‘Like Flowers In Sand’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Mi Ran?


Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7, has just confirmed everything we predicted about the show from the beginning, about how Baek Du’s fortunes would start turning the moment his lady love entered his life. This has almost allowed us to predict what will happen in the next episode as well. Admittedly, it was nice to see Baek Du have a good time in his career for once. For so long, it has been tiring to see him as the good-natured loser, so this turn of fortune is a welcome change. The rest of the episode was less than engaging, and here is the recap.

Spoiler Alert

Does Baek Du get to the match?

In the past, when Du Sik met Baek Du for the last time, she simply asked him to remember her when he won championships in the future. She did not mention leaving the town at all, but Baek Du figured that out just as he saw her driving away. In the present, Du Sik tells her colleague that her father was accused of asking a wrestler on his team to throw a match, and the wrestler had apparently refused. Later, when the wrestler, Joo Cheol Yong, was found murdered, people blamed Du Sik’s father. No evidence was ever found against him, but the rumors continued, and Du Sik’s family had to leave town. Du Sik describes it as being driven out, and that is why she changed her name. Her colleague asks her why she came back, and it is evident that she isn’t done with the place.

Back with Baek Du, he is preparing for the tournament. He asks his family not to come to the match this time. Maybe he is worried that they will once again see him lose, or perhaps it is his way of not being conscious of their presence, but they send him off with best wishes. However, Baek Du is late. He did not realize that the meeting time was much earlier and that he had arrived late, meaning that Du Sik had to drive him to the venue. She complains throughout the way, whereas Baek Du is more than happy to spend time with her and annoy her in his own way. Baek Du couldn’t make it more obvious that he is in love. A person only gets sleepless when their favorite person doesn’t reply to their messages, and that is Du Sik for Baek Du. Also, it is evident that Baek Du is getting on her nerves on purpose and demanding things of her, knowing that it will rile her up.

When the two get to the venue, Baek Du is a little heavier than the required weight limit for the competition. He claims that he never puts on weight no matter what he does, so our guess is that love made him happy and complacent about what he was eating. Baek Du is tasked with carrying Du Sik on his back and running along the beach so that he loses the extra weight as fast as he can. The strategy works, and Baek Du manages to pass the weight testing by the skin of his teeth. Technically, he should have been a lot hungrier that day, but as his luck was shining bright, he did not eat much.

Who is Mi Ran?

The night before the match, Baek Du is in good spirits, and he tells Du Sik that he doesn’t mind losing since it is all part of the game. Du Sik gets angry and asks him why he has lost the ambition that he used to carry in his childhood. When Baek Du still cared about winning, he would come up with strategies and tricks to get the better of his opponents, even in the most lopsided matches. Du Sik is sad to see that she is missing, and Baek Du asks her to come to his match the next day. Sadly, the entire team got food poisoning on the day of the match. Since Baek Du is the only one who did not eat much, he is fine, as is Du Sik. She comes to encourage him, though Baek Du doesn’t catch sight of her. But since he knows that she is in the audience, he does better than he has ever done at the games.

Baek Du’s first opponent is Ahn Dong Min, and he is easily defeated by Baek Du, who suddenly has a lot of strategies up his sleeve. Throughout the games and all the opponents, Baek Du keeps trying to catch a glimpse of Du Sik, but he can’t see her. However, he is clearly seeking her approval because he keeps texting her and asking what she thinks of his game. People are happy for Baek Du, and two of his team members get there to encourage him. They tell him that Du Sik left long ago, since she got a call.

At the end of Like Flowers in Sand episode 7, Baek Du is competing with Ha Chang Bae. Winning this would take him to the semifinals, but Baek Du may not be up to it since he knows that Du Sik is not watching him anymore. After all, it would be too much if he simply won the championships in one stroke, with the only change being that a girl he liked was watching him. Back in the town, Du Sik’s colleague is looking for Mi Ran. She figured out that he was a police officer, and it is clear that they are the second-lead couple in the series. Meanwhile, Du Sik meets Mi Ran after learning that she is the daughter of Joo Cheol Yong, the man her father was accused of murdering. Mi Ran knows who Du Sik is and has probably known him since the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Du Sik tells the colleague that Cheol Jong was present in the town in the past, when the scandal with her father went down. Mi Ran has hinted that she knows a lot more than she has been revealing since the beginning. Maybe she can help with the investigation, or it could be a case of settling old scores with Du Sik that must be seen. 

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