‘King The Land’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Sa Rang And Gu Won Get Their Alone Time?


The reason romance fantasies are said to be a genre for the fairer sex is because we will find women like Sa Rang everywhere, but we will never find a man like Gu Won unless he has been imagined by someone. In episode 10 of King The Land, Gu Won is joined by Ro Un, and it just goes to show that time and opportunity are never scarce for the one you love, unless it is real life. We must also appreciate whoever decided to write the character of No Sang Sik as the friend we all find annoying but simply cannot live without. Honestly, episode 6 of the series is its most iconic one, but we can say that episode 10 comes in a close second, and here is the recap of it.

Spoilers Alert

How Did Sa Rang And Gu Won’s Thailand Trip Go?

We believe we heard on an episode of “Indian Matchmaking” that if you can spend 18 hours next to someone on a flight and still want to be with them, then they are your soulmate. We scoffed at this clearly scripted line because who is thinking about a soulmate after being on a flight for that long? But after watching “King of the Land,” we would like to amend our opinion and the line and say that if a man is ready to leave business class behind to spend time with you and your cranky friends in the economy, just marry him. He is what you have manifested your whole life, and you don’t need to think any longer.

When they reach their hotel in Thailand, the girls are excited and jumping around in joy, but Gu Won is annoyed that Sang Sik has only booked two rooms, one for the girls and one for the men. He tells him to immediately change the arrangements, but when he spots just how happy Sa Rang is with her friends, he decides to let things be. After spending some time in the pool, Sang Sik brings out the group tour t-shirts that annoys Gu Won to no end. Each t-shirt carries a part of the message of the tour, and that places Gu Won at the end of the line, away from Sa Rang. Either way, all of them have fun as they explore new food places and go sightseeing. Sang Sik has made a really good itinerary, and the food joints he has chosen are surprisingly tasty.

Gu Won is sulky as always, but the closeness between him and Sa Rang doesn’t go unnoticed by Da Eul and Pyeong Hwa. But they hold off on teasing her right away. As they continue to explore the food scene, Sa Rang and Gu Won find opportunities to hold each other’s hands and spend some time together. Honestly, we are also craving the peanut ice cream that Sa Rang had in the episode, and we cannot imagine a good reason why Gu Won wouldn’t eat anything. Back in the hotel, Gu Won and Sa Rang sneak off to spend some time by the hotel, and it is so effortless the way these two keep coming close to each other.

The next day again, all they want to do is be with each other, but Sang Sik is that annoying person on vacation who makes sure that not a second is wasted on rest. While going through another packed itinerary, Gu Won finds, to his annoyance, that Da Eul and Pyeong Hwa will continue siding with Sang Sik since they think that he is at the higher post. On a lighter note, Gu Won’s holiday looks are to die for.

When they are about to board a ferry that evening, Gu Won comes up with the idea to escape with Sa Rang at the last minute, but that backfires when he accidentally grabs Sang Sik’s hand instead. Sang Sik is looking so flustered that it is funny, and of all the plus points in Gu Won, how could he not differentiate between the hand of his girlfriend and his secretary? That is why he has to get in line again to go to the ferry, where he is once again disturbed in the middle of his moment with Sa Rang. But this is why we say that the men in this drama are something else.

Ro Un shows up on the ferry to meet Pyeong Hwa since she told him that she would be there. He is in Thailand for a layover, and he takes the chance to meet her, much to Da Eul and Sa Rang’s amazement. Gu Won is not thrilled that he will further have to share the bed, but he is left with no options. In the hotel, the girls exchange some gifts and some lighthearted teasing, whereas the boys are engrossed in a lot of friendly roasting of Gu Won. When Ru On is leaving the next day, he finds that Pyeong Hwa has prepared some food for him and asks him to have his meal before going. She is taking her time in responding to his advances, but she is letting him know that he is on her mind.

Do Sa Rang And Gu Won Get Their Alone Time?

On their third day in Thailand, Sa Rang and Gu Won do the most sensible thing ever: they make a run for it by ditching their friends. Sang Sik can follow his itinerary with Da Eul and Pyeong Hwa, but Gu Won and Sa Rang are going to spend time together on their own terms in their own space. As they make their way through Bangkok, we see that Gu Won has made all of his romantic preparations here as well. At dinner, he opens up to Sarang about his family.

So far, we had been under the impression that Gu Won’s father was having an extramarital affair with his mother, but we just realized that she was the Chairman’s second wife. She disappeared one day, and since then, Gu Won has been looking for her. He doesn’t know why she left them—if she had a reason or if she was forced to by someone—but all these years later, what Gu Won wants is an answer. Sa Rang assures him that they will look for her together, and these two are unknowingly making promises of a lifetime. At the end of episode 10 of King The Land, as their Thailand dating scene continues, they tell each other how happy they make one another, and they want this to continue for a long time to come. These two are so close to getting married, and they don’t even know it.

Final Thoughts

The precap for episode 11 of King The Land tells us that it is going to be focused on the preparation for the 100-year celebration of King Hotel, which means a certain war for inheritance is going to be at the forefront of things. Hwa Ran has come to know about this Thailand trip, and it won’t be long before she connects the dots that lead to Sa Rang. We have had so much sweetness from this couple that we know that the bad times are coming. It’s never a great love story without a heartbreaking breakup scene, so we can expect that to happen soon. But since this drama has taken a rather mushy approach, maybe that won’t last long.

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