‘Like Flowers In Sand’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Baek Du Play In The Games?


Like Flowers in Sand is keeping up with being decent, but it needs to be more. Half the show is over, and so far, we haven’t had a single notable moment to remember or even discuss with others. Considering the other Korean dramas on air right now, this series needs to pick up a little. Meanwhile, let us go through the recap of the sixth episode.

Spoiler Alert

How does Min Hyeong Ok figure out Du Sik’s identity?

When Baek Du admitted that he rejoined Ssireum because of Du Sik, it wasn’t a confession of love. He says that it was his interest to help her solve the case. But that doesn’t stop him from getting jealous when Hyeong Ok calls Du Sik ‘honey.’ Hyeong Ok doesn’t know that Du Sik has revealed her identity to Baek Du. But he has observed her concern for him and their closeness. Additionally, he has always suspected that she must be Du Sik, considering how she reacts to the name and her connection to the place. It may be a cop’s intuition, but it is working. Hyeong Ok has probably already figured out that she is Du Sik. He just wants to know more before he asks her about it.

Hyeong Ok tries to go around town asking about her, and he is led to the cafe owner’s place, who tells him about Du Sik being Baek Du’s first love. The owner talks a lot more about Du Sik, and we are beginning to think that she has some vested interest in the whole thing. After all, a few days ago, she did not even know that Du Sik was a girl. Therefore, her interest in finding out about her is suspicious. Hyeong Ok’s research shows that Du Sik’s father was murdered after some match-fixing scandal. She shares Du Sik’s name, and that is how Hyeong Ok figures out why Du Sik changed her name and is hiding her identity from the villagers. He asks her about it, and she doesn’t deny it. But it looks like Hyeong Ok is approaching this from a place of empathy, not to bully her or put her on the spot.

What is happening in the investigation?

Coach Yeon is suspected of the match-fixing scandal, but he must have been answering to someone else since Choi Chil Seong died before the match. That person must have been in the audience of the match that day since Coach Yeon kept looking at the stands. Du Sik cannot find anything in the videos of the matches, and Baek Du suggests that she zoom into Coach Yeon’s eyes to see if the reflection of the person is in them. While this is an awkward romantic moment for Du Sik and Baek Du, the former takes the advice but gets nothing. However, Baek Du comes through for her. His brother is a live streamer who wants Baek Du to join his YouTube channel since his audience has been curious about him ever since he uploaded a clip of the match. That means that the brother has the recording of the complete match and everyone in it. Baek Du takes that four hours’ worth of footage to Du Sik, and she is going to investigate that next.

Meanwhile, we suspect that Tae Baek may know that Yu Gyeong is Du Sik. It has been repeatedly said that the truth of that day is known only to Du Sik, her father, and her friend’s father. Perhaps the friend’s father is Tae Baek. As a child, Du Sik must have needed help to change cities and start a new life. It has never been made clear whether Du Sik had both of her parents at home. If her mother wasn’t there, maybe Tae Baek stepped in as the guiding adult in her life and helped her. When he hears that the new manager is supporting Baek Du, he probably gets a hint that she is Du Sik, or maybe he already knows about it.

Does Baek Du play in the games?

To the innocent bystander, it looks as if Jin Su is hell-bent on bullying Baek Du. He insults him in front of everyone, makes him run laps by saying that his basics are bad, and generally keeps slighting him all the time. Du Sik says that Jin Su is a little too uptight, and that is why he is making Baek Du run by saying that his basics aren’t right. The other day, Jin Su had picked on Baek Du’s method of holding the satba. Jin Su says that Baek Du shouldn’t play in the championship at all because he is not prepared. This happened after Baek Du was paired with Ahn Dong Min, a rather strong contender who is highly popular at the moment. While Baek Du resigns to the decision, Du Sik and Jin Su have other ideas. Jin Su tells the cafe owner that Baek Du is the best ssireum player he has ever seen, but he doesn’t know how to use his talent. As for Du Sik, she doesn’t want Baek Du to be excluded from the games. She suggests to Jin Su that Baek Du’s method of holding the satba could be to gain an advantage over the heavier players, over whom Baek Du could only win with his hand and footwork. That stays in Jin Su’s mind because Du Sik also mentions that Baek Du probably doesn’t know how to put that advantage in words that he is unconsciously using. This could be what Jin Su meant when he said that Baek Du doesn’t know how to use his talents. Perhaps he excluded him to raise his passion to fight back. Or maybe he thought that Baek Du would be discouraged if he lost against another strong player, so he was playing it safe. But Jin Su doesn’t hate Baek Du at all.

Du Sik tells Baek Du that he should fight for himself instead of living in fear of awkwardness. There is a past between Jin Su and Baek Du, because of which the latter always gives in to his friend. But Du Sik points out that everyone’s baggage is their own to carry, and Baek Du doesn’t have to make sacrifices for Jin Su’s sake. At the end of Like Flowers in Sand episode 6, Baek Du runs towards Jin Su and says that he wants to be a part of the team. He doesn’t want to step back for Jin Su’s sake or because he is not willing to give Baek Du a chance. Jin Su hasn’t replied to this, but seeing the preview for next week, Baek Du is going to play the match.

Final Thoughts

Baek Du and Du Sik’s relationship is certainly going to move forward a little. There isn’t much in the way of them being together except the criminal investigation, and a sneaky suspicion tells us that Tae Baek may be involved in the whole affair more than we think. Like Flowers in Sand needs to pick up some speed at this point. It cannot continue with its ‘mellow’ state if boredom isn’t on its agenda.

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