‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – What Idea Does Min-hu Propose To Ye-sool?


In the previous episode of “Kiss Sixth Sense,” Ye Sool reveals her secret of premonitions to Min Hu, which he only believes after seeing them come true. He also knows the premonition about him and Ye Sool making out and asks her if she wants to sleep with him to stop getting anxious about the future. However, he has a condition. What could that be?

Does Ye-sool Sleep With Min-hu?

Min Hu was about to tell Ye Sool about the condition he has before they can sleep together, but Oh Ji Young comes in and disrupts their conversation. She keeps on asking Min Hu what they were talking about and why he always works late at night with Ye Sool. Min Hu takes her away and sends her off from the office. Before going, Ji Young asks him if he is dating Ye Sool because it is impossible for any woman to date him if she knows his truth.

Min Hu wanted to talk with Ye Sool, but after hearing what Ji Young told him, he held back and decided to talk the next day. They decide to make out the next day, but while doing so, it becomes uncomfortable, and they stop doing it. Min Hu makes peace with his feelings and tells Ye Sool that he has never had a one-night stand with a woman and can only sleep with someone if he has feelings for her. Hence, he asks Ye Sool to date him if she wants to sleep with him. Ye Sool calls him crazy and leaves his home.

The next day at work, Ye Sool tells Min Hu that she has never thought of dating Min Hu and cannot think of it going further. She refuses to date him, but Min Hu doesn’t look happy about it. He doubts her ability to see the future and asks her if she has lied all this time. He says that there is no problem with them dating because they are single and pokes Ye Sool, saying that her workaholic behavior clearly shows that she is dating no one. Ye Sool receives a call from Pil Yo and, to provoke Min Hu, she purposely talks about going on a date with him.

Ye Sool has to go on a date with Pil Yo because she promised him herself. On their date, Pil Yo tells her that he doesn’t want to regret not understanding her again, but Ye Sool still cannot open up to him. The future that she had seen of Pil Yo didn’t have her in it. They had fought about it before, and Pil Yo didn’t believe her, and she didn’t tell him the truth this time either. She thinks that the future will remain the same.

What Future Does Yes-sool See With Min-hu?

Min Hu has been having sensory overload since childhood, and as per his doctor’s advice, he has learned to control it. However, his hearing senses are stronger than any other sense, and he can hear sounds from far away. The doctor advises him to focus only on things that he likes, so that he won’t hear unnecessary sounds. Min Hu is calling Ye Sool from outside her house but hears her fast heartbeats and screams from afar.

A burglar has broken into Ye Sool’s house and is about to attack her when Min Hu barges in, and the burglar runs away. She is scared and cannot live alone in her house, so Min Hu takes her to their office. Min Hu has never been this caring about anyone before, and this makes Ye Sool overwhelmed. Min Hu can hear her loud heartbeats and thinks that she is still scared. He places his hand on her forehead to check her temperature, and an employee sees them. She asks Ye Sool about their relationship, and Min Hu can hear it all.

The pictures of Mopix’s new car design have been leaked, and Ye Sool gets thrown out of the project and also gets demoted from her position. Min Hu isn’t happy about it either, but has to follow the protocol. On the same night, Ye Sool reaches home to find Min Hu installing CCTV cameras and security railings in her house. Ye Sool gets surprised to see him and asks him right away if he likes her. Min Hu answered “Yes” without thinking for a second. However, he gets embarrassed and runs out of the house.

Ye Sool asks him if what he said was true and, if so, how long he has liked her. Min Hu replies that he liked her the first time they met but only realized it now. Before Ye Sool could say anything, Pil Yo joins them and provokes Min Hu for demoting Ye Sool in the morning and asking her out at night.

‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 6: Ending

Both Min-hu and Pil Yo are trying to prove who is better while Ye Sool sits between them drinking alcohol. Neither of them can tolerate alcohol and are known as “One-Shot Wonders.” However, when it comes to their ego, both of them drink a glass of alcohol and doze off. Ye Sool calls Pil Yo’s assistant to pick him up but can not reach Seung Taek to pick Min Hu up. She has no option but to take Min Hu to her home.

Ye Sool has remembered the premonition that she had seen when she was drunk but again cannot believe it. She looks happy with Min Hu in it and cannot bring herself to tell him yet. While Min Hu sleeps on her sofa, she empties her mind and speaks out everything to him. Min Hu is not fast asleep and wakes up to ask Ye Sool to explain her dream. When she tells Min Hu that she is not sure because she was drunk, he allows her to kiss him to confirm the premonition.

Ye Sool sees herself laughing with Min Hu in the future. He cooks for her, pampers her, and loves her deeply. They are happy with each other. It is the only premonition that Ye Sool has seen in which she is happy. After pondering over it for a few days, Ye Sool herself asks Min Hu to date her. Will the future happen as Ye Sool has seen? Or will there be an anomaly? More will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of “Kiss Sixth Sense.”

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