‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Ending, Explained: How Did Ye-sool And Min-hu Gain Their Superpowers?


In the previous episode of “Kiss Sixth Sense,” Ye Sool’s first premonition about Min Hu finally comes true when they have a passionate makeout session. Ye Sool had also introduced Min Hu to his mother, and she recognized him right away. Min Hu knew Ye Sool from the past, but she has lost her memory and doesn’t remember him. What could be their past?

Who Is Ye-sool’s Stalker?

Ye Sool wakes up from a nap with Min Hu by her side, and he wakes up right after her. He kisses her, but she sees a premonition and gets scared. Ye Sool runs away to the bathroom and hides, trying not to show Min Hu the fear on her face. Min Hu asks her about it, but she refuses to tell him. She gets a call from Ho Woo and leaves Min Hu’s home immediately. Her mother’s boyfriend got hit by a car and has been hospitalized. Ye Sool’s mom doesn’t give her more details, but she sends Min Hu the pictures that she received from an anonymous person. She believes he is the same person who killed Ye Sool’s father.

Min Hu has been investigating the case behind Ye Sool’s back and has been pestering the police detectives to work on it. Ye Sool is scared after she sees the future and this accident. In the future, she saw Min Hu getting stabbed while saving her. All of them think that the man who broke into Ye Sool’s house and who hit her mom’s boyfriend is the same person. Min Hu threatens the police to file a report against them if they don’t investigate as soon as possible. Ye Sool has been feeling uncomfortable and tells Min Hu about the future that she has seen. Min Hu asks her for the details and promises that he will not let it happen. Ye Sool knows that everything that she has seen has always happened.

Ye Sool has seen in her premonition that she has been running into the woods, and someone has been following her. There is a blood moon in the sky and a frozen lake nearby. She also sees a banner with Noel written on it, which Min Hu recognizes immediately. It is the orphanage he grew up in and still visits every third Saturday. He calls the orphanage and asks them if they are holding an event soon. Ye Sool has been staying at Min Hu’s house for safety reasons, but leaves in the middle of the night to ensure Min Hu’s safety.

Ye Sool has decided to go live with her uncle in the USA for some time, and Min Hu finds the note when he wakes up and finds Ye Sool absent. Ye Sool feels like someone is following her and enters Hae Jin’s cafe, only to find it closed. However, he comes right after her and opens the cafe. Ye Sool gets the biggest shock from him that she never expected. Hae Jin exposes himself and tells Ye Sool that he hit her mother’s boyfriend with a car and also tells her to call him “father” and not “uncle.” Before she could reply to him, she fainted after having the drink he gave her.

Ye Sool wakes up at an unknown place, and Hae Jin tells her that this is the place where she used to live during her childhood. He goes on about how he is her real father, and now they should live together, as he has also called her mom to stay with them here. Ye Sool plays along with him, and when he is distracted, she runs away from the house. Hae Jin follows her into the forest, and Ye Sool ends up running on a frozen lake that is about to crack. Min Hu had sensed that something was wrong with Ye Sool when he heard her heavy breathing but didn’t find her in her neighborhood. He follows his intuition and goes to the Noel Orphanage, and, as described by the Ye Sool, runs toward the lake.

The frozen lake cracks open, and Ye Sool falls inside of it. Hae Jin keeps looking at her with fear on his face, but Min Hu jumps in and brings her out. He breathes into her mouth and helps her regain consciousness. Hae Jin doesn’t like Min Hu getting closer to Ye Sool and, hence, stabs him in the stomach in a rage. Hae Jin was a close friend of Ye Sool, but he turned out to be a criminal.

What Is Ye-sool’s Forgotten Past?

Min Hu had already called the police, who arrested Hae Jin and took Min Hu to the hospital. After falling into the lake, Ye Sool remembers the past that she had forgotten. She first met Min Hu when she moved into the new neighborhood with her parents and got lost. She sat crying near the Noel Orphanage, where Min Hu found her and asked her if she had been abandoned by her mother. Min Hu helped Ye Sool find her home, and they became best friends afterward.

Ye Sool’s mother had hidden it from her so far, but with her memories back, she has to tell her the past and how her father really died. Hae Jin was a classmate of Ye Sool’s mother and father and was obsessed with her mother. Even after they got married, Hae Jin would still stalk Sara and call Ye Sool his daughter. He was under the delusion that Ye Sool’s father had taken away his wife and daughter. In a rage, he stabbed and killed Ye Sool’s father. Min Hu saw the dead body and ran away with Ye Sool.

Hae Jin followed them, which led them to the frozen lake, and Ye Sool fell into it, losing her memories. Min Hu had kissed her to make her breathe, after which he felt extreme pain for the first time. The past has repeated itself after 22 years on blood moon day again. Min Hu was unconscious for two weeks, but he finally woke up. After waking up, he pretended to not know Ye Sool just to tease her and get revenge for the 22 years she had forgotten who he was.

‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Will There Be A Season 2?

Min Hu is not hypersensitive anymore, and Ye Sool has also stopped seeing the future. Min Hu’s doctor believes that there are some things science cannot explain, and their case is one of them. Min Hu and Ye Sool got their superpowers to protect each other on the day of the blood moon, and the cycle ended when they protected each other again on the blood moon day 22 years later.

They thought they would be in a happy relationship going forward, but Min Hu and Ye Sool kept on fighting until they broke up. While they keep on fighting, Oh Seung Taek and Ho Woo become pregnant and decide to get married. Oh Ji Young has also confessed her love to Lee Pil Yo, and he has accepted it. Even if they keep fighting, Min Hu and Ye Sool realize that they can’t live without each other and mend their relationship again.

The final episode of “Kiss Sixth Sense” goes astray and gives us a disappointing and disrupted storyline. In the final half of the story, the leads become totally different people than we have seen them in the entire series. In the final scene, Ye Sool kisses Min Hu, but from her reaction, it can be guessed that she has seen a premonition again. This can be a hint toward a sequel, but the writer will decide whether to keep an open-end or extend the story.

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