‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Esau Pierce Mr. Sundown?


The first five episodes of Lawmen: Bass Reeves made us realize that, though slavery was abolished, in reality, the state of the black community hadn’t changed that much. They still had to go through a lot on an everyday basis, and in the previous episode, we got proof of that when Arthur and Sally were stopped on their way when they were coming back from the carnival. Bass was also going through a very tough phase in his life where his work was impacting his personal life and also bringing about changes in the way he perceived things. So let’s find out what happened when Esau Pierce and Bass Reeves came face-to-face and what the former got to know about him.

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What happened between Esau Pierce and Bass?

At the end of the previous episode, when we saw that Bass figured out that the Texas Ranger he was looking for was none other than Esau Pierce, we believed that something would happen between them. But Bass didn’t react at all, and he had a normal chat with Esau Peirce, where he told him that he wanted Jackson Cole to get a fair trial. Jackson had previously told Bass why he had killed James Neblett, and Bass sympathized with him. He knew that Cole might have committed a crime, but had any man been there in his situation, he would have reacted in the same manner. But Esau Pierce told Bass Reeves the manner in which Cole had killed the white man. Esau said that no matter what the crime was, no man should have been given such a death. Esau Pierce assured Bass that his prisoners always got what they deserved and left together with Jackson Cole. Esau Piece made Bass realize that they were alike in a lot of ways. All those killings weighed their souls down and transformed them into beasts. Bass didn’t say anything at that moment in Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 6, but deep down, he knew that what Esau was saying was not wrong.

Is Sara Jumper dead?

Bass Reeves and Billy Crow were headed towards Checotah when, on the way, they stopped at Sara Jumper’s house. Bass looked for Sara, but he realized that there was no one there. Though there was no solid evidence to prove it, deep down in his heart, Bass knew that Sara Jumper had met her fateful end, and the realization gave him a sinking feeling. The deaths, the bloodshed, and seeing such horrendous sights that no man deserved to see had actually changed Bass Reeves. Bass knew that he would probably have to live with that feeling all his life. He was at a juncture in his life where he had no clarity whatsoever about where he was headed to and didn’t know if what he was doing was right or not. After hearing Jackson’s story and then the encounter with Esau Pierce, made him question his own actions and there was already too much frustration bottled up inside his core. Bass would have felt at peace if he had gotten an opportunity to talk to Sara, but now that she was probably dead, it made things worse for him.

Who attacked Bass in Checotah?

In Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 6, our deputy marshal was in the mood to pick up a fight. He wanted to engage with someone just to stop feeling what he was. He almost entered into an argument with a man named Braxton Sawyer, who was speaking very loudly in the bar, but then he realized that he was a Texas Ranger himself. Braxton had heard about Bass Reeves earlier, and he felt honored to have met him in person. Bass got properly drunk that night, and when he came out of the bar, his wish to engage in a fight was granted. Jim Cobb’s gang members spotted him and they were in a mood to take revenge for their colleague’s death. Billy Crow was with Calista at that point in time, the same girl whom he met in the previous episodes. Billy heard the commotion, and he rushed out to save his boss. Had Billy not arrived that day on time, Bass Reeves would not have been alive. Bass and Billy shot a few gang members to death and arrested the rest, who were left alive.

Why did Bass Reeves turn down Edwin’s offer?

Bass Reeves came back home to find Edwin and Esme sitting at the dining table. Call it Edwin’s bad luck, but Bass was not in the mood to have a conversation that night. Bass intimidated Edwin and told him to get up from his chair, where he used to sit. He heard Edwin’s plan for a township, but he showed no interest in it at all. Edwin wanted Bass to be the poster boy of his initiative, but Bass turned down his offer and told him that his ideologies did not align with what he wanted to do. Bass told Edwin upfront that it was his duty to look out not only for the black folks but also for the Indians and the whites. He said that he wouldn’t be able to discriminate between them, and therefore, he was not a suitable candidate to be a part of the initiative. Jennie also realized that Esme connected with her only because she wanted to make Edwin and Bass meet. Jennie felt hurt and used, and she asked Esme and Edwin to leave immediately. Later that night, Jennie talked to her husband and told him that he was not the same man he used to be. Jennie felt that every time Bass came back from a mission, he lost a part of himself, and now things had worsened so much that she wasn’t able to recognize him at all. Obviously, Bass’ experiences had changed him, and we saw that he became the kind of man who liked picking up fights just to take out his frustrations somewhere.

How Did Bass Find Out Esau Pierce’s Hidden Identity?

During the end of Lawmen: Bass Reeves episode 6, our deputy marshal got to know that Jackson Cole had disappeared, and Esau Pierce had wrongly informed the authorities that only the boots of the prisoner were handed over to him. Bass realized that Esau was behind all the disappearances, but he still had some doubts about it since he didn’t have any sort of evidence that could prove it. Bass suddenly remembered Ramsey and how he told stories about the mythical Mr. Sundown, who preyed upon slaves and ate them alive. Bass realized that it was probably not folklore after all and someone was actually making the slaves disappear. Ramsey’s death sentence was being carried out that day, but just before the noose tightened on his neck, he shouted and told Bass Reeves that Mr. Sundown was Cinco Peso. Bass remembered how Esau told him that his badge was carved out of Cinco Peso. Through this piece of information, Bass finally came to a conclusion that Esau Pierce was Mr. Sundown, and he was the one who was making all the black folks disappear. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to witness a final showdown between the two of them, and we will get to know what Esau’s intentions were and what his endgame was.

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