‘Kill Me If You Dare’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Do Piotr And Natalia Reunite?


Kill Me If You Dare or Zabij mnie, kochanie in Polish, is a new romantic comedy film that earnestly reminds us of the wholesomeness of love, perfectly released in Valentine’s Week. The plot is also partly dark comedic, since it essentially has two worn-out lovers trying to kill each other. Piotr and Natalie have been married for long enough to have enough complaints about each other when a sudden lottery win promises to change their lives for the better. Kill Me If You Dare is strictly superficial and is to be watched only as a light entertainer.

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Plot Summary: What is the Netflix film about?

Kill Me If You Dare begins with a scene from the past, when protagonists Piotr and Natalia used to be lovers with an intense passion for each other. As Natalia is about to take a train away from the city, with sadness for having to go away from her lover, Piotr makes all ends meet to reach the place in time and meet her for a very important matter. Piotr professes his love for his girlfriend and proposes marriage to her, which Natalia readily agrees to with extreme joy. However, five years from that day, in the present time, the couple does not show the same intensity of love, and the feelings seem to have fizzled out. As they celebrate their anniversary at an inexpensive food court, Natalia is evidently upset with her husband for having such an ordinary celebration, and that too by paying for the food with free coupons. Piotr, on the other hand, expects praise for merely remembering the date and showing up for lunch together, irrespective of the meager efforts. His gifts for his wife of five years are equally bad—a bouquet of flowers and an ironing press.

Both of these characters have their respective best friends, who are always by their side and, therefore, know everything about their lives. Natalia’s best friend, Agata, is also her colleague at the advertising company where she works, and both are disgruntled at the misogynistic remarks and the clearly sexist prejudice that they have to face at the place. Despite Natalia’s brilliant professional performances repeatedly, she is never given any serious campaigns to work on. Piotr’s workplace environment is much better, though, as he is a senior representative at an insurance company. The only problem for him is that his current boss, a woman named Dagmara, also happens to be his ex-girlfriend, and she is often indirectly flirtatious with him. Although the company is facing some financial crisis and has canceled an important bonus that Piotr had been looking forward to, Dagmara promises to help him out, and she makes him a part of a new project she has been planning. Piotr’s good-for-nothing best friend, Lukasz, hangs around the office, trying to impress Dagmara without any effect.

Amidst such a scenario, the protagonist couple’s luck suddenly turns when a lottery ticket comes their way. During their anniversary celebrations at the shopping mall, a woman sold Piotr a ticket to the Golden Rhinoceros lottery, and to their astonishment, the couple won the entire prize money, a million dollars. Piotr and Natalia are confident that their lives are going to turn around with this win, without realizing the exact effect it is going to have on their marriage.

How do the best friends wrongly influence the protagonists?

After winning the lottery, Piotr and Natalia are understandably delighted by their sudden fortune, but their very first ideas about how to spend it are quite different. Natalia is bitter at the fact that they have almost never taken any lavish vacation together, and she is all the more upset at seeing their neighbor Bogdan and his wife go on foreign trips very frequently. Therefore, she wants to have a vacation to begin with, and then she also wants to invest the money in starting her own coffee shop, which has been a dream for a very long time. But on the other side, Piotr is someone who always invests in safe bets, and his calculated spending habit is considered to be a miserly practice by his wife. The husband does not feel that an investment like a coffee shop is worth the risk, and he instead wants to buy a new house with the money, along with making other safer investments. Natalia does not care about such matters, and she even resigns from her job and rents out the property where she wants to start her café. 

The couple obviously has a growing misunderstanding in their minds very soon, as the winning of the lottery money also gives rise to a more pertinent matter—how should the money be divided? Piotr and Natalia are clearly at such a stage in their marriage when they both have their separate lives and aspirations. They also have their own plans with the money, which makes it necessary for it to be divided, and Natalia deserves to get more because she paid most of the money while buying the ticket. However, such a split is not really possible unless they end their marriage, and for the time being, Piotr decides to withdraw the entire amount in cash and store it at their house. This arrangement is also out of insecurity, for there will be very visual evidence of who was taking how much from the stash and spending it away.

But it is the side characters, Agata and Lukasz, who poison the ears of their respective best friends against each other. Both suggest to their friends that their spouses will soon try to cheat them of the money and get it all for themselves since their marriage is not working out. As a result, Natalia starts to believe that her husband is trying to kill her to take the entire million dollars and start a new life with his boss and ex-girlfriend, Dagmara. Agata is definitely the one to convince her of this possibility, and her best friend even records a conversation between Piotr and Dagmara to prove her point. Dagmara had earlier gifted Piotr a new insurance policy in the name of Natalia, but when the wife sees this document, she believes it to be concrete proof of Piotr planning to kill her. On the other hand, Piotr overhears conversations between his wife and her friend and misunderstands that they are trying to hatch a plan to get rid of him. Their individual pretensions of making acts of love also do not work, as Natalia is scared to drink any wine, believing it might be poisoned, since Piotr does not drink. Piotr is shocked to see Natalia sleep with a knife, which she keeps to defend herself, thinking that she intends to kill him with it. 

How do the assassination attempts go for both sides?

The new project that Dagmara had been working on was regarding travel insurance, and she managed to secure a deal with a resort in an idyllic Polish town. As part of his work, Piotr is given a chance to go up to this resort and spend a weekend there, and Lukasz immediately suggests that he should take Natalia as well, so that her exact plans will be exposed. Natalia is slightly impressed by this sudden vacation plan, which she thinks is a genuine effort by her husband, and the two finally drive towards the resort. On the way, both jokingly ask whether the other is trying to kill them, and this is all the more hilarious as they actually have such plans. Natalia drives the car, fearing that Piotr might kill her otherwise, and in the process, she crashes the car, making her husband make such a joke. Only a little while later, Piotr accidentally launches their suitcase at Natalia, making her repeat the same joke. The couple checked in at the resort, with Piotr upgrading the voucher to the all-inclusive suite.

Interestingly, both Agata and Lukasz also come down to the town, even though they are staying at a different hotel, at the expense of their friends. They are the ones who make foolish and outlandish plans to kill the spouses of their friends, and this further creates more problems for the protagonists. During a mountain climbing activity, which is also a bond-strengthening exercise for couples, Lukasz creates a distraction for Piotr, leading to Natalia falling and further believing that he is trying to kill her. Later on, Lukasz comes up with a laughably bad plan for getting rid of the woman. He tells Piotr to take Natalia out on a date that night and get her terribly drunk. During this while, he would break into the couple’s suit and leave soap all over the bathroom floor, so that she would slip and fall in her drunk state, and that would surely kill her.

On the other side, Agata also makes a plan to get Piotr killed, and her choice of weapon is almonds, for the man is allergic to the nuts. She tells Natalia to order garlic pasta during their date, as garlic looks very close to almonds, and she would flirt with the chef and replace garlic with almonds. Therefore, when Piotr would have it, he would have a fatal reaction, and nobody would suspect any foul play. This assassination attempt falls terribly because Agata cannot successfully make the switch, for the chef turns out to be an elderly woman, and so Piotr casually eats all the garlic. He does choke and gets into a difficult situation, but Natalia jumps in, ready to save him with his EpiPen. Later at night, when Natalia is about to enter the bathroom at their suite, Piotr also has a sudden change of mind, and he takes the literal fall for her. 

Do Piotr and Natalia reunite in the end?

The assassination attempts hilariously fail, but Agata and Lukasz still keep at it, despite the two protagonists now doubting whether their spouses are actually trying to kill them. Piotr noticed how Natalia jumped in to inject the EpiPen, and Natalia saw how he stopped her from slipping and falling. But both are still misled by their respective friends, and when they are at the sauna together the next day, another tragedy strikes. This time around, Lukasz had planned to tamper with the sauna temperature, telling Piotr to make an excuse and leave the place at the last minute. Agata had planned to place a faulty rope during Piotr’s skydiving session so that he would fall to his death.

However, Piotr had asked Lukasz not to carry through the plan, as he no longer wanted to hurt his wife, but the friend obviously did not see the text. Since Natalia already knew about the sauna plan because Agata had told her about it, she skipped the place, and Piotr was injured. But the final nail for her is struck when she finds a message from Dagmara on Piotr’s phone, reminding the man about the promise he had made to his boss. While this promise was actually professional, regarding the new project, Natalia misunderstands it to be a personal message, suggesting that they were actually having an affair. Natalia calls Dagmara to the place for a confrontation, as the two women were actually acquaintances from their childhood days, and it is now that she learns of the real truth.

This discovery also makes Natalia realize how Piotr was not actually against her, and so she rushes to the airfield where the skydiving activity was going on, wanting to stop Piotr from boarding the flight. Although she reaches the place late, Agata had actually failed to carry out this plan either, and so Piotr successfully lands, and the couple do reunite in love, apologizing for and forgiving all their silly mistakes. During this time, Agata and Lukasz also found each other and got romantically involved. It was in this way that Agata found out about the sauna plan, and it was because she was spending time with Lukasz that she forgot to place the faulty rope. The two friends actually had a plan to get their own benefits through shares from the lottery money, and this was why they were individually trying to end their friends’ marriage. Finally, Lukasz and Agata even attack Piotr and Natalia while being severely drugged, and the couple realizes who has been at fault for this whole time.

What happens to the lottery money?

When Piotr had withdrawn the entire lottery money in cash and wanted to keep it at their house, he finally took the help of his neighbor Bogdan, who had been pestering the couple about buying a safe from him. Bogdan, a seller of private safes, had sold his products in the entire neighborhood, and Piotr also bought one of his safes to store all the money securely. However, at the end of Kill Me If You Dare, the couple returns home to find the entire stash of money missing from the safe. When the police report to the scene, they reveal that Bogdan was actually a known fraudster and criminal. Bogdan had sold the entire neighborhood his safes and then stolen all the wealth from his customers when he got the chance before fleeing the country. Therefore, the money that had started the entire fiasco is ultimately stolen, but its temporary presence with the couple heals Piotr and Natalia’s marriage. The two mend their relationship and stay together happily ever after.

Kill Me If You Dare‘s ending shows the couple after some time, when they have decided to take their relationship to the next step, as Natalia is now pregnant. The couple has also opened a cafe with their own money, making it clear that they do not actually need the lottery money. Lukasz and Agata, who had apologized for their foolish behavior earlier, are now workers at the café, and they are indeed still in love as well.

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