‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Bass Become A US Marshal?


We saw the kind of atrocities that Black people were going through in Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 1, and how our protagonist defied the odds and managed to stay alive after almost killing his master, George Reeves. Bass moved to Arkansas after he found Jennie at the end of the previous episode, and he was grateful for the fact that he could live his life as a free man after the abolition of slavery law passed by the regime. But destiny had some other plans for Bass, and soon, he was made an offer that had the potential to completely change his outlook and his life, as well. So, let’s find out what happened in Lawmen: Bass Reeves episode 2 and what offer Bass Reeves gets.

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What offer did Sherrill Lynn make?

Many years had passed since what happened in Texas between George and Bass, and now the latter had his own farm and was leading a happy life in Van Buren, Arkansas. It was 1875, and Bass liked the freedom that had come with this new life. For once, he didn’t have to ask anybody before going anywhere, and he realized that it was an extraordinary feeling. In Lawmen: Bass Reeves episode 2, Bass was trying his best to provide for his family, but there was no harvest, and he was a bit worried about the state of things. Jennie was his ray of hope, and she always motivated her husband and told him that if they had endured all those hardships, then this too would pass, and they would have better days. As much as Bass felt grateful for the support he had, he knew that if he didn’t do something to alter the situation, an actual crisis would arise, and he wouldn’t be able to provide for his loved ones.

Sherrill Lynn’s arrival in Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 2 was like a godsend, and he offered Bass to be his posse on a mission. Sherrill was the deputy chief marshal of the area, and he had been trying to catch a fugitive named Charlie for quite some time. Charlie was a lethal criminal, and an officer named Horace Lee had lost his life trying to catch him. Judge Parker, in whose jurisdiction this part of Arkansas lay, was getting worried about the situation of law and order in the county, and he wanted Sherrill Lynn to do something about it. Bass was not at all interested in taking up Sherrill’s offer, as he was scared that working for a white man would once again mean putting himself in chains. Also, he didn’t like the condescending look he saw in his eyes, and something inside him told him that it would be a blunder if he decided to assist this man.

Sherrill left after trying his best to convince Bass, but he realized that the proud Black man who had made his own destiny didn’t want to be associated with the government in any manner. But later that night, Bass had a talk with Jennie, who made him realize that there was nothing wrong with taking the job and that he wouldn’t put his life in jeopardy by doing it. Jennie was also allured by the fact that he would be handsomely compensated for his job, and it was not a hidden fact that after the poor harvest season, they were in dire need of some monetary assistance. Bass agreed because he believed in the judgment of his wife. He decided he would accompany Sherrill on this one mission and then see how things panned out between them.

What happened to Charlie?

Sherrill told Bass that there were primarily three kinds of criminals: the first kind were the ones who stole horses; the second kind were the ones who were involved in the production of whisky and were selling it, as hard liquor was prohibited in many states; and thirdly, the people who could kill for the above-mentioned things. The government didn’t have a lot of skilled people at their disposal, and that’s why, to fend for themselves in these desperate times, they had to resort to desperate measures, go against the odds, and be audacious enough to treat a black man fairly. Taking into consideration the time period, it was no less than a miracle that Bass was not only riding a horse, but he was also working for the government.

Bass and Sherrill went to Charlie’s residence, and they broke into the house to find a woman standing there with rifles in her hand. The ferocious woman asked them to leave immediately, and Bass, realizing the sensitivity of the situation, asked Sherrill to give him some alone time with her so that he could talk to her and calm her down. Bass knew the language of the native Americans, and that was one huge reason why Judge Parker and Sherrill had been interested in offering him the job. That woman was Charlie’s cousin, and she said that the boy had given her nothing but trouble. She was surprised to see how Bass conducted himself, as he was unlike every other disrespectful Marshall she had encountered before. Everybody saw the Indians as abominations walking on the face of the Earth, and that was why there was so much hostility between the two groups.

Bass and Sherrill finally found Charlie, and the man refused to surrender, probably because he knew that the US marshal would not leave him alive. Bass went behind the house in order to try to talk to him and convince him to come out, but he was naive to believe that Sherrill would leave him just like that. He said that he was going to die either way, so he better put up a fight instead of begging for his life. Before Bass could do anything, Sherrill used the bottle of whisky to light his house on fire. Charlie’s body was on fire, and the man came out of his house, shouting frantically. Bass shot him down and killed him because he just couldn’t see him in such agonizing pain. Sherrill always said that in some situations, one had to be the judge, the jury, and even the executioner. Bass saw the immense hatred Sherrill had for the indigenous tribes, and he decided that he couldn’t work with such a man. Bass punched Sherrill in the face and then he took his horse and came back to his home. Bass had the courtesy to go and tell Charlie’s cousin about his death, and he apologized for not being able to save him.

Did Bass become a US marshal?

At the end of Lawmen: Bass Reeves, the ideals of our protagonist forced him to not work with Sherrill and go back to his humble abode and try to figure out how he would be able to provide for his family. Jennie was not happy with his decision, but Bass told her that he didn’t have much of an option. But something unprecedented happened after that, as Sherrill came to Bass’ farm together with his two subordinates. Sherrill said that he had told Judge Parker about Bass and informed him about what he had done on the mission, and what kind of man he was.

Surprisingly, Judge Parker believed that this was the exact kind of man he needed for the job, and he had asked Sherrill to go and offer Bass the position of Deputy Marshal, as he was impressed by his honesty and upright attitude. For a moment, Bass couldn’t understand what had happened, as it seemed too good to be true. He had punched Sherrill, and he didn’t expect him to ride all the way to his home to offer him a job. We believe Bass is going to take the job, and we will get to witness a new chapter of his life, where he will have to face many other conflicts. It is said that good things happen to good people, and we believe Bass would bring about some positive change in the situation and show society that the native Americans didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

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