‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Reeves Visit Silas’s Wife?


Previously in Lawmen: Bass Reeves, we had seen that our protagonist was made the Deputy Marshall, as Judge Parker was impressed by his earnest attitude. Judge Parker also had a vested interest here, as he knew that with Reeves on their side, they would be able to have better control over the Indian territories. Reeves knew the language of the Native Americans, and he knew how to deal with them in an effective manner. The first few cases that Bass Reeves was assigned actually made him privy to the kind of perils he would have to face during the course of his job. Reeves got a warrant to arrest a man named Billy Crow, who was believed to be a very dangerous fugitive accused of robbing passenger coaches. When Reeves finally caught Billy, he realized that he was just an insignificant member of the group, and there were others who were pulling the reins in reality. Billy was in awe of the shooting skills of Bass Reeves, and he was eager to know if, after he was released from prison, he would be able to do something similar or not. In the fourth episode of Lawmen: Bass Reeves, we saw that Deputy Marshall had taken Billy Crow under his wing. Billy was indebted to what Bass had done for him. He had specially gone to judge Parker and told him that Billy was a good man, and that’s how the latter had landed with the law enforcement authorities.

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What was Edwin Jones’ plan for Indian territory?

Edwin Jones came with his wife and kids, and he met Jennie and told her about the plans he had for the town. He wanted to develop a township there, and from the way he talked, it felt like he was quite intrigued by the legend of Bass Reeves. Bass had earned a reputation for himself, and people had come to know of him as a person who conducted investigations in those areas where a normal Marshal never dared go. Edwin asked Jennie if Bass Reeves actually did all that he had heard of. Edwin, at the beginning of Lawmen: Bass Reeves episode 4, had given a sermon in the church, and from his actions, it had become evident that he wanted to win the trust of the entire community and make them believe that he only wanted their welfare. In the upcoming episodes of Bass Reeves, we will get to know how Edwin plays a role in the scheme of things and if his paths cross with our protagonists. At this juncture, we cannot rule out the possibility that Edwin doesn’t have any hidden agenda or that he isn’t as noble as he was pretending to be. By the looks of it, we know that he would have a crucial role to play in the scheme of things.

Was Reeves able to capture Silas Cobb?

The tempers were rising inside Reeves’ small group of law enforcement officials. There was a man named Ramsey in Reeves’ group who just wanted to put all the white folks to a similar fate that they had put his people to. He told the group about a man named Mr. Sundown, who was a slave catcher, and it was said that he ate human flesh and rode only at night. Bass and his team had caught two fugitive brothers, Wylie and Darrell, and Ramsey, finding the opportunity, killed one of them in a barbaric manner. Reeves probably realized after that incident that he would have to keep his men in check, as he didn’t want them to become the oppressors that they were given the responsibility of catching. He knew that it was hard to follow the rule of law in the wake of such discrimination, but there had to be some difference between them and the fugitives.

Bass had gotten a tip from one of his native American informants that a man named Silas Cobb was in town and was probably involved in the production of whiskey. In Lawmen: Bass Reeves episode 4, our Deputy Marshall and Billy Crow went to the brothel, where he knew he would find Silas. After being caught, Silas pleaded for his life, and he gave Bass an offer. He said that he would give him information about a fugitive named Jim Webb if he let him go. Bass had almost agreed when the sex worker with whom Silas was with, picked up a gun, as she wanted her money, and, seizing the opportunity, Silas fled from there. Billy Crow was stationed outside the brothel, and when he saw Silas riding away from his house, he accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun and killed the man. Billy felt harrowed when he saw that a man died by his own hands. Bass later told Billy that he ought to be cautious about how he used the powers vested in him. He said that every bullet represented one life and that it was in their hands if they used it to save a life or take one. Billy got his lesson the hard way, and the entire incident had probably traumatized the young man way beyond what he could have imagined.

Why did Reeves go to visit Silas’s wife?

At the end of Lawmen: Bass Reeves episode 4, we saw that Bass hadn’t forgotten about the principles he had before he started his job. He went to give Silas’ letter to his wife, Grace, as the fugitive, before dying, had said that it was his last wish. Bass felt extremely sympathetic towards the lady, and he just couldn’t understand that if God were there, then why would he make someone so innocent go through such a tragedy? Firstly, her husband didn’t give her happiness while he was alive, and now the news of his death served another blow, and looking at her, it felt like she had lost all hope and didn’t look forward to anything in life. Grace was blind, so she asked Bass to read what Silas had written in his letter. Bass didn’t know how to read but he wanted to say something that would heal Grace and allow her to find some peace in her life. He knew that dealing with the loss of a loved one was not an easy thing. Bass could have easily sent someone else to deliver the letter but he took the responsibility himself. The incident showed the kind of man Bass Reeves was and also made us realize that no matter what adversity he has to face in the upcoming episodes, he won’t compromise on his ideals and principles.

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