‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending: Is Lee Jin-geun Alive?


In the previous episode of “Link: Eat Love Kill,” Gye Hoon proposes a theory that Jin Geun is still alive and has somehow managed to escape from the refrigerator. If it comes true, Da Hyun does not have to be worried about being a murderer, but it means that Jin Geun will come back for her.

Why Is Da-hyun Getting Nightmares?

Gye Hoon thinks that the stalker is not dead and has run away from the refrigerator. Da Hyun gets scared because she has been getting nightmares in which the stalker, Jin Geun, comes back to life and tries to kill her. This thought of Jin Geun actually being alive has made Da Hyun more afraid. Da Hyun’s mother tells her to quit the job at Gye Hoon’s restaurant, but she tells them that they need to get on the good side of Gye Hoon because she has told him the truth about the murder.

Da Hyun has started developing feelings for Gye Hoon, but she cannot make it obvious because Gye Hoon had told her to not feel that way toward him. Gye Hoon asks her if he has done anything to offend her, but she denies it. Da Hyun’s mother and grandmother have been acting strangely towards him too, which makes him wonder what is wrong with Da Hyun’s family. The neighborhood ladies have been swooning over Gye Hoon, but when he tells them their name, the ladies start distancing themselves from him.

The talks have started in the town about Gye Hoon having come back to avenge the death of his sister. The police officer who was in charge of Gye Young’s case gets enraged for not being able to charge the murderer because of a lack of evidence. Gye Young was last seen with her piano teacher before disappearing, but he was not charged with anything. That piano teacher is now a homeless man in the town, and he apologizes to Gye Hoon for Gye Young’s death but doesn’t tell him what happened exactly.

Da Hyun’s colleague visits her in the town and sees Jin Geun’s sister, who has been searching for him everywhere. The colleague tells Da Hyun’s mother that she is Jin Geun’s sister and asks her if she knows her. After thinking for a while, Da Hyun’s mother and grandmother realize who Jin Geun is, and now they have another threat in front of them. Gye Hoon receives a call from his mother saying that she has found Gye Young, and Gye Hoon rushes to her along with Da Hyun.

Gye Hoon had told Da Hyun to not blame herself for things she didn’t do, because then people would push her into believing that she was at fault for everything. When she sees Gye Hoon’s mom blaming him for the disappearance of her sister, she realizes why he said that to her. She keeps on feeling sad about it and decides to cook a midnight snack for him. Gye Hoon had comforted her with food when she was sad, and now it is her turn. When Da Hyun starts crying, tears run down Gye Hoon’s face as well. He says that he is fine, but he isn’t sure if he is crying because of Da Hyun’s emotion or if he is really sad.

Is Lee Jin-geun Back From The Dead?

To prove that he was not really crying, Gye Hoon tells Da Hyun that he could feel her emotions. Whether she is happy, sad, angry, or annoyed, he feels the same too. Da Hyun just asks him why he feels emotions in such a way and says that he has superpowers. Gye Hoon was worried that she might think he was talking nonsense but got a different reaction from her. Nevertheless, he feels relieved after letting it out of his mind. To test Gye Hoon’s superpower, Da Hyun asks him to guess what she is feeling, and he feels his heart fluttering.

The next day, Gye Hoon acts bluntly and rudely with Da Hyun. He answers her questions only with yes or no. He has been acting the same way Da Hyun acted when she realized her feelings for Gye Hoon. She confronts him, and he tells her that he is here to do business and not to make friends, so they should keep their distance from each other. Da Hyun doesn’t agree with him. Everyone has their own issues, but there is nothing wrong with being friends.

At the whim of the moment, she starts speaking about Jin Geun and his murder without realizing other employees have arrived. They have been listening to them secretly but get caught when one of them makes a noise. Eun Jung has been keeping an eye on Da Hyun and follows her at night when Da Hyun walks alone home from the library. 

Da Hyun’s mother was suspicious of Eun Jung and hence went to accompany Da Hyun home. She catches Eun Jung following Da Hyun and gets into an argument with her. Eun Jung isn’t afraid of the police and asks Da Hyun’s mother if she has anything to be afraid of.

‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 6: Ending

Da Hyun receives multiple messages on her social media accounts all of a sudden and checks them to find out that they are from Lee Jin Geun. Jin Geun had been getting treatment at the hospital, and in the meantime, he had been sending messages to Da Hyun. Da Hyun hadn’t checked her inbox in a long time and hence didn’t have any idea that he was alive. In his last message, Jin Geun wrote that he was back and had been watching her, her family, and her friends from close by.

After reading the message, Da Hyun gets worried when she doesn’t find her mother and grandmother at home at night. Gye Hoon senses her fear and helps her find her parents. They find them, and Da Hyun tells them about the message from Jin Geun. They reveal to her that chef Eun Jung is Jin Geun’s sister. Da Hyun is scared, but she finally has a face-to-face talk with Eun Jung. She tells Jin Geun’s sister that her brother might be alive, and she promises to tell her everything once they find him.

A strange man enters Gye Hoon’s restaurant and refuses to leave. He says that he has a special relationship with this hotel and that his girlfriend lives nearby. He even asks him if he has thrown it away, seeing the empty spot where the refrigerator was, but leaves after multiple requests from Gye Hoon. However, Gye Hoon gets an ominous feeling from him and suspects that he is Jin Geun.

Gye Hoon calls Da Hyun right away, but already senses fear from her. Has Jin Geun caught Da Hyun? Can Gye Hoon save Da Hyun? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Link: Eat Love Kill.”

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