‘Kubra’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Summary: Is Gokhan Dead Or Alive?


In the second season of Netflix’s Turkish series, Kubra, the messiah, backed by artificial intelligence, believed that he was invincible. The ending of the previous season established that Gokhan, aka Semavi, chose not to back down even after finding out that the texts were sent by an artificial intelligence named Kubra. He convinced himself that even the AI was God’s way of guiding him. It was clear that Gokhan was not ready to accept the truth and part ways with the image that he had created. He refused to lose his followers, and he realized that the only way to move forward was by teaming up with Kubra and his creator, Berk. While season one was about the rise of Semavi, season two is dedicated to his downfall.

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Why did Gokhan kill Merve?

After the ATM incident, Gokhan and his followers had to stay underground. Merve noticed how Gokhan’s attitude had changed over time. He refrained from discussing anything with her, and she wondered if her husband was doing alright. Merve’s father, Ali Riza, was particularly disappointed in the way Gokhan made decisions. He no longer consulted his followers, and he simply did what he pleased. Semavi had become intolerant towards anyone who questioned him, and Ali Riza was made to live in isolation. Merve was desperate to help Gokhan in any way, and she could sense that he was keeping an important secret from her. She followed him one night when he ventured out of the underground camp and saw Gokhan interact with Berk. She found out that Gokhan was not making decisions alone; he had partnered up with a stranger from a software company. She overheard them discuss that their next plan of action was to infiltrate the government, and the truth was difficult for Merve to process. After her father was locked up, Merve decided to confront Gokhan about the man she saw him with. Merve admitted that she could no longer trust him, and that was when Gokhan disclosed that he had been following the instructions of a supercomputer all along. He had partnered up with the owner of the software company that developed Kubra to fulfill his mission—to punish the corrupt and help the marginalized. Merve realized that the company had her husband wrapped around their finger, but Gokhan was convinced that he was the one controlling Berk. Gokhan begged Merve to keep the information a secret.

Merve decided to take matters into her own hands, and she contacted Inspector Kara. She promised to provide him with information, but in return, she demanded a slightly lenient sentence on behalf of Gokhan because she believed Berk was the main culprit. One night, Gulcan noticed Merve spying on her brother, and she tried to warn Gokhan about it. Merve took Gulcan aside and confessed the truth. Gulcan was devastated when she found out that her brother was not the messenger of God but an imposter. Merve tried to stop Gulcan from confronting her brother, but to no avail. Gulcan stormed into Gokhan’s room and accused him of betraying his followers and playing prophet just to be in power. Gokhan knew that his sister was not wrong, but he refused to confront the truth, and he slapped her. That night, Gulcan left the underground camp, and she went away to live with Serhat. Gokhan was desperate to find his sister, and he decided to meet Berk to track her location. Kara and his men were already at the meeting point, but Kubra had spotted them with the help of the surveillance camera at the location. Berk explained that they had been compromised, and Gokhan knew that the only person who knew the entire truth was his wife.

After failing to arrest Gokhan, Kara instructed his team to raid the underground camp. Gokhan warned Ali Cemal and his followers about the possible attack, but the police were already inside the camp before they could escape. Ali Cemal and his men were equipped with arms, and they started shooting at the police. The shootout resulted in the deaths of followers, including Gokhan’s mother. After burying the bodies of his mother and his followers, Gokhan decided to deal with Merve. His followers expected him to punish her, and he was not ready to disappoint them. Gokhan killed Merve at the same place where they first met. He offered her the same apricot drink that he had bought her on their first date, but this time it was drugged. Merve knew that this was the end. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that her husband would kill her. Before bidding final goodbye, all she could say was that she never stopped loving Gokhan, and she begged him to promise to always remember her. Gokhan was blinded by power, and sadly, Merve could not save him.

How did the police find out about Kubra?

Inspector Kara was suspended after the failed mission, and there was complete chaos in Istanbul. More and more people joined Semavi in his attempt to dismantle the government. He burned down the archive both digitally and physically, and it rattled the entire justice system. A sense of complete anarchy was gradually taking over, and Kara realized that he had to find a way to stop the madness. The police were asked not to take any action because if they did, the ones in power would be in trouble. Kubra had access to files that could destroy their lives, and they had no choice but to allow the anarchy to prevail. Meanwhile, Kara continued to investigate the case, and his man, Hakan, managed to track down Serhat, and he believed that Gulcan was staying with him. Kara staked out outside Serhat’s house in the hopes of arresting Gokhan and his associates. He was right; Gokhan did turn up to meet his sister. Gokhan was ready to risk everything to reunite with Gulcan. He had lost his mother and killed his wife; Gulcan was the only family he had left. Kara and his team handcuffed Semavi and his followers immediately after they reached Serhat’s house. Meanwhile, Berk had an inkling that Gokhan would land them in trouble. He was too desperate to meet his sister, and Berk believed it would be the end of him. Berk was all the more tense when he could not track Gokhan’s location.

Deniz Ardic and her partner Selim were software engineers at Datakraft Information Technologies. She could see the destruction that Kubra had caused—many were injured and some lost their lives in the protest, and she decided it was time to put a stop to the madness. She could not live with the fact that people were dying simply because a man had managed to convince the public that he was the ‘Chosen One’ with the help of AI. She decided to meet Inspector Feray Kocluk, and she disclosed all about Kubra. Meanwhile, Kara held Gokhan, Ali Cemal, and Salih captive in a private facility. He needed a confession from Gokhan, and the only way to do so was by torturing his loved ones. Kara threatened to shoot Salih, and Gokhan finally confessed the truth. He admitted that it was not Allah who was guiding him but an AI known as Kubra created by Datakraft. Kara finally had the evidence he was after, and he handed Gokhan and his followers to the police. Kubra was also shut down by the police, and Deniz, Selim, and Adem were taken into custody as well. It was assumed that the threat was over, but Berk refused to give up on his dream of shaping the world, and he was determined to activate Kubra once again.

Why did Gokhan shoot Berk?

Gokhan’s followers doubted Berk when they found him sneaking around at their camp. Berk begged them to believe that he was on their side, and he attempted to connect with Kubra to help his followers find their messiah. But he soon realized that the police had shut down the system and that his years of hard work were about to be completely destroyed. When the cops ransacked the camp, Semavi’s followers were left wondering if they should use Berk to make a deal with the police. Berk knew he was in danger, and he managed to escape. The followers assumed that Gulcan had betrayed his brother and planned his arrest with the police. When they found out that Gulcan had arrived in the neighborhood, they decided to seek revenge. Serhat advised her to leave while he faced the enraged crowd. Gulcan made it to the soccer field, and she waited for Serhat, but instead Berk greeted her. He was in a frenzy, and he accused her of betraying her brother. She tried to run away from him, and in the process, she slipped and fell. The head injury turned out to be fatal, and Berk did not know how to react. His temperament instantly changed when Kubra communicated with him using Gulcan’s cell phone. Kubra had not completely shut down and was still functional on devices in which it had been downloaded.

Berk was ecstatic, and he shared the news with Semavi’s followers. He used Kubra to release Gokhan, Ali Cemal, and Salih. Berk tried to direct Gokhan’s attention towards the next step of their mission, but Gokhan was hellbent on finding his sister first. While the police and the followers stood face-to-face, Semavi was informed by his associates about the death of his sister. Until now, he had convinced himself that he was fighting to spend the rest of his life with his sister, and all of a sudden, the only glimmer of hope was taken away from him. He knew that he was indirectly responsible for Gulcan’s demise, and that was all the more difficult for him to accept. Serhat recalled seeing Berk with Gulcan’s phone, and he immediately knew that he was the one who killed Gulcan. Gokhan confronted Berk, and he admitted that he was there when Gulcan slipped and fell, but he begged Semavi to believe that he did not kill her. Gokhan had lost his entire family for a lie that Berk and Kubra made him believe. It was clear to him that Berk cared about no one but himself and his invention. He could go to any extent for the success of Kubra. After playing with the lives of countless innocents, Gokhan finally put a bullet in his head.

How Did Gokhan Die?

Gokhan realized that, just like Berk, he too suffered from a God complex. What he assumed to be a sign from Allah was an AI-generated text. Just to prove to the world that he was special, he chose to continue to spread the lie that Allah was speaking to him. He had convinced himself that he was using Kubra for the greater good, but at the end of the day, he knew that he was being used by Berk and his company to fulfill their greedy interests. They wanted to be the ones in control of the world, and Gokhan was just the face of the revolution. Berk never considered the people losing their lives in the revolution as his equal, and clearly he never had their best interests in mind. Gokhan was too afraid to face the truth—that he was just an ordinary man. He had started to believe the lies, and he enjoyed the power he had because of it. He was afraid of going back to his regular life, and he truly believed he could bring about a change.

After losing his entire family, Gokhan finally came to his senses. He refused to destroy any more lives. Ali Camel was not ready to give up on the movement; he was willing to die fighting the police rather than rot in prison, but Gokhan refused to watch more men die for a cause that was fake from the very beginning. He destroyed the computers to stop Kubra, and he circulated a video confessing the entire truth to the world. He had nothing to lose anymore, and he was not afraid to confess that he had been greedy all along.

At the end of Kubra season 2, after watching the video, Semavi’s followers surrendered themselves and dropped their weapons. Gokhan arrived at the location where he had killed Merve. He had always assumed that he was special after he survived the blast during his time in the army. But after losing his entire family, he realized that he had survived because he was a coward. Instead of dying with honor, he chose to blend with the dead bodies around him. He was scared to face the truth, and that was why he chose to believe a fabricated idea that he came up with. Gokhan was ready to punish himself for the deaths of his loved ones. He had blood on his hands, and he was convinced that he did not deserve to live. Gokhan was about to pull out his gun (to kill himself) when Detective Kara’s team shot him. His last words to Detective Kara were that he would look after his deceased son on the other side. Gokhan died repenting his past actions. 

Was Kubra destroyed?

In Kubra season 2’s ending, Gokhan and Berk were killed, but Kubra continued to live. The final scene confirms that it was not the end of the AI. Even though Berk was the one who headed the company, Selim and Adem were software engineers capable of reviving Kubra. Selim went against Deniz to redevelop it. Adem initially seemed to be affected by the destruction caused by Kubra, but in the end, he too was hungry for power. Perhaps they were glad that Berk was no longer the one in complete control of the scenario, and they would finally get to be decision-makers. Kubra continues to hunt for someone like Gokhan, and once again she will find another scapegoat. Kubra focuses on the intertwining of religion and technology, and the ending suggests that as long as there is someone thirsty for power and control and the masses are desperate for a savior, the possibility of the emergence of another messiah is likely.

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