‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Neil And Imaad Reconcile?


Directed by Arjun Varain Singh, Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is the story of three young adults who are going through a period of crisis in their lives, and the social media environment, the fast-paced life, the constant comparison, their own ambitions, their heartbreaks, and everything else that surrounds them just don’t let them cope with it. So, let’s find out what happened to Ahana, Neil, and Imaad and if they were able to deal with their conflicts and discover themselves in the process.

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Did Ahana and Rohan end up together?

At the beginning of Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, Rohan and Ahana have a confrontation of sorts where the former tells her that he is not happy with their relationship and he wants a break, at least for a few days. Ahana got paranoid, and she literally requested that he stay, as, according to her, if they were together, they would be able to resolve any issue. But Rohan had made up his mind, and his surety and decisiveness made us realize that he was influenced to take that call not only because things were not working between him and Ahana but also because there was a third person involved. I felt that the confrontation he had was very nuanced, and credit has to be given to the writers for understanding the behavioral tendencies of a guy brought up in that kind of environment. Rohan had no second thoughts in his mind about his decision, even when things had gotten really serious with Ahana.

At that juncture, Ahana believed that maybe Rohan got a bit nervous  because she had initiated a conversation about marriage, but she was wrong in thinking so. Rohan was already hooking up with a girl behind Ahana’s back, and in his mind, he was quite sure that he wanted to be with her. Ahana somewhat figured out through social media that something was happening between Ahaan and another girl. She called him, texted him, and unintentionally exposed her most vulnerable self, but then, too, she didn’t even get a single reply from him. It was all way too abrupt for her, and she didn’t know what she could do to grab his attention. What happened after that—the things that Ahana did—made us realize how wrecked she would have been feeling in that moment. There were days when she got dressed up, posted pictures, showed the world how happy she was, attracted all the unwanted attention on Instagram, and then wiped off her makeup and went to bed crying. With every picture, Ahana manifested that Rohan would see it and reach out to her. There was one time when Rohan did reply to her picture, and that gave her a lot of hope. She still believed, even when deep down she knew that he was seeing another girl, that eventually he would realize that they were meant to be together and come back to her.

Ahana, Neil, and Imaad attended the wedding of a common friend, and Rohan was also present there. Standing at a distance, Rohan was constantly staring at Ahana, and she, too, realized that something was going to happen between them. Rohan came and talked to Ahana, and they had a very good time together. They reminisced about the good old days, talked about what was happening in their respective lives, drank a little, and enjoyed their time together. Rohan and Ahana then took a room in the same hotel and got intimate with each other. The next morning, Ahana woke up in a very good mood, and more than anything, she felt content. But her happiness was short-lived as she realized that Rohan had left without telling her. Ahana felt confused, harrowed, and she just felt like giving Rohan a piece of her mind. Ahana, at the end of Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, crashed into Rohan and his girlfriend’s party and asked him, in front of everybody, why he misled her and left her like that. Rohan was shocked, as obviously he hadn’t told his new girlfriend anything about Ahana, and he didn’t want to create a scene. Ahana told him that she didn’t deserve to be with a man like him, and while going out of his house, she told his girlfriend to ask him where he went after the wedding. Rohan’s girlfriend broke up with him as she realized what kind of a man he was.

Was Imaad dealing with childhood traumas?

Imaad was this jolly guy who always looked at the brighter side and somehow managed to not take a lot of stress about anything that happened in his life. But eventually, in Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, we realized that he was not dealing with his emotions but running away from them. He neither liked confrontations nor did he like addressing certain events from his past. His therapy sessions were sponsored by his father, as he wanted to look out for the mental health of his son. Imaad was sort of scared of getting embarrassed, of feeling vulnerable, of people not understanding his emotions, and that was why he never addressed any issue, but the pile kept increasing, and there came a time when it all came crashing down. Imaad was seeing a woman named Simran, whom he had met through Tinder.

Simran was an artist, and her photography campaign was about profiling the people who were active on Tinder. She got close to Imaad, but she realized that he was seeing other women at the same time. She broke up with him, and that was when Imaad realized that what he did was not right. Imaad had been abused in his childhood by one of his father’s business partners. He was dealing with the repercussions of what happened to him in the past. He was aware of what he was doing, how he was scared of getting invested in any girl, but still, he didn’t want to make things right, maybe because he was scared that he would get hurt in the process. But he realized that while trying to save himself from heartbreak, he was hurting a lot of people, and that was absolutely not fair. At the end of Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, Imaad opened up about his past during his standup act, and he accepted the fact that he had hurt a lot of people. Imaad realized that he had to stop running, face his own emotions, and move past the ghost of his past life.

Did Neil and Imaad reconcile?

Imaad made a joke about Neil’s private life, and the latter didn’t take it very nicely. I, too, believe that Imaad did cross the line. Neil was a fitness trainer, who had started a secret relationship with one of his clients, Lala. Imaad met Lala, and he realized that she didn’t like Neil and that she was just with him out of her own vested interests. She didn’t put up any pictures of Neil on her social media, as he was not the kind of guy she wanted herself to be seen with. Neil also, deep down, knew about that fact, but he was harboring delusions, probably because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to face reality. Neil and Imaad had a heated argument after the latter said during his standup routine that one of his friends was being misled by a famous influencer and that he was too naive to believe that she loved him. Neil lost his cool, and he called Imaad an emotionally stunted person who didn’t have the courage to face his own emotions. Had Ahana not come in between them that day, things would have gotten ten times worse. From that day onwards, Neil distanced himself from Imaad and told Ahana that he didn’t want to keep any sort of association with him.

Imaad, Ahana, and Neil had planned to start a fitness studio, but now Neil wanted to disassociate from Imaad. Imaad was the one who was investing in the project, but Neil started contacting other people as he was very sure that he was not going to take a single penny from Imaad. Neil’s problem was that he never accepted his reality, and he was stuck between two worlds. He came from a middle-class background, but he hung out with people who were quite privileged and never had to think about finances, as that aspect of their lives was always taken care of. Neil’s father told him that today’s generation didn’t understand the difference between needs and wants. Neil, on the other hand, didn’t like how his father thought multiple times before buying an expensive product or taking the family out to an expensive place for dinner. Neil was somewhat embarrassed about his own roots, but slowly, he realized that he was trying way too hard to fit in with the people who didn’t value him or who judged him because of his financial status. Things took a dark turn when Neil hacked Lala’s account after he found that she was with another guy, and he put pictures of her, stating that her entire life was just one big sham. Lala was brutally trolled on social media, and when Ahana came to know that Neil was behind it, she told him that what he had done was just not acceptable. Neil realized his mistake and accepted on social media that he was the one who had hacked the account.

During Kho Gaye Hum Kahan‘s ending, Neil and Imaad reconciled because the former realized that his friends and family were his strengths. Imaad came to pick up Ahana after she confronted Rohan and told his girlfriend about how he had been cheating on her. That’s when Imaad and Rohan got into a fight, and Neil arrived just at the right time to help his friend. Neil, Imaad, and Ahana probably realized where they had gone wrong. They gave too much importance to what people thought; they got too influenced by what they saw on social media, and they gave too little value to the people who actually mattered. It all ended on a good note, and the best part was that the conflicts the three friends encountered gave them a fresh perspective on life and helped them find their own silver lining.

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