‘Kadak Singh’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Who Wanted To Kill A.K. Shrivastav? And Why?


Kadak Singh, directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, is the story of an honest officer working in the Department of Financial Crime (DFC). The virtue of following the righteous path is seen as a vice when the people around you are greedy enough to only fend for their own selfish interests. A.K. Shrivastav was a threat to the corrupt system, and there were people who wanted to deter him from his path. So, let’s find out what happened with A.K. Shrivastav and if he was able to solve the mystery.

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What happened to A.K. Shrivastav?

At the beginning of Kadak Singh, we see a confused-looking A.K. Shrivastav wakes up from his slumber in the hospital ward, and he doesn’t remember anything. His daughter, Sakshi, came to meet him, but he didn’t recognize her. It was said that A.K. Shrivastav tried committing suicide, but because the ceiling fan from which he was hanging broke down, his life was saved. Not even for a single moment did Sakshi believe the narrative. She didn’t have any evidence, but she knew that her father wouldn’t abandon her and her younger brother like that. But the first task she had on her hands was to make him believe that she was his daughter. The man had left his serious aura behind and become a jolly and goofy person after he woke up from his coma. Sakshi was surprised, as there was a reason why she referred to him as Kadak Singh: he was extremely strict with his kids and rarely smiled.

The doctors said that he suffered from retrograde amnesia, and though he had procedural memories, i.e., he would remember things that were happening after the accident, he would have only selective memory from his past. Shrivastav remembered having a son who was 5 years old, but Sakshi reminded him that his son was now 17 years old. Sakshi told him how he changed after the death of her mother, Mimi, and a rift was created between the father and the children. Mimi’s death was an accident, which Adi revealed to Sakshi much later in the film. Adi was a naughty kid, and while playing with a pen knife, he slit the gas pipe, which was how the accident happened, and Mimi lost her life. Shrivastav probably knew that, but he never addressed the issue and chose to stay away from confrontation. Mimi’s death also had an impact on Adi’s life, and he indulged in all sorts of bad habits. He started smoking pot, and he hung out with the worst of the lot. He found himself in trouble all the time, but Sakshi was always there for him. Sakshi, while sitting in the hospital ward, told her father that in the past, Adi messed up big time. He owed some money to a local gangster named Babli.

One day, Babli saw the kids drinking and smoking, and he got agitated, as instead of returning his money, they were having fun with it. He chased them but accidentally stumbled on the ground, and a shard of glass pierced his body, and he succumbed to his injuries. The Kolkata police told Sakshi that she would have to bribe them if she wanted to shut down the case and save her brother. From here on, the story got interesting, as when Sakshi went to the specified location where she had given the money, she bumped into her father, who was also there with a woman named Naina. A huge scene was created, and Shrivastav got mad at Sakshi for being at such a hotel, and he raised questions about her character. And in return, Sakshi told him how he had been absent as a father since their mother passed away. On that very day, the news came that Shrivastav tried committing suicide, and he wrote a suicide note addressing his daughter. So, the narrative that came out was that Shrivastav tried committing suicide because he was too embarrassed after he found his daughter at such a place.

Why didn’t Sakshi believe the DFC officers?

Sakshi told her father that she didn’t believe a word that the DFC officers were saying. She told him that she would bring him all the documents related to the Golden Sun chit-fund scam so that he could analyze them and see if he could find any potential leads that could solve the mystery for him. A man named Ashok Agarwal orchestrated the scam, and he ran away with all the money from his investors. Apart from the big players, there were a lot of middle- and lower-middle-class people who invested in his chit-fund. Those people now had nowhere to go, and their entire lives were ruined because of the fraudster. There were incidents across the country where people were committing suicides because they knew that their money couldn’t be recovered. After going through the documents that Sakshi brought for Shrivastav, he got to know that, apart from Ashok Agarwal, there were a lot of key players who were involved in the scam. He knew that there were people from the Department of Financial Crimes who also played their part in it. But the fact remained that neither Sakshi nor Shrivastav had any sort of evidence against the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, in Kadak Singh, Sakshi grew close to Naina, who was dating her father. When Sakshi learned about her, she hated the fact that her father was dating another woman. But slowly, she understood that Naina was a gem of a human being, and she wanted the best for her father. Sakshi wanted to help her father, and she carried out her own investigation on the side. She was threatened to stop following the trail if she wanted to stay alive. Moreover, Sakshi read the letter that her father wrote to her just before the suicide, and she realized that it wasn’t a suicide note but the people who framed her father wanted it to look like that. It felt like Shrivastav wanted to say a lot of things to his daughter, which is why he wrote the letter, but he didn’t want to take his own life. These findings convinced Sakshi that there was foul play involved and that things were not as simple as the DFC officers were telling them to be.

What did Arjun reveal about the case?

It could be said that Arjun was a disciple of A.K. Shrivastav, and after reading the suicide note, he also believed that Sakshi was right. After talking to Sakshi, Arjun went to Shrivastav’s office, and he found a box of Suxamethonium just outside the window. He believed that people could have come inside Shrivastav’s chamber from the broken window without anyone getting to know about it. Arjun had met an investor named Saquib, who was also involved in the scam, and through him, he got to know that Ashok Agarwal was not the one who was pulling the reins, but there was another man named Mantu Man Singh on whose order everything was done. Now, Saquib told them that he would inform them about the whereabouts of Ashok Agarwal, but the first time, he gave them the wrong location. After the plan was a failure, Shrivastav tried committing suicide the same night, and then Saquib got in touch with the authorities once again, which gave them the right location. The orders were to bring Ashok Agarwal back alive, but somehow, the police officers started shooting at him, and the fugitive got killed in the crossfire. A phone was found in Agarwal’s room, and the DFC learned that the last call that he received was from A.K. Shrivastav. The public was enraged, and A.K. Shrivastav was called a corrupt officer who conspired with Ashok Agarwal and stole the people’s hard-earned money.

Who wanted to kill A.K. Shrivastav? And Why?

At the end of Kadak Singh, after going through all the documents, A.K. Shrivastav came up with a theory, and from the SIT officers to the people of his own department, he called everybody to the hospital to tell what would have happened according to his narrative. We saw how Subhash and A.K. Shrivastav always had conflicting opinions. The former had gone to Shrivastav’s chamber just before he committed suicide. In reality, everything was planned by A.K. Shrivastav’s boss, Jitendra Tyagi, Subhash, and a few other pawns from the department, and they were together conspiring with Ashok Agarwal. Shrivastav’s colleague, Ravikant, committed suicide after he found out about the scam and who all were involved in it. He was under a lot of pressure and when all hope seemed lost he gave his life so that his family wouldn’t have to suffer.

Tyagi and Subhash had realized long ago that Shrivastav wouldn’t let them be, and he would keep investigating until he found the truth. So Subhash made a master plan, and he didn’t only decide how A.K. Shrivastav was going to be killed; he also gave his death a probable motive so that the media didn’t question the real perpetrators. Subhash came to know about Adi’s case and how the police officers had asked for a bribe. He got in touch with the police officers and told them to send Sakshi to the same location where Shrivastav was going to be with his team to catch Ashok Agarwal. Subash and Tyagi told Saquib to give Shrivastav the wrong tip, which is why when the team reached the hotel, they found out that Ashok Agarwal was not there. Now Sakshi couldn’t tell her father why she was there at the hotel because she knew that he would get mad at Adi and probably hit him again, and Subhash took advantage of that fact. He spread the rumor that Sakshi was a characterless girl who indulged in all sorts of immoral activities, and then he went inside A.K. Shrivastav’s room and luckily found him writing a letter to his daughter. He injected him with a drug that couldn’t be detected in the postmortem report, and then, as Arjun speculated, two men entered from the window and hung him from the ceiling fan. It was Shubhash who called Ashok Agarwal’s number from his phone so that Shrivastav got framed. Luckily, the fan came down, and Shrivastav was saved. This was not the first time their plan had failed; earlier, they wanted to crash Shrivastav’s vehicle, but that time too, fortune favored him, and he got saved. Shrivastav knew that he only shared the number of Ashok Agarwal with Jitendra Tyagi, and the latter used it to implicate him, but little did he know that in the process he left a trail that incriminated him and became the reason for his downfall.

During Kadak Singh‘s ending, we saw that Subhash became the approver in the case and accepted that he had conspired to kill A.K. Shrivastav. The perpetrators got what they deserved, and A.K. Shrivastav showed the world that only if people did their job with honesty and integrity, no individual would ever suffer in society. Shrivastav pleaded with the court to treat all the perpetrators in a financial scam as hardened criminals henceforth. He told the court that maybe they didn’t kill anybody directly, but they were responsible for the deaths of each and every person who committed suicide due to being robbed of his life’s savings. Shrivastav apologized to his daughter and requested that she forgive him this time so that they could start over. He wanted to be a good father for his children. Shrivastav still suffered from retrograde amnesia, but the entire incident gave him a new perspective, and he wanted to cherish each moment he got with his family.

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