‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Raylan Want To Meet Raymond?


Raylan Givens had fallen for Carolyn Wilder, and at the end of the fourth episode of Justified: City Primeval, we saw that Carolyn finally gave in because she was equally intrigued and smitten by the US Marshall. Raylan was desperately looking for a breakthrough, but up until now, he had neither been able to find the murder weapon nor any other solid evidence that could put Clement Mansell in the clutches of the law enforcement authorities. Judge Guy’s death had received a lot of media coverage, and now the Detroit police department was under a huge amount of pressure. The chief had put Maureen Downey in charge, and he told his officers that he needed results as he didn’t know what to tell his superiors and the media. So, let’s do a thorough recap of Justified: City Primeval Episode 5 and find out if Raylan Givens is able to make any progress.

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Who Did Sweetie And Clement Ask For Ransom?

Once Sweetie came on board, Clement asked him to go through Judge Guy’s diary and ascertain who their first target would be. Sweetie went through each and every name, and he shortlisted a guy named Burt Dickey, who had a real estate business. Burt had a lot of black money, and Sweetie realized that he could be a target who would readily give them somewhere between 30 to 40 grand to not expose him. Sweetie and Clement went to his house, and after a lot of bargaining, they agreed that he would pay a ransom of $10,000 to have his name removed from that secret diary.

When the negotiations were almost done, Clement saw a painting in the living room, and he immediately said that he would not accept anything less than 50. Sweetie asked him to just take what Dickey was offering and not get so greedy about it. Sweetie didn’t want to come on the radar of the authorities and cause damage that couldn’t be controlled. Till now we have understood the kind of man Clement was, and once he saw that painting and got to know that Burt had much more cash on him, he didn’t want to let go of the opportunity. Clement trespassed on his property later that day and reached the bedroom while Burt was asleep. He threatened Burt, took the painting and went back to his room. Clement didn’t tell Sweetie anything about it because he would have never agreed to it. But going behind Sweetie’s back when they both had made a deal will definitely cause complications in the future. Sweetie was not under any sort of delusion, and he knew what Clement was capable of, but he still went ahead and decided to work with him. Sweetie was playing with fire, and there is a possibility that things do not end up well for him in Justified: City Primeval.

Why Did Raylan Want To Meet Raymond?

Raylan and Carolyn were having their little fling on the side, and they had decided that it wouldn’t have an impact on their professional relationship. Raylan had also bumped into Jamal, Carolyn’s ex-husband, and the encounter was not exactly friendly. Raylan didn’t want to let Clement Mansell off the hook. Raylan was becoming desperate, and he knew that he had to find some evidence that would help him get an arrest warrant against Mansell. Raylan knew about the secret diary of Judge Guy, and he told Wendell that he believed that Mansell had killed him for that purpose alone. When he and Bryl were dealing with the Albanians, he had seen Mansell pass in his car, and that arrogant look had stayed with him ever since. It was as if Mansell wanted to show the Detroit police department that he was too good for them and that no matter what they did, he would always stay a step ahead.

Wendell told Raylan to have a bit of patience, as he knew that sooner or later, Mansell would commit some mistake, leaving some trail that would make their work easy. But Raylan couldn’t wait for this lucky coincidence to happen, and he went to the house of a woman named Mary Alice, whose husband, Raymond, was in charge of the proceedings in the Wreck Crew case back in the day. Raymond did meet Raylan at the end of Justified: City Primeval episode 5, and they talked about how they carried baggage from their past and how some cases leave their mark on their subconscious, and no matter how much they try, they can never forget about them. Raymond told Raylan about a man he had killed back in the day, and he said that even now, he could remember each and every detail with clarity. We believe that this partnership would prove to be very beneficial for Raylan in the future, and he would come to know something about Clement that would help him press charges against him.

Why Did Carolyn Want To See Judge Guy’s Diary?

Carolyn knew that Jamal was trying to get back into her good books, and she somewhat liked the attention. Jamal had come to her house, but because Raylan was there, they couldn’t meet. Jamal, out of nowhere, in Justified: City Primeval episode 5, crashes Raylan and Carolyn’s dinner and makes the situation awkward for everybody. Jamal was mad at Carolyn because she had brought Raylan to their special place. Carolyn left the scene after both men started quarreling with each other, but she was not really disappointed since she liked how Jamal was becoming possessive towards her. She went to Jamal’s house, probably in the mood to give him a second chance, but after she found another woman’s clothes there, she got agitated. She felt used, and she told Jamal that he was a fool and that she was looking out for him. She had paid Jamal’s lien as she was scared that her name would be unnecessarily dragged into the issue and that her candidature for the post of judge would be affected by it. Carolyn was not happy with Jamal, and she felt that on one end, she did things so unconditionally for everybody, and people just blatantly disrespected her and took advantage of her.

Carolyn had come to know that Diane, her colleague, was trying her best to get Judge Guy’s spot, and she didn’t like the way Diane responded curtly when she asked her about it. Carolyn went to Sweetie and asked him to show her Judge Guy’s diary. She didn’t want a share in the ransom, but she wanted to get some dirt, probably on her competitors, so that she could beat them in the race. Carolyn was ready to do anything to become a judge, and she knew that nobody deserved it more than her. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Diane’s name is in Judge Guy’s secret diary or not and if Raymond is able to help Raylan’s cause and provide him with some sort of incriminating evidence that could put Clement behind bars.

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