‘King The Land’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Gu Won Find Sa Rang?


We may just be more jealous of Sa Rang’s colleagues than her boyfriend. This is the real deal of “kindness turning a bad place into a good one,” and we will take this over a romance any day, no matter how well done it is. Honestly, our jealousy turned so petty that we were happy to notice some frizz on the usually picture-perfect Sa Rang’s hair in one of the scenes. But we ask not to be judged for it since the characters in the fourteenth episode of King The Land were way pettier with her and for worse reasons (Gu Won). But as usual, he was the steady boyfriend by her side who saved her from evil. There is a reason we have called this drama a fantasy. It is because we also want the ability to fight like Sa Rang but don’t want to have to do it because Gu Won is by our side, and that is how it works out for her in King The Land episode’s recap.

Spoilers Alert

The Aftermath Of The Leaked Photos

When the photos of Sa Rang and Gu Won are first leaked, the former’s face is blurred, so no one really suspects anything. But that is simply Hwa Ran’s marketing strategy, as in, the first step in ruining Won’s reputation. Once interest is created in public, she reveals Sa Rang’s face through subsequent pictures. As Da Eul rightly puts it, it is easier to find relatability in others’ failures than to be happy for their successes. A huge chunk of the staff at the hotel hates Sa Rang’s guts, and Su Mi is probably at the forefront of it all. She bashes Sa Rang in the lift with her friends, and when she meets her, she nosily badgers her for “pointers” on how to date someone so accomplished.

Unexpectedly, Gu Won was in the lift this whole time, and he told everyone that he was the one to approach Sa Rang. Won has effectively silenced a lot of people, but it was never about facts for them. They just wanted to hate someone who had a good thing going. At least Sa Rang’s team supports and takes care of her, and even Gu Won asks them, as her boyfriend, to look out for her. These two visit Sa Rang’s grandmother, and she still treats Won like an option (no. 1) among the other candidates for her grandson-in-law. At least one side of the family is in favor of their relationship.

On the other side, there is something sinister about Hwa Ran’s low voice. She gathers the board of directors, who decide to oppose Won’s promotion to President because of the scandal, but the Chairman saves it in time when he reveals that it was Hwa Ran who leaked this information. He also fires her from the hotel and doesn’t want her to get further involved with Gu Won. This is a big blow to Hwa Ran, even though the Air and distribution channels of the King Group, of which she is in charge, are bigger than the hotel. It is simply because she hates Gu Won and doesn’t want him to get anything because she felt left out as a kid when her father spent time with Gu Won and his mother. The picture painted is that she was not neglected but felt abandoned. It could come from a place of greed that refuses to share people or things, and that applies to the business as much as it applies to her family.

Did anyone else feel like they saw Sang Sik after a long time? He finally tells Gu Won about the talk that Hwa Ran had with him a few days ago and admits that he refused her offer. Won is happy and thanks him, and a cheeky Sang Sik asks to be made the Head Manager when Gu Won becomes President.

Coming to Sa Rang’s friends, Da Eul finally has some justice and peace as her husband is delegated the household chores, and her in-laws come over to her side after they find out what their son has done. This is not redemption because the original problem was their sexist attitude, but we suppose this will have to do. As for Pyeong Hwa, another embarrassment strikes her when Mi Na reveals her divorce to everyone out of her jealousy at Ru On liking Pyeong Hwa. The finale better give her lots of justice and a huge promotion.

Does Gu Won Find Sa Rang? Does He Meet His Mother?

The Chairman seems to have some serious mixed feelings about his son’s affair with Sa Rang. On one hand, he doesn’t want to tell him to break up, but he has no issue saying those very words to Sa Rang. His own love story has probably left him jaded. At least Sa Rang got to go on a booked-out amusement park date with Won before he went overseas for a while on the job.

Sa Rang is transferred to the King Tourism Hotel, which is the place for the “worst transgressors.” She meets one of her early seniors, Bo Yeon, who was transferred there for sneezing in front of Hwa Ran. Everyone knows why Sa Rang is at the hotel, but they are nice to her. When Gu Won comes back to Korea, he tries calling her but can’t get to her. When he goes to the hotel, he finally finds out from Ha Na that Sa Rang has been transferred to the Tourism Hotel. The way Ha Na initially smiles reminds him of his own childhood, when people were smiling while telling him that they did not know where his mother was. Though Won collects himself, the shadow of that moment is still hanging over him. At the end of episode 14 of King The Land, as he is rushing out, he sees his mother, who has finally come to meet him after all these years. She could have come back because of the news, because her friend told her about Gu Won seeking the truth, or for no reason other than wanting to be with her son. But this is the key that will finally resolve all the problems.

Final Thoughts

We refuse to accept the tragedy that the precap of King The Land episode 15 is trying to sell us. It makes absolutely no sense, and at best, Gu Won must be crying about something to do with his mother rather than Sa Rang. The fifteenth episode is not the one where the leads break up, and if that happens, it will ruin our opinion of the show so far. On that note, we really wish that Hwa Ran had some scope for redemption, if not for herself, then for the adorable Ji Hu who is waiting for her. She has very little power left with her, which is why we don’t believe that she can cause any real damage, but there is no telling what her vindictive opportunism might lead to. Either way, Gu Won looks pretty even while crying, so we don’t think the next episode will be a complete bust, even if the dreaded event happens.

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