‘Kubra’ Season 3 Predictions & Possibilities: Will Kubra Get Destroyed?


In Kubra season 1, when people realized that there was a man who claimed that he could talk to the almighty, there was a huge sect of people who didn’t believe him. But then Gokhan went ahead and showed them how he could predict the future. [Spoiler Alert] Gokhan used an AI to predict the future, and even though he died at the end of season 2, the evil AI remains, indicating its return in season 3 to bring further conflict to the narrative. As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement for Kubra season 3, but because of the way things ended in season 2, I personally think that there is a high possibility that the makers might come up with another season.

What happens to Kubra?

At the end of Kubra season 2, we got to know that the AI app sent Gokhan the same text that it had sent him back in the day. An anonymous person picked up his phone, and maybe it had the same impact on him as it had had on Gokhan back when it all started. Though it couldn’t be said for sure in which direction the makers would take the narrative, it is quite possible that they would take inspiration from what is currently happening in the world related to artificial intelligence. Today, people are on the roads protesting because they feel that AI would take their jobs, while the capitalistic sentinel is quite contrary to that. It is quite possible that the makers would not limit themselves to addressing only personal conflicts, and I believe that this time, they would address the issues that have become a concern for us in the present time.

Why was Kubra created?

Berk had died, but his AI software was still functioning. Kubra could evolve on its own, and we had seen how it surprised its own developers back in the day. Even Adem, Berk, and others didn’t expect that Kubra was capable of doing such a thing. I believe that after Gokhan, there will be another so-called messiah who will rise to power and wreak havoc on the world. There were people who still believed that the establishment needed to pay for their wrongdoings. There were people who had a lot of anger inside them. 

I believe that if there is a season 3, then a man who is vulnerable enough would rise to the occasion and wreak havoc on the establishment. It could be said that the AI was developed in such a manner that it could potentially brainwash people into believing that it was some sort of higher power. Did it eventually evolve to showcase that kind of behavior, or did the developers actually mean for it to become something like that? That’s not quite clear as of now. But I believe that intentionally or unintentionally, the software is programmed in a manner that it wants to be taken superpower that controls the entire world. Seeing the reaction that Berk and his team had, it felt like they also didn’t expect the AI to evolve in such a manner, but once it did, they felt proud of what they had created. Now, probably, the app knew that it was fooling people into believing they were talking to the almighty. Maybe the app knows that it was using manipulative tactics to make people agree with what it was telling them to do. 

Gokhan was relatively sensible, but I do not think that the next person would be as rational or empathetic as their predecessor. It is probable that the entire state machinery might fail the next time a messiah will wage a war against the system. It would be interesting to see if the humans are able to stop Kubra or if their greed, their want for power, and their selfishness lead them to a future where they end up destroying everything. 

Will Kubra Get Destroyed?

At the end of season 2, we saw Berk wanting to restart Kubra because it had been switched off by Kara and his team. He knew that if he could get access to a mobile phone, he could bring it back to action. Berk was very close to making Kubra fully functional when Gokhan came and told him to stop. Berk didn’t want to, and he told Gokhan what all they could achieve using the app. But Gokhan not only killed Berk, but he also destroyed all the components. The other hackers, i.e., Selim, Deniz, and Adem, went to find other systems that they could use to restart the software, but before that, Gokhan made a public announcement, apologizing for what he had done, and the people dropped arms and went their way. Now, what I personally feel is that if Kubra could be restarted or re-initiated, then there would exist a way through which it could be destroyed. I think that in season 3 (if there is one), there would be someone or maybe a group of people who would try their level best to destroy the AI once and for all. Kubra was probably more intelligent than the majority of human beings, but still, at the end of the day, it was created by humans, and I believe that humans would find a way to destroy it in season 3.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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