‘Kedibone’ Ending, Explained: Does Kedibone Get Engaged To Tebogo?


“Kedibone” film is a South African drama about a young woman who is about to start Varsity school in Johannesburg and begins to live the life of a wealthy woman thanks to a pimp daddy, who thrusts himself upon her and into her life. By attempting to reconcile her old life with the new, she learns a lesson about reality when it shows its ugly face, and life brings about an inevitable transition.

Kedibone Manemala aspires to attend a city-based varsity institution to further his education. She discovers that her aunt has already spent all of the money she had set aside without her permission. With only a few days till the university begins, Manemala must scramble to raise the necessary cash. Mrembula, her boyfriend, is her long-term partner. Her best friend Gheminah is pregnant and excited to start school alongside her, but when Manemala starts college, everything changes. Let’s take a look at Manemala’s academic experience and what life teaches her.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Does Kedibone Manemala Do Once She Gets Into University?

Kedibone Manemala is still to turn 21 to lose her virginity only until her marriage takes place. She is in a committed relationship with Mrembula, her Soweto boyfriend, who is beginning to build a new life with her as their relationship grows more serious. She is still a novice in the world of glitz and glam. Before she goes to university away from home, she needs to learn how to manage her money. It’s the first lesson she learns when her Aunt Maguata withdraws her finances just as she’s about to be told she’ll be able to attend university. Her inner resilience to identify an emotional equilibrium within is low, despite her attempts to embrace higher expectations of herself.

She has no idea how to live her life on her own. Gheminah, her best friend, plans to attend college with Manemala. Manemala chooses to lend some money to Gheminah so that they can both attend college as first-year students when her partner sells his car to help pay for her schooling. When they enroll at college, they are introduced to three elite ‘Mean Girls.’ One girl named Tanya likes Manemala and thinks her hairstyle is rather fashionable. Manemala and Gheminah are now entrusted with attempting to find campus housing and discovering that they are unable to do so. When a cheesy acting professor overhears their chat, he instantly offers that he knows a free place for them to stay, which turns out to be completely filthy. What is Kendibone’s next move? Does she take each day as if it were her last, or does she rush through life as if it were to end the next day?

As Manemala settles into college, she begins to imagine a different life as an independent woman. Some situations place her in dangerous situations, forcing her to make difficult decisions without the help of others. Gheminah is taken aback when Tanya’s father tries to win her over with subtle presents and even fan a wad of cash in front of her eyes. Gheminah is on the verge of showing. While she needs her best friend, Manemala seeks to climb the social ladder by responding to various job postings. At a party, one of her jobs introduces her to narcotics. As a result, a chain of events occurs and soon everything spirals out of control. When Msithi, Mrembula’s best buddy, discovers Manemala is being bought by Tanya’s father, the pimp daddy, he keeps silent about her infidelity behind Mrembula’s back. Let us further understand how Manemala intends to change her life.

‘Kedibone’ Ending Explained: What Does Mrembula Do When The Truth Reveals Itself?

Mrembula owns an old vintage BMW, which is a valued possession of his father. When it comes to this car, his best friend Mthisi is full of admiration. When Manemala runs into financial difficulties with her college finances, it occurs to him that he must do everything he can to make her happy. He has picked her to be his wife, but everything takes time once he has enough money. He must be able to fulfill all of her life’s desires.

He sells his BMW to assist Manemala in paying for her college education. When she moves up the wealth ladder and her social circles change, she gradually maintains a safe distance from him. Tanya’s father assures her that he can offer her chances that no one else can.  With the facade of generosity that Tanya’s father showers on her and her acting professor hitting on her to be lead actress in a play, Manemala becomes intimately active as time passes, despite her belief that she wanted to save herself until marriage.

When Tanya’s father takes her virginity, she begins to have multiple partners. The acting professor hits on her and eventually succumbs to a physical relationship with her. She goes to a party and meets an actor named Smash, who rapes her while she is unconscious. One might question, if she has been so liberal in her ways, where does Mrembula stand as a man for her?

Mrembula has begun to carefully consider how he may make Manemala a permanent part of his life. Mthisi never tells anyone what he knows, but for the sake of his closest friend’s heart, he stands by him to the end. Mthisi slowly pokes Mrembula about who the agent is and if he has met this agent that has given Manemala an apartment. Mrembula seems utterly unconcerned with the chance that she is cheating on him. When Mrembula’s best buddy refuses to speak, it becomes tough for him to discover the truth. Nothing, however, can ever be kept secret.

Mrembula chooses to petition Manemala’s aunt for permission to marry her. By this time, she is pregnant and considering having an abortion without having informed Mrembula. Aunt Maguata is harsh with him, but she wants to know if he can bear the stress. He is constantly depleting his bank account. This time it is to purchase a ring. The ring of engagement. It’s time for Mrembula to go on to the next level. But there’s still one question: will she say yes?

With the support of Tanya’s father and the acting professor who accompanied her to the clinic, Manemala has finished the abortion process. Mrembula is completely unaware of what his lover has been up to. Smash subsequently expresses regret to her out of shame, but he refuses to admit he raped her while she was unconscious. When Tanya’s inebriated father shows up at the address he provided her and confronts her because she says she’s leaving, everything in Manemala’s life grinds to a standstill. Mrembula has made plans with her and is climbing the stairs to get to the door. When he arrives at the door, he sees a man trying to mount Manemala. 

He becomes enraged, and sucker punches him as hard as he can. Tanya’s father is completely drunk, admitting that he slept with her and that it was consensual. Mrembula has a dissonant cognitive moment where he needs to rewire his brain and find answers. What is he going to do next? Is he going to forgive her? Will he abandon her? The events that follow show how life can be unexpected.

Mrembula must face reality, and he asks her how she could betray him in this way. Mrembula pulls Manemala out of the apartment after knocking Tanya’s Father out. Tanya’s father had brought a brand new BMW automobile to give to Manemala as a gift. After pulling her out, Mrembula seats her in the BMW’s passenger seat, then jumps into the driver’s seat and drives erratically, peppering her with questions. He becomes perilous, so he abruptly brakes hard, and the car swerves violently. Both of them are involved in a horrible vehicle accident, with the car spinning in the air many times before crashing hard to the ground.

Final Words

When Kedibone is unable to attend her best friend’s baby shower, she finds a means to compensate her best buddy. She makes a point of tying up any loose ends she encounters. When we believe a character has reached the pinnacle of their abilities, the story takes an interesting turn. After a year in prison following the vehicle accident, Mrembula is released. Kedibone and the ring are brought by his Uncle, who returns to him his father’s old BMW car (his father’s prized inheritance). He places the ring on her finger as soon as he walks out the door of the prison, and they are engaged.

We can only presume she hasn’t reverted to her former habits, but we’ll never know what she accomplished in that one year or how they managed to survive the collision. We watch them visit a grave, which leads us to believe that Tanya’s father may have died. It would be prudent to inquire as to whose grave that was, but the gravestone is never seen.

The movie serves as a gentle reminder that everyone must first discover themselves before moving out into the world. The characters hold the plot together beautifully, bringing us the story of a Soweto-based South African woman who learns to view life as it is when she makes poor decisions. However, once the lesson is absorbed, she corrects the course and corrects the record. But she didn’t think things through completely. It’s not a high recommendation, but it’s still a good movie.

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