‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap And Ending – Who Is The Real Culprit?


Previously, in “Link: Eat Love Kill,” Da Hyun got attacked by Jin Geun again, and he disappeared without any trace. Jin Geun told Da Hyun something that she couldn’t stop thinking about. He kept repeating that Da Hyun knows what happened to Gye Young, but Da Hyun has lost her memories and can not remember anything from her childhood or that accident. Tired of overthinking, Da Hyun found the gate she saw in her nightmares and entered the dreadful house. Her lost memories came back, and she ran away in fear.

At the same time, Jin Geun visited Gye Hoon and told him that he was the one who caused Gye Young to disappear. A man offered Jin Geun a gaming console and asked him to bring Gye Young to him, and next time, he offered a game cartridge in exchange for Da Hyun. Before Jin Geun could reveal anything further, someone attacked Gye Hoon, and Jin Geun watched in fear. The attacker was Lee Young Hoon, a shop owner who had testified against Gye Young’s piano teacher. He kidnapped Jin Geun and threatened him not to tell anyone about the past.

Da Hyun and Gye Hoon were both uncomfortable around each other as they discovered the truth but didn’t know how to bring up the topic. In the end, Da Hyun brought it up and told Gye Hoon that she couldn’t forget that she left Gye Young behind and ran away, and the guilt has been eating her. She suggested they break up even when Gye Hoon said he had no problem with her past. On the other hand, the police officers brought the refrigerator outside Gye Hoon’s restaurant into their office and found Jin Geun’s dead body inside.

What Is The Secret Of Da-hyun’s Mother? 

Jin Geun’s dead body in the refrigerator causes chaos in Jihwa-dong when most of them don’t even know who Jin Geun is. When one of the residents reveals that he was Da Hyun’s stalker, the neighbors start gossiping that Gye Hoon, Da Hyun, or her mother could have done it, or maybe they were in it together. The police ask everyone to not spread rumors and to cooperate in the investigation. Officer Jung Ho runs to Da Hyun’s home and confirms it first that Da Hyun’s mother hasn’t murdered Jin Geun. It is news to them and worries them if Da Hyun is involved in it.

Gye Hoon is equally disturbed and frustrated because he was only a step away from finding out who the culprit was. He starts cooking to relieve his stress, and Eun Jung joins him. She doesn’t know how to react but is happy for her sister because the person who killed her is dead now. Da Hyun’s mother is tense because Da Hyun has not been picking up her calls and realizes later that she could be at the restaurant. She hurries over to the restaurant with Da Hyun’s grandmother and finds everyone setting up the table with a fancy meal. Da Hyun’s mothers join them as they celebrate the end of a villain even though the mood is not right. 

Da Hyun has been having nightmares, and her mother finally decides to tell Da Hyun the truth. She takes Da Hyun out for drinks and shares her deepest secret that she indeed murdered someone. Da Hyun’s mother was busy making a living and had little time to look after Da Hyun when she was younger. She realized Da Hyun was missing after two days had passed. She called Jung Ho and her mother, and they searched for Da Hyun everywhere. She eventually found her lying at the corner of a street with a man by her side. Jung Ho came to help her when he heard the noises but almost got himself killed. Had it not been for Da Hyun’s mother, he would have died, but in the process, Da Hyun’s mother ended up killing the culprit.

If the culprit was alive, they would have found Gye Young. Da Hyun’s mother kept it a secret for all these years, and Da Hyun needs time to process what she just heard. However, she remembers what Gye Young had told her, that there was more than one person outside. Da Hyun believes that another person is still lurking around and has killed Jin Geun. Lee Young Hoon had told Jin Geun, before killing him, that he would send Da Hyun to meet him soon, and he encounters Da Hyun in an alley when she walks back home alone.  

How Does Jung-ho Find Out The Culprit?

Young Hoon greets Da Hyun in the alley and tries to check if she remembers him or not. He buys her a water bottle and volunteers to walk her to the end of the alley as it is not safe these days. He leaves only after making sure that Da Hyun doesn’t remember him. Da Hyun’s grandmother consoles her, but she is more worried about facing Gye Hoon. She still meets him and tells him everything that her mom told her. He knows that Da Hyun is not at fault here and doesn’t say anything to her, but he is heartbroken to hear that Gye Young could be saved.

The next day, Da Hyun’s mother apologizes to Gye Hoon, but he doesn’t accept her apology and tells her to live with guilt for the rest of her life. Jung Ho was the police officer in charge of the case back then, and he had been hiding the murder by Da Hyun’s mother for all these years. She tried to turn herself in many times, but Jung Ho stopped her. When Han Eui Chan was arrested, Jung Ho convinced Da Hyun’s mother that the person she murdered had nothing to do with Gye Young. However, after all these years, the truth has come to light, and he was indeed related to Gye Young’s disappearance.

Jung Ho asks Da Hyun everything that she remembers about that day. She tells him everything in detail, but one thing strikes him strongly. She mentions that they were locked up in the basement of Dong Nam’s house. On the day of the incident, the police searched inside every vacant house, and he wondered how they could miss Dong Nam’s. Jung Ho is disturbed and goes out to drink alone, where Young Hoon joins him. Jung Ho receives a call from his colleague who informs him that Jung Ho himself was in charge of searching for Dong Nam’s house. This confuses Jung Ho further, but as soon as he looks at Young Hoon, he recalls that he had volunteered to search Dong Nam’s house back then.

‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 14: Ending

Jung Ho has been close friends with Young Hoon for a long time and can not believe that he could do something so evil. He confronts Young Hoon, but Young Hoon makes him faint and locks him up in the same room where he locked Jin Geun. He confesses everything to Jung Ho without any shame. Dong Nam has been waiting for Gye Hoon outside his restaurant, and he has something to confess.

Dong Nam’s wife is worried and thinks that her husband has killed Gye Young. She visits Da Hyun’s family and shares her thoughts with them because she doesn’t know what to do further. Dong Nam sees little Gye Young everywhere, and to get out of this mess, he confesses everything to Gye Hoon. Gye Young had asked Dong Nam for help, but he refused and left her alone. After that, she disappeared. Gye Hoon thinks that he made a mistake by coming back to Jihwa-dong as he has been hearing more and more painful stories about the final moments of his sister. With Jung Ho kidnapped and at the risk of losing his life, how will Gye Hoon and Da Hyun find the culprit? Let’s find out in the next episodes of “Link: Eat Love Kill.

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