‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending – What Was The Misunderstanding Between Ye-sool And Pil-yo?


Previously, in “Kiss Sixth Sense,” Ye Sool had seen a premonition that she had a happy future with Min Hu, and she saw herself happy and smiling for the first time in a premonition. Min Hu had proposed to her that they only sleep together if they are dating. Initially, she is perplexed by the idea, but after giving it some thought, Ye Sool asks Min Hu to date her.

How Does Ye-sool Get Her Project Back?

Ye Sool and Min Hu have started dating, and Ye Sool is confused about how to act in the office and how their first day as a couple is going to be. She reaches the office and goes to see Min Hu. Opposite to her expectations, Min Hu starts talking about work and keeps on going about it the entire day. Ye Sool wonders if they’re really dating or not but gets a message from Min Hu at the end of the day for a dinner date.

On their dinner date, Ji Young meets them and asks Min Hu if he is dating Ye Sool, and he tells her the truth. Min Hu tells Ye Sool that Ji Young is like a younger sister to him and shows her the picture of their childhood. Ye Sool feels like she has seen the little girl in the photo somewhere, and after going home, she realizes where she has seen her. Ji Young is the child actress in the old advertisement that Ye Sool’s father had made for Mopix.

Pil Yo has created the first draft for the advertisement video, but it gets rejected by the client with multiple remarks. Pil Yo sees the advertisement as his work of art and doesn’t want to compromise. Everyone turns to Ye Sool to ask for a solution, and even Pil Yo goes to Ye Sool after getting frustrated. Ye Sool has already made a plan for the advertisement, and she hands it over to Pil Yo. Ye Sool has made a proposal mixing past and present as Ji Young is in the advertisement for Mopix again after 25 years.

The client loves the idea, and it gets approved by them. With the history and connection attached to the advertisement, Min Hu pushes the client to bring Ye Sool back to the project, and the client agrees, given her father’s contribution to their project in the past. Pil Yo accidentally finds the contract that Ye Sool has made for her relationship with Min Hu, and he asks Ye Sool if her reason for breaking up with him is the same as why she has made the contract with Min Hu. Pil Yo knew that Ye Sool could see the future but waited for her to tell him.

What Makes Min-hu And Ye-sool Get Into A Fight?

Pil Yo requests Ye Sool to accompany him to meet someone. He takes her to her senior, who is now married and has a baby. She is the same girl Ye Sool had seen in her premonitions and believed that Pil Yo was going to marry her. The girl admits to Ye Sool that she had kissed Pil Yo after he had broken up, but he didn’t talk to her again until she got married. Ye Sool sees Pil Yo playing with the baby, just like what she had seen in the premonition, and realizes the big misunderstanding that made her break up with Pil Yo.

Ye Sool is confused and embarrassed and runs away from Pil Yo. He follows her and stops her. Pil Yo asks her how long she will keep on running away from him and tells her the reason why he came back to her after three years. After their breakup, Pil Yo overheard Ye Sool and Ho Woo talking about her premonition, and Pil Yo came only after the girl in the premonition got married. Pil Yo confesses to Ye Sool that he still likes her and asks her to understand him.

The video of Pil Yo confessing to Ye Sool gets leaked on the internet, and people start discussing whether she is the girl Pil Yo made his movie about and if he is going to be back together with her. When Min Hu sees the video, he gets mad at Ye Sool and tells her that he doesn’t like it when she hangs out with Pil Yo and that he gets possessive and jealous easily. Ye Sool also gets mad at him and hasn’t been responding to his calls or texts, but when she calls back, Ji Young picks up and tells Ye Sool that Min Hu only likes her because of her special ability.

Min Hu, Ye Sool, Pil Yo, and their entire team are on a business trip for an advertising shoot. Pil Yo is still pressing Ye Sool to go on the remaining two dates with him, despite knowing that she is dating Min Hu. Min Hu can hear their conversation from afar and gets jealous again. He comes out to meet Ye Sool, but Ji Young greets him first. She doesn’t believe that Min Hu feels at ease when Ye Sool is around after he kisses her. To prove him wrong, she kisses him at the same time as Ye Sool arrives.

‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 8: Ending

Ye Sool runs away from them, and Min Hu follows her, despite being in pain because of his increased senses. However, Ye Sool doesn’t want to talk to him because of what she has seen. Min Hu has heard her conversation with Pil Yo and confronts her about it. He asks her if she was swayed by Pil Yo. Ye Sool gets suspicious and asks Min Hu if he was eavesdropping on her. Ye Sool agrees that she was swayed and suggests they break up.

Ye Sool walks away, and Min Hu returns to his room and covers his ears and eyes to stop feeling the extra sensations. He hears some unknown voices talking about Ye Sool, and they sound suspicious. Min Hu tries to follow the sounds to reach Ye Sool, but she has walked too far away. He can hear Ye Sool’s footsteps and the tires screeching from a distance. Ye Sool is walking alone in the dark, and a car has been following her. However, another car comes in front of her and makes the other car pass by first.

A strange man comes out of the car with the intention of kidnapping Ye Sool. Can Min Hu save Ye Sool? And Why Is Someone Trying To Hurt Ye Sool? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Kiss Sixth Sense.”

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