‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 3 And 4: Recap And Ending – Will Min-hu Believe Ye-sool’s Premonition?


In the previous episode of “Kiss Sixth Sense,” the sensory powers of Cha Min Hu and Hong Ye-sool were revealed. Ye Sool can see the future when her lips touch someone, and Min Hu’s senses get hyper-alert after he kisses someone. After their accidental kiss, Ye Sool had seen her future with Min Hu. Will her premonition really become true?

Who Proposes Ye-sool?

After the previous night’s incident, Ye Sool felt awkward facing Cha Min Hu at the office, but he didn’t even mention the previous night and started talking business as soon as he entered the office. Ye Sool’s project has become successful, and she gets praised by everyone for her efforts. Min Hu treats his team at an expensive restaurant, and right after their lunch, he takes Ye Sool to the pop-up store site. First, they help the production team, and afterward, Min Hu picks on Ye Sool and tells her off for all the flaws in her execution.

Ye Sool has been working late to build a proposal for her dream project. All of a sudden, the light goes off in the office, and Min Hu’s hand accidentally touches Ye Sool’s lips in the dark. Ye Sool sees a premonition that a man will propose to her with a ring. She believes the man to be Cha Min Hu and starts daydreaming. She wonders how long Min Hu has liked her and why he would propose to her out of nowhere. While going back home, she sees the news of Lee Pil Yo winning a prestigious award as a film director, and it reminds her of the time she spent with him, her ex-boyfriend.

Why Does Min-hu Kiss Ye-sool?

Zeu.Ad company is holding its annual function, and the employees are excited because it is a great chance to find a new date. However, Ye Sool is not looking for anyone to date and has other things in mind. She is expecting a proposal from Cha Min Hu and is quite sure about it. According to her premonition, she does get a surprise proposal with a ring, but it is not from Min Hu. It is her ex-boyfriend Lee Pil Yo who will be working as a director for the Mopix advertisement that Ye Sool is working on. Ye Sool avoids him and pretends not to know him during the entire event.

Ye Sool is emotional after meeting Pil Yo and starts crying on the street. Min Hu sees her and takes her to eat her favorite ribeye. Ye Sool keeps on drinking one bottle after another, and Min Hu keeps on following her in case she collapses. Ye Sool is completely wasted and reveals to Min Hu that she can see the future. She tells him that she saw them making out in his apartment and wants to kiss him to confirm it again. Min Hu tells her to remember that she had asked for it and kisses her as they sit in his car.

What Does Lee Pil-yo Want From Ye-sool?

Ye Sool wakes up in a hotel room and gets embarrassed when she remembers that she kissed Min Hu last night. She tries to sneak out, but Min Hu catches her, and they go to the office together. Min Hu is indifferent as usual and is focused on his work. However, after work, he asks Ye Sool if what she said last night was true. To prove her truth, she kisses Min Hu’s palm and tells him a few premonitions. Seung Taek is in Min Hu’s bedroom, and his nose is bleeding. Min Hu and Ye Sool are in the middle of a place that looks like a desert, and Min Hu’s phone cracks by falling down when he tries to hold Ye Sool, who has tripped over something. Ye Sool has told him what she has seen, and now it’s up to Min Hu to believe them.

The first premonition by Ye Sool comes true when Min Hu’s friend Seung Taek barges into his bedroom after getting drunk. Min Hu kicks him so hard that he smashes his nose on the wall and starts bleeding. Lee Pil Yo has been pestering Ye Sool to go on a date with him, but when she shows her clear disinterest, he guilt-trips her for breaking 25 million worth of his belongings after they broke up. Ye Sool gives in to his indirect threat and agrees to three dates.

‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 4: Ending

Soon after they start working together, Min Hu notices that Pil Yo has been making Ye Sool uncomfortable. To avoid any more discomfort for Ye Sool, Min Hu becomes Pil Yo’s manager for the project. He joins Pil Yo and Ye Sool for a test drive of the new vehicle they are promoting and ruins Pil Yo’s plan for a date with Ye Sool. During this drive, two of Ye Sool’s remaining premonitions come true. Pil Yo takes them to barren land, which makes the second premonition true. While walking toward Min Hu, Ye Sool trips over a rock, and Min Hu drops his phone while trying to hold Ye Sool, confirming the third premonition.

When they return to the office at night, Min Hu tells Ye Sool that he will believe in her and asks her to tell him in detail the premonition she had about him. Ye Sool tells him everything and also mentions that she feels uneasy thinking about the future. Seeing how anxious she is, Min Hu asks her to make out with him tonight so she won’t have to worry about it. Ye Sool gets shocked by the sudden offer by Min Hu and doesn’t understand if he is serious or joking. If Min Hu is serious, does it mean that he really has feelings for Ye Sool? And why is it that he didn’t feel hyper-sensitive after kissing Ye Sool the second time? Let’s find out in the next episodes of “Kiss Sixth Sense.”

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