‘Kubra’ Season 2: Is Gokhan Dead? Did He Kill Merve? 


In the first season of Kubra, for the longest time, Gokhan was under the impression that some higher power wanted him to carry out the word of God, and he became quite overwhelmed with it. Gokhan had his own share of traumas, and he probably was never able to move past them properly. He saw his colleagues from the army die in front of his own eyes, and deep down, he knew that he acted like a coward and didn’t do anything to fight for them. Gokhan pretended to be dead on the battlefield so that the enemies wouldn’t come and shoot him. That feeling of not being there for his own people left an indelible mark on his conscience. Gokhan, very subconsciously, wanted to repent his actions and do something to help the people. When the AI, Kubra, messaged him, he felt that he had gotten the opportunity to attain salvation. At first, nobody believed Gokhan, but then he predicted certain things, and miraculously, his word came true. The general public started believing that he had some supernatural powers, and that’s why they became his devotees.

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When Gokhan’s confidence in his own powers was shaken after the death of Burak, his own people made sure that he regained his faith, by hook or by crook. Gokhan was shot by a fake bullet, and later, we came to know that everything had been planned by Merve and his followers so that the people and he, too, started believing that he was actually the messenger of God. But at the end of season 1, it became very clear to Gokhan that he did not hear Allah’s voice but that it was AI developed by Berk, Adem, and others that was sending him signals and telling him about what was going to happen. At the Thai juncture, Gokhan could have backed off, but he didn’t. One could say that arrogance, greed, and, somewhere, his desperation to redeem himself played a crucial role in the decision he took. Gokhan didn’t reveal to anybody that it was not Allah but a very powerful AI that was telling him what to do, and that became the reason for his downfall. More than looking after the welfare of the people, his own vested interests overpowered his judgment. Gokhan, aka Semavi, was walking on the path of no return, though for the longest time, he was under the delusion that he was doing a selfless act for the people and that his own intentions had no role to play in the scheme of things. So, let’s find out what happened with Gokhan, what steps he took that pushed him to the edge, and how he died at the end of Kubra Season 2. 

Why Did Gokhan Kill Merve? 

Gokhan got to know in Kubra season 3 that Merve had contacted Detective Kara and given him the whereabouts of their hiding place. Gokhan was livid, and he didn’t know how to deal with the situation. He loved Merve, but he also knew that he had to make sure that people didn’t see him as a biased person. Gokhan was in two minds when Kara and other police officers conducted a raid at his hideout. Kara and his colleagues started firing at Gokhan’s followers, and in the skirmish, Gokhan’s mother, Dilek, got hit. She succumbed to her injuries, and Gokhan was livid when he learned about them. Gokhan was told that at one of her last moments, his mother had asked about him. The fact that he couldn’t be there for her shattered him from within.

Around this time, Salim and Ali Cemal learn that it was Merve who had informed the police about their location. Now, Merve’s point of view was very different. She didn’t want to backstab her own husband, but she believed that was the only way out for them. She saw Gokhan walking towards his own doom, and she didn’t want him to be killed by the authorities. She believed that by surrendering to the authorities, she could save everybody’s life, and then, after serving their sentences, she could lead a normal life with her husband. But things didn’t pan out as she would have wanted them to, and a lot of people got killed because of her actions. Gokhan knew that he would have to lead by setting an example, and so he made up his mind to kill Merve. He knew that he couldn’t have a weak link in his organization, so he took Merve to the same beach where they first met and killed her. Merve knew that Gokhan was going to kill her, and she resigned to her fate. She didn’t have any regrets or feelings of animosity towards Gokhan. She thought about those beautiful times she spent with Gokhan and took her last breath. 

How did Gokhan get killed? 

Gokhan, at the end of Kubra season 2, realized that he was just fooling himself by saying that whatever he was doing was for the welfare of the people. He knew that his actions were driven by his own selfish interests, and he realized it was about time he made peace with that fact. The death of Gokhan’s sister could be said to be that pivotal moment where he stopped fighting for himself and gave up on his quest. Gokhan killed Berk, and then he went online for one last time and told the people of his country that he was no messiah. He told them that, for a very long time, he’d been aware that the messages he got were from an AI and not the almighty. He apologized for causing such widespread destruction and then, in the end, went to the same shore where he had first met Merve and the poor woman took her last breaths. Detective Kara came there with his entire contingent and asked Gokhan not to do anything stupid. But Gokhan had already decided that it was about time, and he didn’t deserve to live after what he had done. Gokhan took out his gun with suicide on his mind, but before he could pull the trigger on himself, Kara’s colleagues fired at him. The man apologized to Kara while taking his last breath and told him that he would look after his son in heaven. A few hackers, an advanced AI, Gokhan’s own regrets, and his arrogance became the reasons for his demise. Gokhan was not a bad man, but with time coming so far, turning back and starting afresh was not an option for him.

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