‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 1 And 2: Recap And Ending – What Are Ye-sool And Min-hu’s Secrets?


“Kiss Sixth Sense” is the latest Korean drama based on the webtoon of the same name, written by Gatnyeo and published on Naver Webtoon. It is a supernatural fantasy drama directed by Nam Ki-hoon and stars Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Pil Yo, and Lee Joo Yeon in the leading roles.

What Premonition Does Ye Sool See?

Hong Ye Sool is a project manager at Zeu.ad, an advertising company. She is the youngest project manager in the company, but her seniors always pick on her because they think that she is incompetent. Her boss, Cha Min Hu, is very strict, and everyone is scared of him. However, he is extremely good at his job, and the success of a project is guaranteed if he is present.

Min Hu is very picky and even picks out the smallest flaws in project proposals. Ye Sool has been working with him for a long time and has been mentored under his guidance. No one else in the office knows him as much as she does, and other employees often tease her as his office wife. For an ongoing project, Ye Sool had prepared nineteen proposals before one of them was accepted.

For an advertisement for a bed, Ye Sool is going to work with the actress Oh Ji Young. When she meets Ji Young, the actress admires her lipstick color by touching her lip, and Ye Sool sees a premonition of Ji Young shooting for the advertisement. Ye Sool can also predict things like rain, and she had also foreseen her colleague slipping in the lobby when her hair brushed Ye Sool’s lips accidentally.

Even though Ye Sool has foreseen the successful shoot for the advertisement, she feels uneasy the night before and cannot fall asleep. She gets a call from Min Hu because it has started raining and all the props are out in the open. Ye Sool reaches the location, and while helping Min-hu, she slips because of the damp floor, and her lips touch Min Hu’s. She sees the premonition of her and Min-hu making love in his apartment, but she is not ready to believe it and wants to think of it as a dream.

How Does Min Hu Get Sick?

After the accidental kiss with Ye Sool, Min Hu is questionably seen wearing sunglasses and earbuds. He has been telling people around him to speak softly because every sound is too loud for him. He leaves the set as soon as the shooting is over. He lives in a high-rise apartment, and even when all of his windows are closed, he can hear the sound of bikes from afar. He reports them to the police and also tells them their bike numbers, which are impossible to see from so far away.

Both Min Hu and Ye Sool see the same doctor for their illness, but Min Hu takes many more pills than Ye Sool. When he sees Ye Sool having a nosebleed, he drops her at the hospital himself. Ye Sool has insomnia and often gets nervous breakdowns. She is addicted to caffeine, and Min Hu knows it. He warns her to drop out of the upcoming project if she doesn’t take care of her health.

Oh Ji Young is close to Min Hu and has a crush on him. She knows his secret, and when she finds out that he has been feeling uncomfortable for some days, she visits him at his apartment and forces him to tell her whom he kissed, but he refuses to do so and sends her off on the way she came and doesn’t even let her in.

‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 2: Ending

Min Hu has yet again managed to save a project from going off their hands, and this time, he has appreciated Ye Sool’s idea of a pop-up store. He tells her that if she makes such good proposals in the first draft, she need not make nineteen proposals. Ye Sool is happy because it is the first time Min Hu has appreciated her for something.

At the event, Min Hu smells something odd when no one else does and also tells the production team to fix a prop because it looks weak. Everyone calls him oversensitive because of his picky nature. However, his orders came to work when a homeless man captured the prop bed and refused to leave. He has brought a foul smell from the outside, and while the employees try to get him out, the prop collapses.

Min Hu sees the prop falling and runs to catch Ye Sool. In the process, he hurts himself, and Ye Sool has to take her to the hospital. Min Hu has a big wound on his back that has been stitched. Seeing the wound reminds Ye Sool of the premonition in which Min Hu had a scar on his back. She drives him to his home and finds it odd that his house is almost empty. She imagines herself making love to him as she had foreseen, but as she still doesn’t believe it, she tries to kiss asleep Min Hu, but he opens his eyes.

Both Min Hu and Ye Sool possess a sensory superpower. Their senses are much stronger than an average human. Ye Sool can not only see a person’s future but can also foresee her surroundings. As for Min Hu, he can also sense things before they happen, and it looks like exciting activities like kissing someone enhance his sensory power. A lot is to be uncovered yet, and it will be exciting to see how far their sensory powers can go in the upcoming episodes of “Kiss Sixth Sense.”

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“Kiss Sixth Sense” is a 2022 Korean Drama series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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