‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending- Have Jin-geun And Da-hyun Known Each Other In The Past?


In the previous episode of “Link: Eat Love Kill,” Da Hyun and Gye Hoon had gotten a hint that Jin Geun could be alive since he sent multiple obsessive messages to Da Hyun saying that he had returned and was watching her from a distance. However, he showed up in front of Da Hyun sooner than expected. Da Hyun got scared, and Gye Hoon felt her fear. He started looking for her in the alleys hurriedly when she didn’t pick up his calls.

Why Does The Taxi Driver Attack Gye Hoon?

Gye Hoon doesn’t want to get closer to anyone or anything in his life because he believes that everyone close to him only gets hurt because of him, and hence, he has been telling Da Hyun to not get closer to him. However, they keep getting involved in each other’s lives as Gye Hoon can feel Da Hyun’s emotions. Jin Geun has appeared in front of Da Hyun in a dark alley and is demanding an apology from her. She runs away and bumps into Gye Hoon. Jin Geun is about to hit Gye Hoon, but he sees the CCTV camera and holds himself back. He promises Da Hyun he will see her again.

Jin Geun has been holding a grudge against Gye Hoon since he first saw him in Jihwa-dong with Da Hyun. He blackmails the taxi driver to kill Gye Hoon just like he had almost killed him. After Jin Geun escaped from the refrigerator, the taxi driver ran over him on the street, and, thinking he was dead, he tried to bury him. Jin Geun woke up and was hospitalized, but he didn’t report the taxi driver to the police. However, he is now threatening to do so if he doesn’t kill Gye Hoon. Reluctantly, the taxi driver speeds up at Gye Hoon but can’t run over him and instead crashes into Da Hyun’s mother’s restaurant.

In the evening, Jin Geun visits the restaurant and asks Da Hyun’s mother if anyone died in the accident or got hurt. Jin Geun leaves after listening to negative answers, but as soon as Da Hyun’s mother realizes who he is, she invites him inside for a meal. She warns him to stay away from Da Hyun, and her grandmother joins him, saying that she would have ended him if she knew he was alive. Three of them had taken out their weapons, but Gye Hoon walks in and gets Jin Geun to talk with him in private. Gye Hoon tells him that he knows that Jin Geun told the taxi driver to attack him. Jin Geun asks Gye Hoon for his name as he didn’t know it before and leaves wondering where he had heard it before.

Gye Hoon talks with the taxi driver, and he tells him the truth and begs him to not report it to the police. When the taxi driver sees Da Hyun getting out of the police station, he thinks she has reported it and asks her about it. Da Hyun has no idea what he is talking about, but now he has to tell her about it. Da Hyun gets worried about Gye Hoon and also gets mad at him for hiding it. She meets Gye Hoon and declares that she will no longer have any kind of relationship with him. She liked him but cannot do it anymore if he is going to lie and keep on putting himself in danger.

Da Hyun calls Jin Geun and asks him to meet her. She threatens him to pay the price if she does anything to her again and takes him to Gye Hoon’s restaurant. Eun Jung is already at the restaurant and runs toward Da Hyun with a knife in her hand when she sees Jin Geun with her. However, instead of Da Hyun, she tries to stab Jin Geun, and everyone stands there stunned.

Is Jin-geun Not Eun-jung’s Brother?

Eun Jung tried to stab Jin Geun, but he stopped her with his hand. When Da Hyun’s grandmother finds out that Jin Geun is at Gye Hoon’s restaurant, they take out their weapons and rush out of the house. As if Eun Jung was not enough, Da Hyun’s mother starts hitting Jin Geun with her baseball bat and breaks a window. The police hear the noises and go to the restaurant to find out that Jin Geun, Eun Jung, and Da Hyun’s mother are ready to hit each other. Da Hyun tells the police officer that he is her stalker and they were just trying to protect her.

Eun Jung had a younger sister named Da Jung, who used to date Jin Geun. When Da Jung first introduced Jin Geun to Eun Jung, she knew that he was not the right person for her. Da Jung had also disappeared all of a sudden, not a very long time back. Eun Jung’s first doubt was on Jin Geun only, but when he showed up at the police station showing concern about Da Jung, Eun Jung believed for a moment that he could not have done anything to her. However, when they come out of the police station, Jin Geun tells Eun Jung to not look for her sister because she is never coming back.

Da Hyun meets with the police officer and tells her why she didn’t report the stalker before. She thought that the stalker would hurt the people close to her if she reported him. However, she tells the officer she will report him and also turn herself in when the time comes. After talking with Da Hyun, the officer rushes to the station to tell others about the lead she has gotten from Da Hyun about a girl’s murder that happened where Jin Geun lived. Da Hyun has decided to hand in his resignation, and so does Eun Jung, but Gye Hoon rejects both of them and tells both of them to stay.

Eun Jung had told Da Hyun how she found her through Jin Geun’s social media account and also mentioned that something was weird in the way Jin Geun mentioned Da Hyun. Jin Geun often called meeting Da Hyun a destiny. He has also posted a picture of an alley in Jihwa-dong, indicating he had some connection to it. Da Hyun shows the picture to Gye Hoon, and he suddenly realizes something and takes Da Hyun to his home.

‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 8: Ending  

Gye Hoon has been looking for his childhood photo album while Da Hyun checks out a group photo in which she is also present. Seeing the picture, she recalls both Gye Young and Gye Hoon from her childhood. He was the boy whom she believed liked her. She doesn’t tell Gye Hoon about it, but he confirms that Jin Geun used to live in the same neighborhood, and he is not the only one. The police officer, Wontak, also used to live there when he was a child.

Jin Geun has called both Wontak and Gye Hoon to meet in the park at night. Before Gye Hoon arrives, Jin Geun asks Wontak if he hates Gye Hoon and wants to end him. When Wontak denies it, Jin Geun reminds him how Gye Hoon is the reason his father is known as a murderer and him as a murderer’s son. Wontak calls it the truth, but Jin Geun tells him that it is not the truth. After Gye Hoon arrives, Jin Geun provokes him by saying the same things and asks him to beg him if he wants to know who really took his sister.

Does Jin Geun really know who took Gye Hoon’s sister, or is he playing with Gye Hoon? We will find out in the next week episodes.

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