‘Killer Soup’ Season 2 Theories: Will Swathi And Umesh Return In Next Season?


Directed by Abhishek Chaubey, Killer Soup left us with a kind of ending that could be perceived in multiple ways. That absurdity is the beauty of the web series, and the director and the entire team have done a decent job of pulling off something authentic and brave. We say brave as such obscure endings and such quirky, non-heroic, and unconventional characters often do not strike a chord with the Indian audience. It was refreshing to see that a woman at the helm of affairs was trying her level best to attain that aspirational life, and she was ready to do anything to get there. I liked the timidity of Umesh and the glaring eyes of Swathi, who was prepared from the beginning to rebel against the patriarchal setup. I liked how the patriarchal mindset gave in when it clashed against a resilient female force. I liked how a woman didn’t stay quiet when she was oppressed; rather, they gave it back and demanded what they felt was rightfully theirs. The arcs that are stereotypically given to male characters belong to the fierce women in this show. The best part was that while making a social statement, Abhishek Chaubey never got preachy, and he dealt with every character in a manner that didn’t look forced. As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement about Killer Soup season 2, but since we were left at a stage where there is still a lot of unfinished business, let’s entertain the possibility in which directions the lives of the characters would lead them from here and what other twists and turns we could expect.

Were Swathi and Umesh able to escape?

We saw that in the end, Swathi decided that she had had enough, and she finally surrendered to her circumstances and jumped off the cliff to take her life. She asked senior inspector Hassan just before jumping if her Paya soup was any good. The day everybody appreciated her soup, the day she realized her dream of opening a restaurant, the day when she finally was happy and excited about what the future had in store for her, was the day she decided to end her life. Umesh, on the other hand, was feeling lost in this quest after Swathi took charge of things, and for the longest time, he was not able to understand what he was doing there. He was there for Swathi and for the money, but he realized that in the process, he was losing himself. He was in a state of unease for the longest time, and he didn’t realize what he should do to make it better. Things changed after he met Kirtima, and for some reason, her tenderness made him feel at peace. He really cherished the short duration for which he was with Kirtima, but deep down, he always knew that he was delusional to think that things would continue the way they were. Kirtima died, and soon, Umesh’s beautiful illusion was shattered to pieces.

In the end, he did something that Swathi least expected him to. She believed that things were under control, but Umesh’s conscience got heavy, and he confessed to his crimes in front of the world. Now, if we entertain the possibility that Umesh and Swathi were still alive and the last shot of them traveling together in the bus was not a mere imagination, then it could be possible that they created a world for themselves somewhere away from their hometown and changed their identities so that they could live there in peace. Maybe they had already deposited funds in different bank accounts that they could access later and live the life that they always wanted. But even when we entertain this distant possibility, it would be difficult for Swathi and Umesh to hide their tracks, and their past would eventually come to haunt them. The other possibility towards which I am more inclined is that they actually died, and it was just a dream sequence that showed that, in a parallel reality, they probably were together even though they couldn’t have the life they wanted in the reality that the whole narrative of Killer Soup transpired in. In that scenario, the baton would be passed on to other key members of the family, as their story wasn’t over, and they had a lot to figure out.

Would Hassan end his investigation?

Even if we consider the option that Swathi and Umesh are no longer alive, I personally do not think that Hassan’s quest is going to come to a halt. Swathi’s son was still alive, and after the revelations made at the end of Killer Soup season 1, he must have been shaken to the core. Imagine the impact on that kid when he learned that the man whom he considered to be his father was his father’s doppelganger. Also, Sandy felt very close to Apeksha, and it could be possible that he started working for her since she had undertaken her father’s empire. I believe Hassan would try to find some evidence against Lucas since he knew the kind of crimes the man had committed and how dangerous he was. Lucas covered his tracks well, and I believe Hassan would take the challenge and try to bring his crimes to light. Also, the drug cartel and the various corrupt activities that the Shetty family was involved in weren’t exposed. Arvind Shetty had a hold over the system, which is why he was able to hide the truth, but now the dynamics have changed, and the law enforcement authorities will try to take advantage of the situation.

Will Apeksha become the kingpin in season 2?

The way things ended in Killer Soup season 1 made it very clear that Apeksha started liking the family business and the power that was vested in her. She made up her mind that she was not going to go to Paris. She made it very clear to Surya at the end that a fresh deal had to be cut since the deal made between Manikkam and her father, Arvind Shetty, was not applicable anymore. She told Surya that she was not going to accept the money and the royalty, and new terms and conditions needed to be decided; otherwise, she was not going to sell her product. If there is a season 2, we would see a new Apeksha, one who wouldn’t allow anybody to order her around or to treat her like a child. We saw how mad she got when Lucas, who was apparently her father, told her things and treated her like an amateur. It was a man’s world, and Apeksha knew how to carve a place for herself. She knew that she would have to snatch what was hers, as otherwise she would never be considered an equal. It is quite possible that Apeksha would become the leader of the drug cartel and Manikkam’s greatest archnemesis. If there is a Killer Soup Season 2, it would be interesting to see how she finds her ground, fights the odds, and establishes her authority.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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