‘Kiss, Kiss’ Ending, Explained: Do Tomek & Ola Marry Each Other? What Happens To Kristian?


“Kiss, Kiss” is less of a romantic comedy and more of two people finding themselves in situations for no rhyme or reason. In fact, I found that literally everyone, except the protagonists, had an agenda and a personality, which feels very counterintuitive to the story the makers are trying to tell. We have a wedding and a flirt who is out to ruin it. Then we have a long-lost relative who doesn’t make it clear whether he wants the male lead to ruin the wedding or let it be. This movie is a bit of a mess, and we don’t understand why it turned out that way since audiences like me would have settled for a well-done cliche anyway. “Kiss, Kiss” is nothing more than an endeavor that takes for granted the love people have for rom-coms. This is how it goes.

Spoilers Ahead

How Do Tomek And Ola Fall In Love?

Tomek is fired from his job when he breaks up with his boss and is late for an important meeting because he was flirting with a girl, all on the same day. He moves back in with his brother, Janek, who clearly doesn’t want him there. Janek is angry with Tomek for abandoning their family when their mother was sick. Tomek claims he was busy with his studies, but he later admits that he did not know how to be around their mother when she was in such a condition.

A very broke Tomek lands a gig to cover the behind-the-scenes of the wedding of a minister’s son. Tomek, Midas, and Janek set out for their assignment, and a little charm on Tomek’s part, praising Patsy, the wife of the Minister and the mother of the groom, gets them in everyone’s good books. But Tomek still goes ahead and messes it up when he kisses the bride, Ola, who is the girl he was flirting with on the bus. Tomek is completely smitten by Ola, and he doesn’t seem to care that her wedding is just days away.

As for Ola herself, her wedding has been hijacked by her mother-in-law, Patsy, who sees this more as an opportunity to boost her husband’s presidential campaign than an actual ceremony for two people in love. Ola is just quietly putting up with it all, though we don’t see why. She seems to know that she is not in love with her fiancé, yet she is going ahead with it all. Ola was raised by her grandmother after her father left her when she was 11 years old. Maybe fear of abandonment is the reason she has chosen someone safe and reliable as a partner. But she is glaringly unhappy. She seems to smile sometimes when Tomek makes a pass at her, every moment of which is being photographed by someone. However, the only way to sum up the situation is that nobody cares about the wedding for the bride and groom themselves, and this movie is trying to relate itself to “Tristan and Isolde.” But despite this mess, for all of Tomek’s rascally behavior, Ola’s grandmother seems to like him.

It is at this point that the story gets interesting, or at least that is what I thought for a brief two minutes. Tomek and Janek are kidnapped by Don Smyra, Poland’s greatest gangster. He is Ola’s father, the one who abandoned her all those years ago. Smyra wants her wedding to Kristian to go off without a hitch so that the Minister, who is set to be president, will make all the cases against him go away. He tells a very scared Tomek and Janek to continue with whatever they are doing, though it seems like a sarcastic, veiled threat that does not fit with the situation. Maybe that is why Tomek was not discouraged from poking holes into Kristian and Ola’s engagement. During a premarital interview, with his pointed questions, he brings to light that they might not be entirely compatible with each other. In fact, when he speaks with the groom’s father, I noticed that the father and the son are parroting the same answers regarding the importance of marriage, indicating that Kristian’s heart might not be in this as well.

During a dance rehearsal, Tomek takes Kristian’s place in his absence. Seeing the chemistry between Tomek and Ola, Patsy tells the video team to cut that from the final film. The next thing she does is to make a move on Tomek, who escapes by creating a fake emergency in the building.

Later that night, Ola is noticeably missing from her own bachelorette party. Tomek wastes no time and goes to her house, where her grandma tells him to take care of Ola. When Tomek confronts her, asking whether she loves Kristian, her answer is not in the affirmative. Tomek and Ola spend the night together, and it is clear they are in love. I neither understand nor like the love between these two. It makes no sense, and honestly, the story should have been about Janek and Klara.

Now that I have mentioned them, these two adorable and goofy individuals really deserve the world. They always had a crush on each other, but Klara was hesitant to go out with Janek because she believed that she had a curse where any guy she went out with would be harmed. But since she feels so strongly for Janek, she lets go of that inhibition. However, we think there might be something to it since soon after, Janek gets kidnapped by the Don. But he sees it differently. To protect Klara, he breaks up with her, though even that doesn’t last very long because they care for each other so much. Something similar happens with Tomek and Ola. When he leaves the next morning after spending the night with Ola, he is kidnapped again.

‘Kiss, Kiss’ Ending Explained: How Did Tomek Stop Ola’s Wedding To Kristian?

Ola knows who has kidnapped Tomek. She goes to meet her father, asks him to release Tomek, and promises him that she will certainly marry Kristian. Smyra stays true to his word and releases Tomek, but when Ola’s wedding is just hours away. Let us just say that Tomek wastes no time and crosses hell and high water to get to his lady love. Meanwhile, in the church, neither Ola nor Kristian is able to put their hearts into their vows, to the point that Ola even says the wrong name. At the end of “Kiss, Kiss,” right when the bride and groom are about to kiss, Tomek arrives at the church and declares that Kristian isn’t in love with Ola and elopes with her. When chaos breaks out in church, Tomek is with Ola on a bus. He sends a video to Patsy of Kristian kissing the church boy. Kristian had only been marrying Ola to create a positive image for his family, who were the ones forcing him to do such a thing. Tomek has three conditions for the video not to be leaked. The first is that the marriage never be registered; the second is that Smyra be let go of; and finally, that Kosecki steps down as president. Tomek gets his three wishes, and all the couples get their happy endings, Kristian and the church boy included. On another positive note, Ola and Smyra also reconcile.

Final Thoughts

There is really nothing to “Kiss, Kiss.” The leads have no story or personality between them, which means that there is no buildup or chemistry. Frankly, I know that if Tomek hadn’t reached the church in time, it wouldn’t have made a difference because it would have been a sham marriage anyway. Even then, the video was enough ammunition to make sure that Tomek got his three wishes. It is movies like “Kiss, Kiss” that make me resistant to giving any new rom-com a chance. We are not going to recommend this to anyone.

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