‘Like Flowers In Sand’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Mi Ran A Suspect?


Like Flowers in Sand will receive no awards for its unpredictability. It has walked a very short and predictable path by taking a lot of time. Maybe it could be a few episodes shorter, or perhaps a some more interesting subplots could be added to enhance the narrative. It is too late for them now that the series is almost on its final leg. Regardless, the following is a recap of the episode 8.

Spoiler Alert

What did Baek Du do when drunk?

To nobody’s (in the audience) surprise, Baek Du lost the match the moment he realized that Du Sik was not watching him from the stands. Yet he was in the Top 5 and had placed at the 4th rank overall. But instead of celebrating, he was upset that Du Sik had not stayed to see the rest of the game. Baek Du was being cheered on by his team, and everyone was extremely proud of him. When they got back to Geosan, the entire town was cheering up Baek Du because they had all been excited about his performance that day. Finishing in the Top 5 was no small feat. Additionally, Jin Su served Baek Du with alcohol and told him to enjoy it as he had earned it that day. Clearly, Baek Du was not used to these accolades, and he was surprised at Jin Su being nice to him. Jin Su even mentions to Baek Du that the minor techniques he kept using were what made him a prodigy, to begin with, and it had been a while since Jin Su remembered that. Similarly, Baek Du had also forgotten about that aspect of his art until Du Sik, and now Jin Su has pointed it out.

Jin Su remembers how he used to be jealous of Baek Du and his constant victories, but he also maintains that Baek Du is the best player he has ever seen, and that respect is above any petty jealousy he may feel. Coming back to Baek Du, he has had one glass of alcohol, and that is enough to get him completely drunk. He stumbles into Du Sik and argues with her for ignoring him. But Du Sik praises him and tells him that he won because he was enjoying the sport, like he used to do when they were kids. Du Sik has a very high opinion of Baek Du, and she heaps praises on him, including telling him how highly she used to think of him even in their childhood. Baek Du is floored, and in his drunk state, he doesn’t think twice before kissing Du Sik and earning a slap on his forehead. When Baek Du wakes up the next day, he has no memory of what he has done, and his mother is staring at him, asking how he got home the previous night.

It is a holiday for Baek Du, and he seeks out Du Sik, who is completely awkward but can’t even say anything because she knows that Baek Du doesn’t remember anything. Du Sik is unable to write off the kiss because, though she may not admit it, she already has feelings for her best friend. He is as much her first love as she is his, though circumstances have caused her to be far more shut down about her feelings. When she meets Baek Du, they are talking about nothing, and he once again earns a slap on the forehead because of some stupid joke. That makes him remember that Du Sik had done that the previous night. Du Sik refuses to tell him why she hit him but asks him whether he can remember what happened on the night he ran into Chil Seong. Baek Du is not interested in exercising his brain to that extent, but when Du Sik promises him a ‘boon,’ he jumps into the task’s body and soul.

Was Mi Ran With Chil Seong On The Night Of His Murder?

Baek Du is racking his brains about what could have happened during the times he got drunk. He listens to sleep audios aimed at increasing memory because they made someone smarter in high school. He also starts drinking red ginseng because that is supposed to be good for the brain. It is all a wonder, because why wasn’t Baek Du doing any of it for himself all these years? When and why did he lose his passion for ssireum and become such a doormat in the sport? The taunts and discouragement must have come his way only after he sustained multiple losses. Therefore, it is a question worth asking as to what went wrong and why.

While wrestling with a partner, Baek Du gets flashes of the night when he was with Du Sik, and he gets confused. The memory of the kiss returns to him, but Baek Du isn’t sure that it really happened. When he tells this to Du Sik, her silence confirms that it actually happened, and Beaek Du is far more embarrassed than Du Sik was. That must have done something for his brain because he starts questioning why she did not hit him harder, and the cocktail of questions and emotions opens the gates of his memory. Baek Du is at the very spot where he ran into Chil Seong, and as he slowly reconstructs the scene of that night, he remembers that Chil Seong was not alone.

At the end of Like Flowers in Sand episode 8, Baek Du rushes to meet Du Sik, but Mi Ran is already there. She admits to being with Chil Seong on the night of his death and says that she wants to tell the truth now since she can’t hide anymore. Du Sik had speculated that Chil Seong must be in Geosan to meet Mi Ran, since he knew that she was Cheol Yong’s daughter. Mi Ran had also said that she could not be sure whether Du Sik’s father had killed her father or not. But her manner suggested that she knew the truth. That day, Mi Ran had been spotted going somewhere with a big bag. Additionally, when you think about it, nobody remembered Mi Ran from when she was a child. She was invisible, and she claimed that she preferred that since the moment she got included in things, she would be the first to lose. Yet, all these years later, she is holding a grudge for having been forgotten. People in Geosan had asked her why a young woman like her was operating the cafe in such a remote area instead of a city, which means that for years, Mi Ran had been working with ulterior motives.

Final Thoughts

Mi Ran’s father teaching her the incorrect spelling of coffee was an unexpectedly sweet touch to the episode. The episodes of this week have been rather slow, and to summarize, there have only been two worthwhile developments. The series is moving towards its finale; therefore, it is time for a lot more excitement to amp up the series.

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