Keila And Bruce In ‘Berlin’ Explained: Will They End Up Together?


Keila and Bruce shared the most unorthodox relationship in Berlin Season 1, where the former was mesmerized from the time she laid eyes on him, and the latter was totally unaware of it till the very end. Keila had a very wrong perception of Bruce in the beginning, and though Bruce was never condescending towards her, he had never been with such a person before. Keila was definitely not Bruce’s type; at least, he thought so till the time he saw her for who she was. So, let’s find out what happened during Keila’s and Bruce’s journey, the kinds of obstacles they had to face, and whether they were able to make it to the end or not.

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Why did Keila get angry at Bruce?

The heist was a success, and Berlin and Damian were happy about the fact that everything had gone as planned. The second phase of the plan was going to begin, and it was decided that everybody would leave Paris in pairs of two and meet at a specified place and time. Bruce was worried as a bike rental place had a scan of his passport, and he knew that he surely couldn’t tell Berlin about it. Berlin had also told everybody not to leave the hotel premises at any cost, so Bruce was in a fix as he didn’t know what to do. Bruce knew that Keila was very good with technology, so he went to ask her for a solution. Keila was infatuated with Bruce, and for her to tell him that she wouldn’t be helping him was an impossible task. Keila was not a reckless person, but this time, she was ready to make an exception. She was ready to break the rules and help Bruce out, so it was decided that they would break into the OKE rental office and delete the record from there. Bruce and Keila broke into the room, but a guard sitting nearby got suspicious as he heard some noise coming out of the room.

Bruce hid inside the table while Keila kept sitting in front of the computer, and she pretended that she was a new employee there who had to come for some urgent work. Obviously, it didn’t take the guards very long to realize that Keila was bluffing all along. The situation got out of hand when he saw Bruce hiding under the table. Keila tried to cover up, but ultimately, she had to take out a gun and take charge of the situation. Keila and Bruce made a lucky escape, but the former got really mad at Bruce moments after that. Keila didn’t mind risking her life, but the fact that Bruce took everything so casually really irritated her. She got offended at the salacious remark that Bruce made and the fact that he didn’t understand the delicacy of the situation. Bruce was surprised, as he hadn’t expected Keila to react in that manner. But Keila was right. Bruce was reckless, and the kind of mission they were on required them to be extremely diligent at all times.

How did Bruce save Keila’s life?

Bruce and Keila were on the bus when the latter got a call from Damian, who told them that the police were checking vehicles at each and every checkpoint. Keila and Bruce got off the bus, and they went inside the woods, hoping to spend the night there and move when it was safe. In the night, Keila got bit by a snake, and though Bruce tried to suck the poison out, it spread through her entire body. Bruce picked her up and somehow managed to get to the highway. Unfortunately, the first vehicle that stopped for them was a police car, and Bruce had no choice other than to take the chance. The police officers didn’t know that Bruce and Keila were a part of the heist, and Bruce hoped that somehow he could just get Keila treated and escape from there. The doctors were taking Keila inside when the magazine of the gun that Bruce was holding fell to the ground. Before the police officers could understand what was happening, Bruce pointed a gun at him and made him sit inside the car with his colleague. Bruce was in a fix, as he knew that he couldn’t escape until Keila was in the hospital. Bruce handcuffed the police officers, and then, after Keila’s treatment was done, he once again went inside the hospital to bring her back. Bruce drugged the police officers and left them on a boat docked at a secluded port. He then took another boat and escaped with Keila from there. Bruce went to great lengths to save Keila, and the idea of abandoning her did not cross his mind even a single time. His life would have been much easier if he had escaped from there, but he waited there. He won Keila’s trust, and she realized that he might have a habit of undermining the gravity of a situation, but he was not a bad man.

Were Keila and Bruce able to escape?

At the end of Berlin season 1, Keila and Bruce not only successfully escaped but also saved Damian’s and Berlin’s lives. Keila deleted the CCTV footage of the hotel before Raquel, Alice, and Marie saw it. Had they gotten that footage, Berlin’s identity would have been revealed, but it was because of Keila that there was still no record of him in the police files. Bruce and Keila left the boat near Angouleme, and then they traveled by road until they found another river through which they could leave Paris and go to their safe house. Keila knew that in Gironde Estuary there would be police checkposts, so she paid some money to a group of elderly vagrants, got them neatly dressed, and made them sail while she and Bruce hid in one of the rooms. Bruce and Keila were able to cross borders and, in the end, were reunited with the rest of the team. There is a huge possibility that Keila and Bruce might end up together, and we do hope that happens. There would be complications between them, but I believe that they would be able to overcome every obstacle that came their way. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but I believe that they will keep circling back to each other. If there is a second season, it would be interesting to see what kind of equation they have and where their relationship is headed.

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