‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 9 & 10 Recap And Ending: Does Ye-sool’s Premonition Finally Come True?


Previously, in “Kiss Sixth Sense,” Ye Sool and Min Hu get into a fight after Min Hu gets jealous over the growing closeness between Ye Sool and Pil Yo. To add to the fire, Ye Sool sees Oh Ji Young kissing Min Hu, which only increases the misunderstanding. Ye Sool runs away from Min Hu, but he senses danger around her and starts looking for her. Did Min Hu find Ye Sool in time to save her from danger?

How Does Ye-sool React To Min-hu’s Secret?

The kidnapper had started running toward Ye Sool, but thanks to Min Hu, he ran away as soon as Min Hu shouted Ye Sool’s name. Ye Sool has no idea what could have happened to her if Min Hu hadn’t come to find her. She is still mad at him, but Min Hu collapses because of the pain he has been experiencing since Ji Young kissed him. Ye Sool takes him to his room, where he takes his medicine. Ye Sool asks Min Hu why he takes so many medicines, and this is the time for Min Hu to reveal the truth.

Min Hu tells Ye Sool that he has been hypersensitive ever since he got into an accident in childhood. After he kisses someone, his senses go wild, which causes him pain. Ye Sool finds it doubtful at first, but when Min Hu tells her that Dr. Oh knows about it, she believes him. It is the same as Ye Sool seeing the future after she kisses someone. Min Hu clears up the doubt about Ji Young and tells Ye Sool that Ji Young’s father is his doctor and Ji Young knows about his condition. Min Hu had told her that Ye Sool makes him feel better even after they kissed, and to confirm it, Ji Young had kissed Min Hu, which upset Ye Sool.

It is the last day of the shoot for the Mopix advertisement, and both Ji Young and Pil Yo see Min Hu and Ye Sool coming out of Min Hu’s room together. Pil Yo worries about Ji Young coming for the shoot or not when she cries in front of him, but she comes and shows her professionalism. However, she hurts her ankle while running, and Ye Sool acts as her body double. While Ye Sool is busy shooting, Min Hu hears the same sound that he had heard from the person who tried to hurt Ye Sool, but the person disappears before Min Hu can find them.

Min Hu stops the shoot, saying that there would be an emergency, and an ambulance passes by minutes later. Ye Sool gets suspicious and leaves for the airport first, but Min Hu finds her at the opposite gate without her telling him. Min Hu has to tell her what he tried to hide from her. He comes clean and tells Ye Sool that he can even hear her heartbeats loud and clear, and that he can hear her or anyone else’s silent whisper as well. She believes him because if she can see the future, then it is very possible that he could be hypersensitive.

Pil Yo has accepted that Ye Sool is with Min Hu now, and after the project ends, he won’t be able to meet Ye Sool easily. He gives her a ticket to his movie, ‘Haroo,’ and, believing Ye Sool would watch, he comes and finds her at the theatre. After talking with Pil Yo about their past and the mistakes they made, Ye Sool realizes that she has been holding herself back from love because of fear. She goes straight to Min Hu’s place and tears up the contract she had made. She tells Min Hu that she wants to date him like a real lover and kisses him.

What Is Ye-sool’s Love Plan?

After spending the night with Min Hu, Ye Sool wakes up to see Min Hu cooking for her in the morning. He ends up burning the meal, and they order a pizza. Min Hu shows Ye Sool all the equipment he uses to control his senses. Ye Sool wears his headphones and glasses and is unable to hear or see anything. She tests Min Hu by making him wear the equipment and whispering sentences in a very low voice. Min Hu still guesses everything that she says.

Min Hu couldn’t tell his previous lovers about his condition because he was scared, but he is happy that Ye Sool understands him. Ye Sool felt the same in the past, and she is also happy to find someone as weird as her and someone who can understand her. Ye Sool is getting obsessively in love with Min Hu, but her workaholic self doesn’t let her sit idle. She makes a plan for them to date secretly in the office, and in a way, neither of them gets hurt.

To make good use of Min Hu’s senses, Ye Sool comes up with a plan to use them to give signals to each other. First of all, they decide to avoid kissing each other on the lips as much as possible. As they spend most of their time in the office, Ye Sool makes some signals like whispering, snapping, using different cologne fragrances, and snapping on tables to indicate the places to meet. They have been changing the signals to not create a recognizable pattern, but Min Hu’s foolish signals make employees think that something is wrong with him.

Ye Sool’s mother has invited Min Hu to her art exhibition, and he is stressed about looking good in front of her. She recognizes him right away when he introduces himself. Both of them talk in private for a bit and talk about the past that Ye Sool doesn’t remember. Ye Sool is Min Hu’s first love, but she doesn’t remember him. Min Hu’s accident and Ye Sool’s memory loss are also connected, but her mother asks Min Hu to take it slow.

While looking into Min Hu’s wardrobe, Ye Sool sees the suit that Min Hu wore in the first premonition she saw with him. It is the same suit he will be wearing when they make out, as she saw in the premonition. Min Hu makes Ye Sool explain the premonition and gets excited, and asks her to wear the same outfit the next day to make her premonition come true. However, their plan to sleep together fails for many straight days because of work and other responsibilities.

‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 10 Ending

Lee Pil Yo’s contract with Mopix is over as the advertisement is finished and accepted. Everyone is present on the last day of the project, and Ye Sool gets appreciated by the client. All the employees plan a company dinner and force Pil Yo to accompany them. They don’t expect Min Hu to come with them, but he tags along with them this time. The mood gets intense as Pil Yo and Min Hu sit facing each other. To lighten the mood, Eom Jii starts the game of Truth or Drink. Ye Sool leaves without making an excuse after her colleagues start asking about her love life. Pil Yo also sneaks out of the game, and the employees start digging out information from Min Hu. To avoid answering questions, he keeps on drinking and accidentally sends a message in the group chat that was intended for Ye Sool.

The message from Min Hu causes a commotion among the employees, and Ye Sool volunteers to take Min Hu home to avoid further interrogation. Ye Sool doesn’t know what question her colleagues asked Min Hu that got him this drunk. Min Hu cannot tell her that she is his first love, but to make up for it, he is ready to go through the pain and kiss her. They go to Min Hu’s home, and Ye Sool’s first premonition comes true as they make out passionately.

Min Hu and Ye Sool have grown closer to each other, but what is the past secret that Min Hu has been hiding from Ye Sool? We will find out in the final episodes of “Kiss Sixth Sense.”

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