‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap And Ending – Why Does Gye-hoon Move Back To Jihwa-dong?


“Link: Eat Love Kill” is a 2022 Korean Mystery Fantasy Drama written by Kwon Ki Young and directed by No Sang Hoon. This romantic drama stars Yeo Jin Gu and Moon Ga Young in the leading roles. The drama tells the story of a chef who, suddenly, starts feeling the emotions of a woman but doesn’t know who she is.

Characters Introduction

Eun Gye Hoon is an executive chef at a gourmet restaurant who has achieved fame at a young age because of his excellent and creative cooking skills. He is disciplined about work and often comes off as eccentric and heartless to his peers. Recently, Gye Hoon has been acting strangely, and all of his co-workers have noticed it. He starts crying all of a sudden, laughing out loud when he isn’t supposed to, and collapsing while working. It is difficult for them to understand him, even when he explains his condition to them.

Noh Da Hyun is a highly educated woman but, for some reason, got fired from the job. Now, she works multiple part-time jobs but can barely manage her expenses. All of her bills are overdue, and she hasn’t paid her rent for months. Da Hyun’s mother still believes that her daughter works at an office and has a high-paying job. Da Hyun believes she has run out of luck in love, career, and life in general.

What Happened To Gye-hoon’s Sister?

Eun Gye Hoon is busy working the dinner shift at the restaurant. The chefs have to be attentive and quick to serve the best meal to their customers. One of Gye Hoon’s subordinates is distracted from work because of a breakup, and Gye Hoon tells him to drop his shift because he doesn’t want his depressed feelings to go into the food. He tells all the chefs to keep their personal feelings out of the kitchen. Suddenly, tears roll down his cheeks, and he faints.

Gye Hoon had a twin sister, Gye Young, whom he lost when they were younger. He used to feel his sister’s emotions like telepathy. He could tell if she was happy, sad, scared, or anxious. One day, she disappeared when Gye Hoon was playing alone with his friends, and ever since that day, he stopped feeling her emotions. His family believes that Gye Young is not alive, but recently, Gye Hoon has started feeling the same telepathy again. He wants to believe that his sister is alive and, hence, keeps on asking invasive questions to women around him but doesn’t get an answer.

No Da Hyun has been running home from work to stop her mom from finding out about her financial condition. Gye Hoon encounters her for the first time on the street while she tries to catch her breath. However, they glance at each other only for a second before they pass by. Da Hyun is always running and doesn’t have time or money to date or go out on trips. One of her male colleagues has spread rumors about them dating, and Da Hyun finds out that he has also posted her pictures on his social media. She had also been receiving gifts from an anonymous person, and it turned out that her colleague is a stalker.

Why Does Gye-hoon Quit His Job?

Gye Hoon is preparing a dish in front of many people and the media at a food festival and suddenly starts feeling irritated and suffocated. He leaves the presentation in the middle to deal with these unknown feelings. Da Hyun is working as a waiter at the same event and is sitting on the rooftop after seeing her friends having a gourmet meal while she picks up their plates. Gye Hoon is also on the verge of getting fired after multiple incidents of breaking down in the middle of the live shows. He brings his plate to the rooftop to eat alone but finds Da Hyun.

Da Hyun and Gye Hoon are in sync with each other, and Gye Hoon cannot help but notice it. Da Hyun is sad and shares her concerns with Gye Hoon. However, she thinks that he is a pervert when he starts asking for her age, where she lived, and also asks her to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with him. He only asks her about it because he wants to know if she is his sister or not, but only ends up scaring her away.

After the incident at the food festival, Gye Hoon decides to quit the job as it is better than getting fired. He and his colleague are going to open a restaurant, and while his colleague thinks it will be in a promising and rising market, Gye Hoon has decided to go to Jihwa-dong, a town where he lived during his childhood.

Who Killed The Stalker?

Da Hyun’s mother ends up finding out Da Hyun’s truth and brings her back to their hometown. She is mad at her and has asked her to prepare for the civil service exam. On the same day, Gye Hoon and his friend also moved to Jihwa to rent a place for their restaurant. The place turns out to be right next to Da Hyun’s house, and when she sees Gye Hoon, she calls him a pervert stalker in front of everyone, tarnishing his image on the first day of his arrival.

Da Hyun has been studying diligently in the library, and while going back home at night, she notices someone following her. The person is none other than her stalker from her office, who has followed her to Jihwa. She runs to her home, but he barges in and tries to hurt Da Hyun. He pushes her to the table, and she loses consciousness after getting hit in the head. However, when she wakes up, she sees blood everywhere and finds the stalker dead. She doesn’t remember anything but believes she killed him in self-defense and goes to the police station to turn herself in.

The police keep Da Hyun waiting as they deal with drunkards and petty street fighters, and Da Hye leaves the station without telling them. She comes back home and sees her mom and grandmother around the dead body. They tell her not to worry, and they wrap the dead body in a blanket. They clean up the blood on the floor and dump the body in a refrigerator thrown out by Gye Hoon. Before Da Hye’s mom could bring a truck to move the refrigerator, Gye Hoon moves the fridge back inside because it was moved out by the workers mistakenly.

‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 2: Ending 

A police officer recognizes Gye Hoon from his childhood and asks him why he came back after the tragic event that happened to their family. Gye Hoon tells the officer that the rent was cheaper than in other places; hence he came to Jihwa, but inside his mind, he recalls what a shaman had told his family. The murderer of Gye Young lives in the same neighborhood, and Gye Hoon has probably come back to find out the truth.

Da Hye and her family’s attempts to get hold of the refrigerator have failed, but Da Hye has promised to get it no matter what. She manages to befriend Gye Hoon and the other chef and gets their phone numbers and birthdates from them. Although Gye Hoon is suspicious at first, he tells her the details only after she plays Rock, Paper, and Scissors with him. As expected, Da Hyun uses the birthdate for their restaurant passcode, and it works. She walks towards the fridge, and she is about to open it when Gye Hoon asks her from behind if she has found what she was looking for.

Will Da Hye’s secret be out in the open? Or does Gye Hoon already know about it? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Link: Eat Love Kill.”

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