‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens Between Clement & Skender?


Clement had crossed the boundary after he killed a judge and threatened Raylan Givens in the previous episode of Justified: City Primeval. Raylan Givens had never expected that Clement would have the audacity to do so, but now he was getting a bit worried for the safety of his daughter. Raylan knew that they needed to find some strong evidence against Clement that proved his guilt and put him behind bars as soon as possible. So, let’s find out how the law enforcement authorities sought to put the dangerous criminal in jail and if Clement felt intimidated by them.

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What Was Carolyn Trying To Achieve Professionally?

In Justified: City Primeval Episode 3, we got to know about the aspirations and dreams of Carolyn Wilder and the things that made her worry in life. Carolyn’s ex-husband, Jamal, hadn’t paid his taxes, and she was afraid that it would all fall on her, and the government authorities would hold her accountable. She tried to reach Jamal and told him that she was not going to get involved in his mess as she had enough of him. But Carolyn knew that it was not so easy to separate herself from the scheme of things, and she would also have to face the consequences of what Jamal had done.

Carolyn wanted to apply for the post of associate judge as she was done taking cases of people like Clement, and, for once, she wanted to live a hassle-free life. But in the application, she had to state whether or not she had some tax lien on her. In one of the scenes, Carolyn took the gavel in her hand and sat on the judge’s chair, just to know how the world looked from up there. Carolyn knew deep down that she was not being pragmatic in her approach and her past would come under scrutiny if she applied for the post, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming. She worked hard and made a name for herself, and she was not ready to accept that anybody or anything could stop her from achieving what she deserved.

In the previous episode, we saw that Raylan had lost his temper when he found Clement sitting with his daughter in the cafe, and he ended up assaulting him. Clement went straight to Carolyn after that and told her to take a picture of him so that they could use it against the marshal when the time came. Carolyn got annoyed at Clement and told him to let her handle the case in her own way and to never come back to her house again. Later in the third episode, we saw that, after being questioned by Maureen, Sweety returned to his bar and had something going on inside his mind. That’s when we came to know why the police hadn’t found anything, even after they had searched the entire place.

Sweetie had Clement’s gun in his possession with which he had killed Judge Guy and Rose. Sweetie had something going on in his mind, and he hid the gun as he knew that it could give him leverage over Clement. Sweetie went to meet Carolyn and asked her what would happen if the police got the murder weapon. Sweetie was a smart man, and he knew that before doing anything, he needed to be aware of all the possibilities and especially what could go wrong against him. He didn’t like Clement, and that fact wasn’t hidden from anybody; probably that is why he was trying to find a way to get rid of him for good.

What Expectations Did Willa Have From Her Father?

After what had happened in the last episode of Justified: City Primeval, Raylan Givens was very scared for his daughter and had made up his mind to send her back to her mother. Willa didn’t want to leave her father and made it very clear through her actions that she wanted to be there with him, even if he wasn’t able to take time for her from his busy schedule. Raylan had become really scared after seeing the kind of man Clement was. Clement wasn’t scared of anybody, and after killing a judge, he had the audacity to threaten a Marshall when he very well knew what the ramifications of his actions could be. Maureen, Wendall, and all the other law enforcement officers didn’t like the way he had acted, so they conducted a crackdown and took Sweety, Clement, and Sandy into their custody. But in the absence of any strong evidence, they had to eventually leave Clement, and once again, he was on the streets. Raylan stayed for a few days at Maureen’s, but he knew this couldn’t go on forever, and he needed to send his daughter away from that city.

Willa just didn’t want to leave, and she told her father that if he had actually wanted her to be there, he would have found a way to keep her safe. Willa believed that her father just wanted to get rid of her because he didn’t want to take on her responsibility and just wanted to focus on his work. Willa might have been right, but Raylan Givens loved his daughter, and in the end, we actually thought that he changed his mind, and had Willa waited for a couple of minutes more, he would have taken her back with him. But with tears in her eyes, Willa left for her flight. Raylan was in a complicated situation, and we don’t think he was wrong to do what he did. He knew that in the kind of cases he dealt with, he didn’t have the liberty to have his family members around or give them enough time. Maybe in the future, he would try to mend his relationship with his daughter, but for now, the damage had been done, and he had to live with the regret of not being able to make her happy while she was with him.

What Happened Between Clement And Skender?

At the end of Justified: City Primeval Episode 3, Raylan went to meet Skender, and he figured that the man was not only naive but was head over heels for Sandy and was being deceived by her and Clement, who had eyes on his money. The police officers started keeping a watch on Clement’s movements, as they knew that sooner or later, he would strike again and try to rob Skender. Sandy had told Skender that Clement was her brother and that he wanted to have a pep talk with him before they got married. Skender wanted to make an impression on the big brother, so he told him everything about himself very truthfully. He told Clement that he had a secret room where he kept all his black money.

Clement made sure that Skender got drunk, and together with Sandy, he went to his house with the intention of robbing him. Skender, unaware of what was happening, was very enthusiastically showing everything to Clement, hoping that he could make an impression and get his blessings. Skender showed them his collection of guns and paintings, but Clement was only interested in knowing where he had kept the money. He got really agitated and pointed a gun at Skender. The poor man realized what was happening, and he asked Clement to just go away from there. Knowing the kind of man Clement is, we believe that Skender is in great danger, and we will get to know in the next episode of Justified what happened to him. Maybe Clement wouldn’t kill him as he knew that the police department was already after him and they were waiting for him to make a mistake and leave a trail, but then again, knowing how unpredictable and lethal he was, one cannot say for sure that he wouldn’t kill him.

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