‘Let’s Talk About Chu’ Ending Explained: Did Chu Wei And Lin Shih-Chieh Reconcile?


The Taiwanese comedy-drama Let’s Talk About Chu is an entertaining series that is centered around the Chu family. The series discusses the importance of intimacy in relationships and how often a lack of it causes misunderstandings. We witness how three generations deal with the idea of intimacy in their relationships. Chu Ai is the youngest member of the Chu family, and she has grown up to develop trust issues. Ai Ai preferred no-strings-attached friendships over having a romantic partner. Her brother, Chu Yu-sen, struggled to draw boundaries in his relationships, and he often ended up feeling worthless. The eldest daughter of the family, Chu Yeh Chu Wei, was married to Lin Shih-chieh, but their relationship had lost its spark. The relationship between their mother, Chu Yeh Mei-chih, and their father, Chu Cheng-nan, had also turned complicated. Throughout the series, the family learns the importance of transparent communication and physical intimacy in romantic relationships.

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Why was Chu Ai afraid of commitment?

Chu Ai worked at a waxing salon, but she dreamt of becoming a celebrated influencer. Her YouTube channel promoted sexual well-being, and she was vocal about not confusing lust with love. She believed that to fulfill one’s sexual desire, one did not have to connect with an individual on an emotional level. She advises her followers against getting emotionally attached to their sexual partners because expectations often complicate such relationships. While Chu Ai sounded confident in her videos, in reality, she was not as sorted out. She assumed she was making a sound decision by creating rules in her friends-with-benefits relationship, whereas in reality, she was avoiding addressing the trauma that led to her developing a fear of abandonment.

Chu Ai and Chou Ping-ke agreed to be in a friends-with-benefits relationship, and they had a set of rules designed to keep emotional complications away. They valued their friendship and did not wish to ruin it with romantic expectations. As the rule of rom-com goes, Ai and Ping-ke eventually develop feelings for one another. Both Ai and Ping-ke had backstories that affected the way they perceived love. Ping-ke was born out of wedlock, and he despised his father. As a little boy, he had seen his parents in an intimate position, and he assumed that his father tortured his mother. Gradually, in Let’s Talk About Chu, Ping-ke realized that he had a misconception about his father and the relationship that his parents shared. He held onto a version of his memory that was not accurate. As a little girl, Ai Ai had seen her father at a hostess club, and the memory was etched in her mind. She was left traumatized after seeing her father with other women, and she developed a fear of being cheated on. She never wanted to be in the position her mother was in, and she had unknowingly developed a defense mechanism. After attending a talk show, Chu Ai finally admitted that her past affected the way she perceived relationships.

Did Chu Ai and Chou Ping-ke end up together?

Chu Ai realized she had fallen in love with Chou Ping-ke after she tried to rekindle her relationship with her old flame, Bonner. She missed spending time with Ping-ke and realized the joy she felt when he was around was unmatchable. Ai Ai broke her rules and kissed Ping-ke, to his surprise, but after making love, they ended up getting into an argument. Ai Ai was disappointed in her father for lying about his whereabouts; she came to the conclusion that most men are the same and Ping-ke would eventually hurt her. Ping-ke was offended, and he decided to break contact with her. He had evolved over time, and he was saddened to see Chu Ai’s lack of trust in him.

With her mother’s decision to divorce her father, Chu Ai lost faith in relationships. She was heartbroken to find out that her father was still living in Taiwan with the woman she had seen him with when she was a little girl. It pained her to think of the emotional turmoil her mother experienced. Mei-chih was stronger than her daughters assumed her to be, and she repeatedly requested that her children not lose their respect for their father. In the end, when Chu Ai saw her parents get back together, she decided to contact Ping-ke. She realized it was important to clear up the misunderstanding, even if they decided against being together. Ai apologized to Ping-ke for being mad at him, even though he had always cared for her. She admitted that her insecurity came in between, and as she was about to walk away, Ping-ke pulled her close, and they kissed. Let’s Talk About Chu ends with Ai Ai and Ping-ke together. After being in a relationship for six months, they decide to find a place to live together. 

What secret was Chu Cheng-nan hiding from his family?

Mei-chih chose to file for divorce from her husband after thirty-three years of marriage because he had deceived her. She was heartbroken after the incident on their wedding anniversary, and his sudden decision to leave for Indonesia led to more complications in their relationship. She tried contacting him, but her calls went unanswered. Later, Chu Yu-sen and Chu Wei tracked down their father’s phone and realized that he was living in Taiwan. Ai Ai was asked to reach out to their father and hand over the divorce papers. When she finally made it to the location, she was devastated to see that it was the same hostess club from her childhood. She saw her father entering the building with a woman, and she realized that for all these years, her father had been cheating on her mother. Ai Ai lost her respect for her father when she realized that he had moved out of his house to live with the hostess.

They were all the more surprised when they discovered that their father had borrowed a huge sum of money, and they assumed that he did so to buy his mistress an apartment. At the end of Let’s Talk About Chu, Chu Ai and Chu Yu-sen decide to break into the apartment their father was hiding in. They were surprised to find out that their father had set up an office there. They learned that his business in Indonesia had suffered, and he was trying to make ends meet by selling illegal medicines. The hostess had started a business, and he decided to work as the sales guy. He was ashamed of his condition, and that was the reason why he lied to his wife. Chu Cheng-nan felt responsible for the workers at the factory, and his side job helped him make enough money to continue paying wages to his employees. Chu Ye-sen promised his father to take care of his financial situation, and his only request was that he make amends with their mother. Mei-chih accepted her husband after he came clean, and they ended up living quite a happy life. Thankfully, Chu Cheng-nan left the job before the police arrested the hostess for selling illegal medicines.

What decision did Lee Yeuh make?

Chu Yu-sen was not content with his relationship with Henry. The constant fear of him marrying a woman to please his family often got to Yu-sen. Most of his nights were spent at the gambling bar, and he made good money out of it. The manager at the bar, Lee Yueh, was impressed after watching Yu-sen play. He offered Yu-sen the chance to participate in the big league gambles, but initially, Yu-sen did not show interest. It was only after getting drunk beyond his wit and borrowing a huge sum of money that Yu-sen was forced to gamble with the big-league players. It was while escaping from an illegal gambling zone that Chu Yu-sen and Lee Yeuh got sexually involved for the first time. Lee Yeuh pretended to be a straight man, and he threatened Chu Yu-sen to keep the incident a secret. Yu-sen eventually broke up with Henry, and for the first time, he finally felt free.

Yu-sen and Yeuh developed romantic affection for one another when Yu-sen visited him in Miaoli County. It was not easy for Yeuh to admit that he was in love with a man; throughout his childhood, he was told that it was disgusting to be homosexual, and from a young age, he had learned to hide his sexuality. Yu-sen was patient with him and saw him beyond his pretense. In Let’s Talk About Chu, Lee Yeuh ultimately decides to confess his crimes to the police. He wanted to build a future with Yu-sen, and he realized that he needed a clean slate to start over again. The ending of the series suggests that he might start a career in acting, and Yu-sen supported his endeavor.

Did Chu Wei And Lin Shih-Chieh Reconcile?

Chu Wei tried various ways to spark her marriage, but Lin Shih-chieh barely had time to spare for his wife. With her mother repeatedly reminding her how a childless marriage often ends in separation, Chu Wei felt the need to make an extra effort. Chu Wei started to doubt her husband and wondered if he was having an affair with one of his students. She became even more disturbed as she began to imagine scenarios in her head rather than confront him. She joined tantra meditation in the hopes of calming her nerves and finding a way to win back her husband. To her surprise, the couple who introduced her to Tantra made advances toward her. She was filled with immense guilt, and she finally confessed the truth to Shih-chieh. Her husband was devastated, and he started to ignore Chu Wei all the more. When Chu Wei questioned him about his student, Shih-chieh confessed that he never considered the possibility. After his student made advances at him, Shih-chieh realized that maybe Chu Wei’s doubt was not entirely baseless. Shih-chieh finally agreed that they needed to consult a marriage counselor and put in an effort to bring the spark back into their relationship. Six months later, Chu Wei and Shih-chieh were finally happy in their relationship, and Chu Wei also ended up publishing the book she had been working on for years. At last, she was able to accomplish her goal by striking a balance in her personal life.

During Let’s Talk About Chu‘s ending, the Chu family finally found the happiness in their relationships. In the eight episodes, we witnessed how all the complications were resolved through communication. The series also highlights the importance of intimacy—both physical and mental—in romantic relationships. While intimacy is a topic that is frequently avoided, Let’s Talk About Chu advances the conversation about it.

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