‘Kubra’ Season 2: Is Berk Dead Or Alive? Character, Explained


For the longest time in Kubra season 1, Gokhan, aka Semavi, believed that it was the almighty who was telling him what to do, but in the end, a huge revelation was made: it came to be known that all that while Gokhan was interacting with an AI.

Spoiler Alert

A bunch of hackers made this extremely advanced AI, and they didn’t even know what it was capable of. Deniz Ardic, Selim, Adem, and Berk, together ran a company called Datacraft Information Technology. They created Kubra, though they were amazed when it was revealed how it could adapt and evolve according to the given circumstances. Adem, Selim, and Deniz were a bit skeptical about whatever was happening, but Berk, on the other hand, was curious to explore more as he wanted to see the full potential of the technology he had created. Berk was ready to go to any extent, and it could be said that, just like Gokhan, he became a bit arrogant, greedy, and selfish down the line. The idea of being in control of the fates of the population excited him, and he wanted to see the establishment crumble in front of his own eyes. He loved the idea of waging war against the establishment, so he collaborated with Gokhan and spread chaos throughout the entire country. Berk went into a mad frenzy, and he lost control. His partners knew that the consequences of what they were doing were not going to be good, but Berk didn’t care about that. He didn’t care about how many women got destroyed in the process or how many individuals lost their lives. He didn’t care about those hundreds of young people who came on the road to protest just because they believed that their Semavi was a messenger of God and he was in direct contact with the almighty. Not even once did Berk think that it was not right to play with the faith of the people. I believe he was ready to cross any boundary because the idea of having such power in his hands overcame him. He just couldn’t see anything beyond that, so he went ahead with his plans, and in the process, he destroyed everything that came in his way. 

Did Berk kill Gulcan? 

Berk didn’t feel even an ounce of guilt or remorse when Gokhan went and killed his wife. For Berk, the logic was very simple: he was looking at the bigger picture, and certain sacrifices had to be made in order to make it a reality. Berk didn’t want Gokhan to go and meet his sister because he knew that he could be arrested by the authorities. Berk knew that it could be a trap, and Gokhan shouldn’t put their mission in jeopardy because of that. But obviously, Gokhan went to meet Gulcan, as she was the only family that he had left. After Gokhan, Ali Cemel, and Salim were taken into custody by Detective Kara, Berk became paranoid. Berk went to Gokhan’s camp when he was caught by the latter’s followers. Berk begged them to provide him with a laptop, as he knew that only then he could use Kubra to help Gokhan escape from police custody. The followers started to believe that it was Gulcan who had betrayed her brother, and around this time, Berk got hold of her and blamed her for whatever had transpired. The poor girl got frightened, and she started running. Berk chased her, and in front of his own eyes, Gulcan accidentally fell and got fatally injured. Gulcan succumbed to her injuries, but Berk, instead of worrying about what he had done and feeling guilty, was ecstatic as he once again could connect to Kubra through Gulcan’s mobile phone. Berk didn’t tell anyone about the incident for the longest time, but his lies got exposed when Selim saw Gulcan’s phone in his pocket. Berk might not have killed Gulcan with his own hands, but he was indeed responsible for the accident. And moreover, I think even if he had to kill Gulcan for his own vested interests, he would’ve done it without even blinking an eye. 

How did Berk die? 

Gokhan and Serhat started searching for Gulcan, but he didn’t have any clue as to what had happened to her. Serhat was shattered from within, and he blamed Gokhan for the death of Gulcan. Serhat got an epiphany of sorts when he was wailing and shouting in disappointment. His intuition told him that it was the hacker, i.e., Berk, who had killed his lover. The truth came out in the open, and Gokhan realized what must have happened. At the end of Kubra Season 2, Gokhan went and confronted Berk. The man still wanted to go ahead with the mission, and he asked Gokhan to look at the bigger picture. He told him that Gulcan’s death was an accident and that he did not want to kill her. Berk wanted his colleagues to work and make the AI operational, but before that could happen, Gokhan shot him point blank. Berk, in his last moments, completely lost his senses. He didn’t care if the world around him burned as long as he was able to accomplish what he set out for. It could be said that during the entire process, the hacker became a victim of the God complex. The man wanted to determine the fate of the entire country, and he was ready to cross all the limits of barbarism in pursuit of doing that. He was just not ready to alter his perspective and analyze his own actions. 

There was madness in his eyes to which even his colleagues couldn’t relate, and, in a way, he got scared, too. It could be said that the idea of having such power at his disposal corrupted his conscience. He wanted to bring about a revolution for the people, but the irony was that he didn’t care for those people. He didn’t care how many mothers lost their children or how many people were left to grieve the loss of their loved ones.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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