‘Kubra’ Ending Explained & Season 1 Summary: Was Kubra An AI?


Netflix’s new Turkish series, Kubra, revolves around the life of Gokhan Sahinoglu, a man who was convinced that he was the Chosen One. After joining the army, he changed significantly. The man who once was the life of parties abstained from consuming alcohol. Gokhan had become religious, and he often questioned the purpose of his life. After rescuing a child in a fire accident, Gokhan believed it was Allah who had guided him there. His need to have a bigger purpose in life was finally answered when he received a message from a stranger named ‘Kubra’. Gokhan had installed a religious app where he could chat with fellow worshippers, and he initially assumed Kubra to be the same. But the person on the other end seemed to know everything about him and his circumstances. Gokhan started to wonder if it was Allah who was communicating with him. The more signs he noticed, the more Gokhan was convinced that Allah had chosen him to become his messenger.

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What led to the clash between Gokhan’s followers and the authorities?

After his awakening, Gokhan gathered followers, and he came to be known as Semavi. In a world that is desperate to be saved, it was not too difficult to get people on his side. After several instances that made him believe that Allah was listening to him, Gokhan felt invincible. The sudden rise of God’s messenger left both the police and the government tense. An investigation was started to find the truth.

After hearing the voice of his father, Gokhan was convinced that Allah had proved to him that it was all real and that he was meant to become his messenger. After witnessing the miracle with her own eyes, his sister, Gulcan, had complete faith in him. Gokhan caught the attention of the people of Istanbul after a major power outage, and a deafening noise followed it. It was believed to be Allah’s way of proving to the world that Gokhan was indeed the Chosen One. The messenger insisted that he had received word of the outage from Allah, even after police had detained Gokhan in an attempt to uncover a larger conspiracy. The police got more suspicious when they found out that his mobile barely had any information in it, suggesting that he had predicted the arrest and cleaned his phone beforehand. Inspector Kara was in charge of the case, and with time, he almost became obsessed with finding the truth.

Gokhan asked his followers to give up on materialistic pleasures, and he started to receive donations to help the deprived. The government soon found out about it, and Turgut, the representative of the Home Secretary, visited Gokhan, asking him to show his political allegiance, and in return, they would make sure that his foundation was left unharmed. Gokhan was against taking a political stance; he believed he was only answerable to Allah, and he refused to bow down before anyone else. Soon, policemen stormed in to confiscate the donations because Gokhan did not have the permission of the city. Amidst the clash between the police and Semavi’s followers, Burak, a young follower, was shot dead. Gokhan did not have an answer for the first time, and he walked away in the hopes that Allah would communicate with him and show him a better way. Meanwhile, Gokhan’s followers demanded justice. The crowd had gone violent with time, and it became impossible for even Gokhan to bring them under control.

Was the entire shooting incident a lie?

Gokhan begged Allah to show himself to him after Burak’s death. A building collapsed before his eyes, and he was warned through his hearing aid that Allah was impossible to see. From that evening on, Gokhan stopped receiving any signs or messages. He believed he had offended the Almighty and started to lose confidence in himself. With the public outrage and clash, Gokhan’s fiancee, Merve, decided that she needed to find a way to bring back his confidence. His followers looked up to him, and he needed to prove he was the messenger now more than ever. Merve, along with Ali, decided to fake a shooting accident. Since Gokhan was waiting for a miracle, they decided that they must do whatever was viable to bring back his faith in himself. They hired a young boy to shoot at Gokhan. They promised to look after his family and help him with his prison sentence. In the hopes of providing for his family, the boy publicly shot at the Semavi. He collapsed on the ground, and blood oozed out of his chest. People were awestruck when they noticed that the bullet did not pierce Gokhan’s body. They believed it was the miracle of Allah that Gokhan was alive even after being shot. But towards the end of Kubra, we find out that chicken blood and a fake bullet were used to execute the plan. The incident resulted in followers having complete faith in him once again. It also helped in bringing peace back. But in the long run, it affected Gokhan’s reputation, and to make matters worse, Kara found out about it. He was particularly vengeful after his wife started to believe in the miracle of Gokhan. He was determined to prove to the world that the man was a fake, and he eventually found evidence to prove it. But the people who believed in Gokhan no longer cared about proof; they were convinced that he was the messenger of Allah.

Who is Kubra?

Throughout the series, we are left to wonder if Gokhan was truly a messenger of the Almighty. At times, the only explanation we had was that the man might have been hallucinating all this time. His past was quite traumatic, with him watching his friends die right before his eyes when he was in the army. There were reasons to consider that maybe it was Gokhan’s mind that was playing tricks on him and he had lost touch with his reality. Gradually, in Kubra, we learn that he did not evade death the morning he was shot, but the people around him came up with a plan to make him believe in miracles once again. If it was all fake, then who was Gokhan talking to on the app? And who was Kubra?

We got the answer to our question in the last episode of Kubra. A stranger walked up to Gokhan just after he found out that his wife and friend had tricked him and his believers. The situation was already tense, with the police seizing all assets of the Semavi Foundation and arresting Gokhan’s mother and Merve’s father. Before disclosing the truth about Kubra, the stranger requested that Gokhan turn off his cell phone. We finally find out that Kubra was neither the voice of Allah nor a human being or an organization attempting to influence the political climate of the country, but an artificial intelligence that had learned to act like God.

The AI was developed to help bring in an impartial view and advise companies on investments, finding new fields of operation, and allocating resources. The creator, Berk, proposed that the AI could perform an equally brilliant task as a CEO. The full form of Kubra was Knowledge Unit Based Reasoning Automaton, and it had made its way to Istanbul, where a company was willing to give it a go. Berk’s assistant, Adem, was not entirely on board with everything that he did. Adem could not help but think about how deeply the AI would impact the lives of people, and not always for the right reasons. But Berk was proud of what he had built, and he intended to explore every possibility using Kubra. He was intrigued when he discovered that the AI could use an alternative algorithm to work on regular computers. Using certain vulnerabilities to its advantage, AI could gain access to sensitive information about common people. Berk started his experiment to find out the extent of influence AI can have on common people, and that was when Gokhan received a message from Kubra. He was not the only one who received the message, “You are different,” but it was because he was already wondering about his greater purpose in life that the statement impacted him.

Kubra had access to every piece of information and device, making it incredibly easy for the AI to fetch information and act like God. What Gokhan considered signs from God was the AI making him believe that he was the Chosen One. It conducted a test to find the most eligible candidate for the experiment, and Gokhan passed. After Gokhan was convinced that he was special, Kubra stopped communicating with him to help him find his own path as a leader. While it had been Berk’s secret operation all along, Adem soon found out about it. Adem thought it was all too wrong to support. The AI had created a cult and was messing with people’s religious sentiments, but Berk refused to stop. He blamed the common people for being so gullible and believed that AI had no role to play in the conflicts. Berk was driven by madness to create history, and Adem refused to stay silent anymore. Berk threatened to blame it all on Adem if he dared to speak about it. Adem had no choice but to remain quiet. After seeing the chaos that the AI had unleashed, Adem finally decided it would be a sin to keep the truth a secret from Gokhan.

What did Gokhan choose?

It was a lot of information for Gokhan to process; after all, the last thing he expected Kubra to be was an AI. Gokhan was not familiar with the technology Adem was talking about. Somehow, in the face of constant political pressure and betrayal by those closest to him, the truth did not overwhelm Gokhan. Gokhan’s faith in Allah remained undeterred until the end of Kubra. He believed the creation of the AI was Almighty’s plan, along with everything that followed. As long as he acted on the message that was delivered to him by Allah, Gokhan did not care that Kubra was an AI. After the three-day protest, Gokhan requested that his followers return home. He took into consideration the offer made by Turgut and agreed to meet the Home Secretary, Ekrem, personally. People were left wondering if Gokhan was bowing down to the powerful and making deals with them, especially with the release of the seven protestors arrested, including Dilek and Ali Riza.

The Home Secretary and the Secretary of Finance would meet with investors after their meeting with Gokhan to go over the five-year plan for economic development. The meeting between Gokhan and the Home Secretary quite unexpectedly went as planned. Ekrem promised to provide his consistent support to Gokhan and his foundation. Gokhan chose to remain silent throughout the meeting, even after he was told by Ekrem that they would make a public announcement about their plans to support one another. In the end, we finally find out the reason behind Gokhan’s sudden silence. He interrupted the meeting with the investors and went on stage to deliver the message of Allah. Gokhan reminded the attendees of the importance of sharing wealth justly and equally. All of a sudden, ATMs across the city started disposing of cash, and the common people filled their pockets with it. It was the Semavi’s way of returning money that rightfully belonged to the common people.

Kubra‘s ending suggests that Kubra helped Gokhan fulfill his wish and live up to the promise he made to his people. Brek was overjoyed with the result because it showed the power of the program he had built. Will the people of the country now listen to the Semavi? Or will Gokhan end up in more trouble? Gokhan will have the support of the common people, and the government will find it extremely difficult to contain people driven by religious sentiments. Maybe Gokhan will be able to change the way the country functions, though it is also important to contain the AI since it could very well be a device of destruction. Kubra largely talks about how belief works, and in this case, we see Gokhan choosing to overlook logic and reasoning and simply focus on his faith in the supreme power. Maybe he realized that even though power and fame had not come in the way he assumed they did, it was his responsibility to carry on with the work of Allah. Will the world get to know about the AI, or will it continue to work secretly and, through Gokhan, achieve its goals and plans? Things can go both ways, but even if the police arrest Gokhan, the widespread protests will be difficult to contain. Perhaps we are looking at a world controlled by AI, but in the garb of religious sentiments.

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Srijoni Rudra
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