained from saying anything to the police and said that his injury was the result of an accident. It was then that Raylan and others understood that Skender was the nephew of a man named Toma Kastiot, the head of the Albanian community.

Toma was a dangerous man, and after what had happened to his nephew, he had vowed to find Mansell and make him meet his fateful end. Raylan talked to Besnick, one of the Albanian brothers, and asked him to make him meet Toma so that they could work together for their mutual cause. Besnick agreed, and that’s when, in Justified: City Primeval, Bryl and Raylan met Toma. Toma made it very clear that he was not going to leave Mansell alive and that the police would have to hope that they find him before he does. Till then, Toma didn’t know anything about Mansell, but Bryl gave away the name, thinking that it could lead them to Mansell. Bryl’s plan might not have been in accordance with the law, but it would have worked if Raylan hadn’t let his conscience come in between.

Considering what Mansell was capable of doing, we hoped that for once, Raylan would go with Bryl’s plan of action. We understand it wouldn’t have been the right thing and probably the life of an innocent person would have been lost, but it would have given them a genuine chance to put the devil behind bars and teach him a lesson. But Raylan didn’t let his emotions get the better of him, and he did the right thing. Besnick and Agron were looking for Sandy, as they knew that she would lead them to Mansell. First they went to threaten the floor manager of the casino where Sandy worked, and through him they found out where she lived. They reached Sandy’s house and found out from Hina, her roommate, that she had not come back home for quite some time. They tortured her and asked her to call Sandy, make some excuse, and find a way to compel her to come home. Hina did make the call, but Sandy was stuck with Mansell, who was adamant that he would only leave the restaurant after he finished his steak.

Meanwhile, Bryl and Raylan Givens arrived at Sandy’s house, and though the former was of the opinion that they should wait till Mansell turned up, Raylan knew that he wouldn’t put the life of an innocent woman in jeopardy. They entered the house and took Besnick into custody. Agron tried to make an escape but was shot down by Bryl. Besnick was devastated when he saw his partner lying in a pool of blood, and just then, Mansell and Sandy passed them in their car. Raylan and Bryl stood there looking at those arrogantly disdainful eyes of Clement Mansell, as if it were telling them that he had got the better of them once again.

Did Sweety Make A Deal With Mansell?

Sweety had the gun with which Mansell had killed Judge Guy, and he had talked to Carolyn Wilder about it in the previous episode of Justified: City Primeval. Sweety was playing this one quite close to his chest because, after a very long time, he had the opportunity to get the better of Mansell and do something through which he got rid of him. Sweety was one of the lucky people who had worked with the madman and lived to tell the story.

Till date, Mansell used to blackmail him with whatever had happened during the Wrecking Crew murders. Mansell came to Sweety’s, and that’s where he got to know that Sandy had not thrown the gun in the river as he had told her, but she had hid it in Sweety’s bar. Mansell had retrieved a book that belonged to Judge Alvin Guy, and he brought it to Sweety’s bar. He told Sweety that the book contained the names of the people who probably owed Judge Alvin money, and the practices and trades they indulged in were not legitimate. He asked Sweety to come on board, as he knew everybody in the town, and together they could blackmail all these people and take ransoms from them.

Mansell knew that these were the big players, and they would be willing to give any amount to not let their name come out. Sweety made Carolyn Wilder aware of these developments and told her that if they could play their cards well, then Mansell would be in prison, he would get rich, and Carolyn would realize her dreams of becoming a judge. In the end of Justified: City Primeval episode 4, Sweety went to meet Mansell, and though he pretended like he was on board with the plan, we know for sure that he is just waiting for the right moment to strike a blow and turn the odds in his favor.

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