‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 8 Preview: What Can We Expect From Finale?


Raylan Givens would have never thought at the beginning of Justified: City Primeval, when he had just come to Detroit, that a criminal like Clement Mansell would become a nightmare for him and make him ill at ease. There were many times when Raylan came close to putting Clement behind bars, but somehow, the latter always got the better of him. The system, which Raylan believed would help him put the perpetrator behind bars, acted as an obstacle in its own way. We had seen in the previous episode how Maureen betrayed Raylan and made him realize that he could trust no one, as everybody was quite selfish and had their own agendas that they catered to.

The promo for Justified: City Primeval season finale is already here, and by the looks of it, it seems like it is going to be a tough road ahead, especially for Raylan and Carolyn, now with the Albanians also in the picture. Carolyn and Raylan had always kept their professional lives separate, and even when they started liking each other’s company and spending a lot of time together, they made sure that it didn’t cause any sort of conflict. Carolyn was very clear about the fact that she would protect Clement because she didn’t want anything to happen to Sweety, who was like a father figure to her.

Sweety was there with Carolyn when no one else was, and she knew that whatever she had been able to achieve in life was because of him. The death of Sweety changed something inside Carolyn. She didn’t care about the process as long as she achieved her main goal of killing Clement Mansell. The demise of Sweety unleashed a beast who was ready to go to any extent to get revenge on the killer. Earlier, whenever Clement used to threaten Carolyn, she used to listen to him, but now it felt like she didn’t care if she lived or died. Carolyn went to Raylan to ask for help, but when she realized that his own colleagues were backstabbing him and he himself had become a victim of the system, she decided to take another route, and that’s when she came into contact with the Albanians.

Watching the promo made us realize that the Albanians will act as intermediaries once they realize what is at stake and how much both parties want to get the better of each other. We believe that when Carolyn would have contacted the Albanians, she wouldn’t have made them privy to the entire dynamics. They have Raylan and Clement both in their custody, and we think that they would want to play this out in a manner that benefits them. Obviously, taking revenge for what Clement had done to Skender will be at the back of their minds, but we won’t be surprised if Clement is able to strike some sort of deal and make them realize that his staying alive was more beneficial to them. Raylan was the kind of man who liked doing things by the book, but this was a one-off situation, and he knew that if he didn’t play his cards well, he might end up losing his life.

Raylan Givens was dealing with a category of criminals who were not afraid of anything, and if they set their eyes on something, they made sure that it happened. Generally, messing with a government officer is off-limits for criminals, but here, neither Clement nor Toma Costia cared about that. Where Clement had already shown by killing Judge Guy that he didn’t give two hoots if a person was in an influential position or not, now even Toma, by kidnapping Raylan, had proved that he was not scared of upsetting the law enforcement agencies. Carolyn, too, would have a crucial role to play in the scheme of things, and Raylan would need her help in the Justified: City Primeval season finale because, apart from her, he couldn’t place his trust in anybody else. There was a fire burning inside Carolyn, and that is why she made the choice of taking help from the Albanian, but we think that pretty soon, she would realize that putting Raylan’s life in jeopardy was not fair.

Clement had, till now, held his nerve quite effectively, but in Justified: City Primeval season finale, we might see him, for once, feeling that he was no longer in control of things and that not being cautious and taking a false step might cost him his life. Clement was a shrewd man, and he knew how to tip the scales in his favor. For years, he had blackmailed Sweety to work for him, and even with Sandy, he had been able to accomplish something like that. Sandy, in the previous episode, had finally decided to go against him, but even then, she was petrified just thinking about what he would do to her if he somehow managed to escape from the clutches of the law.

Raylan knew that he had to come out of this mess alive and go back to his daughter and spend some quality time with her. Now was not the time to deal with internal conflicts and look out for one’s selfish motives, and we hope Maureen realizes that and comes forward to help Raylan’s cause, as putting a dangerous criminal like Clement behind bars would be a victory in an actual sense, for the police authorities too. On the face of it, they had saved their image by pinning the blame on an innocent person, but everybody knew that if a man like Clement was out in the open, then he would be a trouble for the entire system. Clement went about his business like he was the uncrowned emperor of Detroit, and nobody was above him. We hope that it all ends well for Raylan and that he is able to defy the odds by putting Clement Mansell behind bars and setting a precedent that states that such haughty disdain and sheer abrogation of law and order are not going to be entertained in a civil society.

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