‘King The Land’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is The King’s Party A Success?


We believe in King the Land supremacy, and there is a quality to this cliche (it’s a compliment in this case) that is unmatched. It is not about Gu Won and Sa Rang, but the possibility of only good things happening in a person’s life that feels so magical, set against one’s own backdrop of reality. We hate the fact that this series is going to end in two weeks or so, but this time has been truly memorable for us. So, let’s look at another cute recap of this episode.

Spoilers Alert

How Does Gu Won Plan For The Party?

Let’s discuss the aftermath of Gu Won and Sa Rang escaping to spend time in their own bubble in Bangkok. These two end up confessing that they love each other while we cry in the corner about not getting a good match on an app designed to do that for us, while here is Sa Rang, whose second meeting with the love of her life was when she was on the toilet. Nevertheless, Won is in good spirits, and he makes sure that the entire holiday crew travels back in first class. Sa Rang’s friends are really clueless; they haven’t figured out how far she and Won have progressed while he is doing all this. They are still asking her whether he has asked her out. One only needs to spare a glance at them to know how they are unable to keep their hands off each other.

When they get back, Sa Rang is finally welcomed warmly in her workplace when she gives her entire team some gifts that she brought back from Thailand. On the other hand, Da Eul is told to aim for higher sales targets or risk getting one of her members fired. As for Pyeong Hwa, the pilot who keeps annoying her takes another dig at her for not getting promoted, and just to rub it in her face, he suggests that the entire team go for food and drinks. But Ro Un refuses, as does another girl from the team. When Ro Un leaves with Pyeong Hwa, it is a bit of a victory for her, as she is very gracefully rescued from an uncomfortable situation.

When Pyeong Hwa asks him whether he is not scared of the repercussions, he assures her that it is a problem for another day. Ro Un even confesses his feelings for Pyeong Hwa, and though she tells him that she cannot accept them, Ro Un is not really hurt and says that he has just put his intentions out there. It is up to Pyeong Hwa how she chooses to move ahead with them. There is something in Pyeong Hwa’s past, probably with the pilot, that she can’t afford to come to light. We have often wondered why she has not yet left the job and what is holding her back in a place that obviously doesn’t value her very much. We would like to see this mystery resolved soon.

Back at the King Hotel, Won approaches the doorman, Kim Bong Sik, who has been working in the hotel for over 30 years, to see if he has any information about his mother. But at the last minute, Won is unable to go ahead with his query. As he tells Sa Rang later on, when he tried inquiring about his mother in his childhood, he was only disappointed at other people’s lack of response. He did not want to face that again from Mr. Bong Sik. He tells Sa Rang that he has given up on his quest to find his mother and wants to make peace with her disappearance. However, while Sa Rang accepts it, she still tries asking Mr. Bong Sik whether he remembers anyone by the name of Han Mi So, and he ends up directing her toward Kim Ok Ja, the room inspector. Kim Ok Ja isn’t of much help to Sa Rang, but the latter waits to try again.

Coming to more pressing matters, Gu Won is gearing up for the celebration of the hotel’s 100th anniversary, and his sister is not happy with his arrangement since he plans on sidelining the “important” people in favor of the employees. When she brings this up with their father, he insists on giving Gu Won free rein in the interest of a fair chance to see what he can do.

Is The King Hotel’s Party A Success?

No Sang Sik is cute, and we love how he found a way to be with Su Mi once again. As for the hotel celebration itself, we expected that Hwa Ran would come up with some scheme or conspiracy to make things go wrong, but she held herself back. However, things didn’t go well for her either.

At the party, everything is perfect and rehearsed, but Won has a few surprises up his sleeve. Hwa Ran wants the first address, the one after the Chairman, to be given by Assemblyman Park, as she needs his favor for the renewal of some licenses and their future projects of expansion. However, Gu Won doesn’t call for him but for the son of the man who was one of the first people to work in the King Hotel. The Chairman is stunned to meet him, and we suspect that he is going to help that man with his business.

The second person to be invited was Mr. Bong Sik, who tells the story of how he switched from being a pharmaceutical sales rep to being the doorman of the hotel because people always seemed to be happy there. The third person to be invited was Kim Ok Ja, who works behind the scenes to make the hotel as hospitable as possible for the guests. Basically, Gu Won put the employees at the forefront of the celebration as the people responsible for giving the hotel the stature it has achieved in the last 100 years and for the ambitions it holds for the next hundred. The Assemblyman is furious at being sidelined this way, and Hwa Ran is unable to do anything about it. She angrily goes to her father, but he is impressed by his son. He remembers that Gu Won’s mother was part of the Strategic Planning team, and she had made plans for a hotel that would “make people happy.” Gu Won had achieved that dream with his party. The Chairman says that he had lost sight of what was important, and we are guessing that Hwa Ran caught on to the hidden meaning behind his words, which is why she tells him to be the person she could trust.

Elsewhere, with the party a success, Sa Rang invites Gu Won to her house on Sunday. She had previously said that she would cook for him when she found him most adorable. It looks like Gu Won has crossed that milestone. At the end of episode 11 of King the Land, just as the two are getting cozy in Sa Rang’s house, they are caught by Pyeong Hwa, Da Eul, Sang Sik, and Ro Un. There is no better way to ruin a romantic moment than with the shocked screams of your friends.

Final thoughts

The only thing that worries us about the next episode is No Sang Sik. We saw that Hwa Ran is going to try and get him on her side, but if he actually ends up betraying Gu Won, he will taint the reputation of every sidekick in all future dramas. We can accept Ha Do Yun from See You In My 19th Life as a secret villain, but not No Sang Sik. Should that not happen, we will remain happy with King the Land

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